Tuesday, December 14, 2004

it dawned on me that i did not have a scantron. for my 8am final. in less than 9 hours. i couldnt for the life of me remember when ag cafe opened, if it was 7:30 or 8. i looked today, it was 7:30. but i couldnt know this last night. so, i made the laborious trip to h-e-b. when i got there, i couldnt believe my eyes, it was the weirdest thing....h-e-b was NOT crowded. what the world? does this have anything to do with the new h-e-b soon opening in bryan on wednesday? or perhaps it has more to do with the fact that it was a sunday night at midnite. or really it probably has mostly to do with the fact that its the middle of finals so no one needs to buy groceries because they are headed home soon, to partake in free food provided by their parents. the parking lot looked so lonely, i've never seen it so empty. inside there were a few students, mostly just picking up milk or ice cream or....scantrons. for your info, h-e-b DOES have scantrons, but only green ones and blue books, not gray or the weird blue books that also include a scantron. perhaps the oddest thing about my trip to h-e-b was that i saw my roommate from freshman year....cool! and then i saw a basketball teammate from highschool...double cool! so random!! to see 2 people i rarely see in a deserted h-e-b. it made the late run to the store very worth it.

"they say that if you are in band then you are better at math. i played the clarinet. i am not good at numbers. i dont understand the concept." - T

unfortunately, reutzel lost any cool points he may or may not have had. in fact, he might just have negative cool points. hnatt however, gained cool points today after we met with him and had just a nice chat, hnatt and team awesome.

fave profs at a&m=
mrs. p
dr. welch

here's some of my current favorite things to say/phrases. some of these are based on friends sayings and others i've carried with me since high school....

10. fo shizzle
9. did you want a cookie?
8. please hold
7. if you will
6. stoked
5. i dont know
4. naturally
3. beautiful
2. mmkay?
1. very nice

Thursday, December 09, 2004

"but what about you?" he asked. "who do you say i am?" --matthew 16:15

sometimes my acting
speaks louder than my talking
sometimes my twisted perception
plays me against You,
my Advocate.
sometimes i'm so busy
protectingthe dreams in my heart
that i'm saying
You're not big enough
but faith is clinging to what I cannot see
and if I cant fathom your plan now,
could You at least hold my hand?
You're big enough for me
and what You say goes
anything You choose to give
is more than i deserve
thats who I will say You are.

"let not the wise man boast of his wisdom
or the strong man boast of his strength
or the rich man boast of his riches,
but let him who boasts boast about this:
that he understands and knows me,
that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness,
justice and righteousness on earth,
for in these I delight, " declares the Lord.
--jeremiah 9:23-24

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

so my mom, see, she is amazing. i dont know how she does stuff. she's still got 4 kiddos living at the house, and they are not an easy bunch, let me just tell ya!! to have 3 teens in the house and the forever baby of 6 kiddos, this is a recipe for stress. still, my mom manages to get everyone where they need to be, in the clothes they need to be in, fed the food they need to be fed, and tries to make everyone happy. meanwhile, she has her own life teaching school and working out and volunteering for stuff. geeze, just thinking of this makes me tired. and it doesnt stop there....my mom has started this crazy thing while my brother and i are at college. nevermind that my mom spends hours upon hours wrapping Christmas presents every december, not only for us, but for cousins and aunts and uncles. she decided that matt and i need 'advent presents'. yes, these are SO COOL. at thanksgiving break or so, she gives us each a sack full of presents. WRAPPED presents. a FULL SACK. each one is carefully labeled with a day in december. we are to open one each day, the one for that day. i once casually remarked that i wanted to open them all on one day. this was met with GREAT resistance and threats. but can i just tell you how difficult it is to have a whole sack of presents in your room and not open them? especially when no one is around. friends, this is a test of integrity....be amazed at my parents parenting capabilities when it comes to building character. who else would come up with such a ploy?? anyway, so the first gift, dec 1st, is always an advent calendar. naturally it would be. the other things are unpredictable. they are so random and cute and fun and its maddening to look at the boxes and try to determine what they could be. in fact, the temptation is very great. i will say i have never folded and opened a present early...yet. BUT here, friends, is the cool thing. dec 1st actually begins at MIDNITE. haha, yes, it does. being a college student, i am always, of course, up at midnite. therefore, i open the days present within the first few minutes of the day. i have a little christmas party every nite in my room a little after midnite. its very exciting. last year bree would often come in and take part in the celebration. sometimes at 11oclock, i will get real excited when i realize there's only one hour left till present opening!! SO all that to say, my mom rocks. and so do advent presents. my mom is cooler than your mom.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

well hello there everyone ....happy thanksgiving!! hope all is going well.

so team awesome finished our totally krunk website. how krunk you say? well just check it out for yourself at http://davinci.tamu.edu/fall04/420/tbanet yes, this is what i've been doing for the entirety of last week. but i must say we did manage to have some solid good times. things i will remember about our project include, but are not limited to these top 5:
1. nerf guns
2. THE frisbee
3. the mouse
4. sonic
5. and of course, THAT GUY

seriously that took up most of my life last week. i also managed to participate in a mission project in north bryan, doing manual labor with a bunch of sorority girls. i must say, i was impressed. and we had a good time. we also had our youth rally near caldwell on saturday nite and it rocked the house.

i am in graham being thankful with my family. there were many funny things said today, but in order to maintain the privacy of our home, i will not reveal thim on this blog unfortunately for you.

so i had another road trip experience with matt and bree on the way to graham. we capitalized on 99cent sandwiches from arbys and happy hour at sonic. beautiful. in order that they could 'study' for the upcoming CPA exams, i drove. shortly, i was the only one in the car awake, happily listening to country music as we drove across the great state of texas. its a good feeling. soon everyone was awake, but sadly, it was too dark for studying, naturally. we took a detour, i.e. went the wrong road due to a logic error, and wound up at just the right brookshire's we were looking for in order for bree to purchase items for "ham pickle rollups." these are pretty good things to eat, though odd sounding.

oh yes, i do have a job for when i graduate. yay. i'm going to take the summer off to do some missions stuff and then start working in september. get excited! i'm excited but a little scared....

in store for tomorrow: sleeping in, naturally. eating leftovers, naturally. and watchin the fightin texas aggie football team btho t.u., naturally. WHOOP!

Friday, November 19, 2004

so its been craaazy times. yesterday megan and i were havin a little chat in my room whenever, after i'd say at least a good 30minutes, she says, "wow, your fan's leaking." sure enough, there was water dripping from my fan. in fact, water had been dripping there all day long, the entire bottom half of my bed was drenched and there was a water spot on the ceiling. it'd been raining all day long, by the way, thats where the water was coming from. maintenance actually came very quickly, and i quote, "clogged the hole". and emptied out the water from my fan. they came back today and supposedly all is better. now i just need to work on my observance skills i guess....odd, because i'm usually a most observant person. anyway, that was fun.

what else is fun? well, i have a brand new baby cousin here in town. yaaay! fun times.

i've been up at good ol' wehner and the wcl every nite this week for several hours minimum working alongside team awesome to build one heck of a website. thankfully this project is due on monday and we wont have to work on it anymore, regardless. sadly, we have another significant project in another class due the following monday.

but whats good? i have a job offer. this makes grades on these projects seem highly insignificant. if you want to hear about my offer, IM me or call or whatever and i'll give you the dl.

quote: "can money buy you love?.....umm, thats beyond the scope of this class." --reutzel

quote" are you IN this class?" --hnatt, to ME. me, of all people. who has attended faithfully his class mostly every time (weird, i know.) the following class period he tried to redeem himself by joking about his mistake, but it only made me feel worse. did this hurt my feelings? no not really. it ticked me off that i've been attending class since apparently he has no idea that i have been. note: this is not a large class. we're talking maybe 25 people? eh, well. what can ya do.

i have spent much agonizing thought this week on what to do with my life and many significant decisions. um, this is not very fun. in case you were wondering. but it is a good feeling to know that a whole lot of folks are praying for you. this weekend will be full of our project and also a youth rally and a missions project on saturday.

well, sorry that this isnt the greatest post. but i'm in trouble for not updating in a week, so had to slap something up. its back to sleep for me. i mean work....

Thursday, November 11, 2004

here's some quotes from the ol profs.

"my, that is unattractive." --mrs. della whitcomb

"can you guys think??"--reutzel

"this is a problem the united states has been having for years...we're slowly getting heavier."--vaughn bryant (yeah, and fatter.)

"frankly, we should give a darn about this."--vaughn bryant

i just got back in town from doing an interview in san antonio. i had a really good time, it was a fun trip. we had a nice dinner overlooking the riverwalk, i enjoyed my personal suite at the hotel, and had a great time visiting the company. yay for will riding w/ me on the way down there and bringing totally awesome music along with him. also yay for san marcos outlet malls...

while i'm at it...
yay for mgmt project being completed...
yay for oregonians that rock my world :)
yay for mail-in rebates
yay for traveling expenses reimbursement checks
yay for the cool front that just blew in
yay yay yay for Someone who blows me away every day

i've been paralyzed with fear
immobilized by these doubts
i can think of nothing else
and somewhere i want nothing less
but the old part of me rises up
from where i'd crucified it
old dreams and hurts
unworthy of Your calling
trippin me up, freakin me out
i'm livin for less
where's the courage from knowing
the One who can do all?
if this is what tests my faith,
then maybe my faith is too small.....

Sunday, November 07, 2004

sometimes it hurts so bad
i cant overcome it.
i'm not even sure why its there,
or have a clue as to how
to get it to go away.

but i'm holding on,
clinging to You.
better things are on the way.
its a testing time right now
and so far i've failed.
lift me up so i can stand.

my heart longs for
days gone by
and days to come,
and loathes the days i'm in.
but this is a day You have made
and You have a plan for me here.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

so close. what a crazy fun krunk game. i've never heard anything so loud & crazy. my ears are still in pain. my throat is like ahh i hate you. and the aggies are 6-3. i was walking all the way home from the game b/c my car is broken and hmm there i was just walking when i spy $20 just chillin on the ground. so momentarily i am $20 richer, which turned out to be a real good thing, b/c my uncle fixed my car (good news!!! he rocks my world) but i'm a poorer person now. but $20 richer than i would have been. i felt really sad for whoever lost the bill, but am glad at my good fortune.

there's something about being at kyle field, that makes me become rather irrational. for some reason i truly believe that by simply yelling louder or waving a towel a little faster, i can somehow will the football players to make a good play. or perhaps if i will just jump up and down and act crazy then we just might win. eh well, its fun. i was watchin hi-lites on all the halftime shows and was feeling pretty proud. one poor stupid dude was trying to be nice to us i think but he clasped his hands and pointed up like a senior was going to whoop and then says 'gigem aggies'. no man, thats WHOOP. gig'em is thumbs up. geeze.

on thursday i began my career as a substitute teacher. i had a very luck class of third graders. we had a blast together, i was so nervous though. i got to do fun teacher things, like write on transparencies with the overhead projector, read books aloud and turn the book to show pictures, answer questions about tests, and give a spelling test. i also had recess duty. when i was a kid, i loved recess. it was good to experience recess again. i've heard horror stories of students in Bryan, but these kids were the sweetest and loved 'miss josefy'. they told me all sorts of fun stories and funny quotes. if you're interested, ask me about the girl whos pants were too tight, the boy who spits, the girl who cant stop hugging, our voting discussion, and the girl who's mama weighs 100 pounds. it really wore me out, but i hope to keep on doing once or twice a week.

well, vaughn bryant, my anthropology prof, took a step up in coolness this weekend, by allowing me to postpone taking his test in order to go to san antonio for an interview. not only did he allow this, he did it enthusiastically, encouragingly, and helpfully. encouragingly? hmm. anyway, i'm done. that game took it out of me.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the sharester network is calling it. i give W the W and JK the L.

election nite is fun times. its sorta like watching a sporting event. you can look on the computer in the morning and see who won but its just not the same as experiencing excruciating moment by excruciating moment. we sat around and ate rootbeer floats and made fun of news anchors and other buffoons they put on the networks on election nite. peter jennings was cracking me up:

"i apologize, the machine confused me." --peter jennings, trying to put votes up on the little map

"i have a lot of respect for you but i dont think you are correct" --peter jennings, SLAMMING some weirdo on his show, and jennings being the anchor, didnt even give the guy a chance to defend his point. haha. oh well.

i do enjoy college life where we can sit around all nite and laugh at psychos and eat ice cream and eagerly await the results. i've gotta actually go to bed though, i have substitute teaching orientation rather early tomorrow morning. should be exciting!

Monday, November 01, 2004

so i decided this semester is kind of a sad one.

top 5 things of interest from the last few days:
1. i had an interview w/ usaa on thursday. i should hear back about a 2nd round tomorrow.
2. i had my aunt&uncle over to dinner and my brother&his fiancee & a friend on saturday nite. it was fun times.
3. sat nite we lost to baylor. um. yeah.
4. we had a sunday school class cookout on fri nite that was way cool.
5. it finally feels like fall outside. yaaay.

quote of the day from classes today:

"well thats like when you spend a long time looking for your keys, and you finally find them and you're like, 'well that was stupid' but you are not mad at yourself, because you are just glad you have your keys." --mike hnatt, explaining looking for errors in a computer program

cool word: "fruitage" (see Isaiah 27:9 NIV)

Friday, October 29, 2004

If You say go,
we will go
If You say wait,
we will wait
If You say step out on the water
and they say it cant be done
We'll fix our eyes on You
and we will come

Your ways are higher than our ways
And the plans that You have made
are good and true
If You call us to the fire
You will not withdraw Your hand
We'll gaze into the flames
and look for You

very nice song.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

so when you are eating a sandwich, it usually tastes better if you take the little papers off the cheese. yesterday i was sitting here, eating a really good sandwich, then i took a bite that tasted kinda weird, and i was like eww that tastes kinda weird, and its hard to chew. and i chewed and chewed and thought, this is disgusting. then i saw the paper sticking out of my sandwich. gross. so just a tip for ya.

my fam came down this weekend. whoop! we enjoyed a little koppe bridge and JCody's bbq and the fightin texas aggie football game. that wasnt the way i'd thought the game would go, but wow what a fun time. i really didnt think we deserved to win, the way we played, but i sure am glad that we did. the weather was blah though, i mean seriously its been in the high 80s here in C.S. all week. is it almost november or are we stuck in september some how?

"i sure hoped it would rain. this shirt needs to be washed." -mark at the football game.

in fact, all the guys were definitely wearing their swim suits w/ their maroon out shirts, just in case it happened to rain.

sunday night i stayed up all nite working on a computer program. mark is my new hero for staying up most of the nite helping me with it. too bad the program specifications had fatal errors in them. which we discovered when we went to class. ohh the frustration. but its cool, i've got it pretty much up and running, and hey, gotta keep perspective on this stuff. i do believe thats the first time i've ever stayed up all nite for the purpose of school work. usually, if i'm up all nite its because i'm out having fun, and if i have hw due, i just forget it. i need my sleep.

so yah, yesterday is pretty much a blur b/c i was so sleep deprived. in fact, hahahaha i tripped going up the stairs in wehner. yep. hahaha. smoothness.

yikes, i gotta go to anthropology class and watch some movie there.

Friday, October 22, 2004

ya, i definitely got this email today:

We are back home this weekend for the first time in three weeks, and our team is still talking about the last home game when you caused Kansas State some problems that helped us win. I have a simple request -please come back and do it again.I’m told that there’s room for a few thousand more up there across from our bench. We’ve never won against Colorado at Kyle Field in two tries, and after them we have two of our ranked Big 12 South rivals coming to town, Oklahoma and Texas Tech. You will be a great help to us by cramming into the stands and yelling with even more volume than K-State experienced.The coaching staff, the players, and I are sincerely grateful for and proud of having over 23,000 students at our home games--more than any place else in college football--standing, yelling and, we hope, kissing often, from start to finish. “The Home of the 12th Man” at Kyle Field is crunk. (I try to learn from players...)
Gig ‘em!Coach Fran


Thursday, October 21, 2004

there's something in me that longs to be different
while the rest cries out to be the same.

i dont know what its like
to care about just one thing
to hear a small voice
in a crowd thats roaring
to turn from all that draws me
and live for the One who calls me
suddenly everything i noticed
didnt seem all that big
all the loves i'd been pursuing
faded away into just this
to seek You, to find You
to hide myself
and show You

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

so a lot has been going on since my previous post. i ended up going to west texas for the weekend, marking my 3rd friday in a row of skipping classes. i would seek to make it a month of classless fridays, but alas, i have 2 tests this friday, so i suppose i will attend. my brother & his fiancee had a couple wedding showers on saturday, that i went to, and so that was yay fun, and i did some bridesmaid duties, because, i am, of course, a good bridesmaid like that. friday & saturday i got to see some good friends from midland, which rocked. gotta love that place. and, wow, the aggies kicked osu in an amazing game. the only thing that made that game more amazing was that i was eating ROSAS during the middle of it (whoop!) and that i was watching it with some people that are perhaps my favorite people in the world.

on the way home from midland, we had a little blow out near big spring, about 30 miles into our trip. it being a sunday afternoon, of course most places were closed. thankfully the walmart was open, but of course there was a 2 hr wait, naturally. we ended up buying a tire there, and taking it down to a truck place to be put on, and hopefully saved some time in there somewhere. we ended up getting back late. perhaps it was these circumstances though, that led us to develop an exciting fun new hobby. ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to texas roadside assistance, if you are not familiar. the number is on the back of your drivers license, and oh is it fun. we saw a poor man (or a rich man, i'm not sure) walking along the road, we think his car had broken down. we didnt stop, because it was dark, and that would be dangerous. besides, we had no physical room in the car for him. BUT we did our civil duty, and called texas roadside assistance, who sent a state trooper to go see if this man needed some help. and we felt very good about ourselves. bree then spent the rest of the trip looking for more things to call in. yes, a truly exciting hobby if you are ever driving on the road and are bored. i believe the number is 1-800-525-5555.

lets see. i heard a lot of funny quotes this weekend. but i didnt write most of them down, sadly. however, i have some from some classes and a few from this weekend, that i will share. i hope that you enjoy them and have a great evening. and GO ASTROS, that game last nite was incredible. and i got a new cell phone. finally. yay for me. i am no longer self conscious about my cell phone that takes two hands to hold up to my ear. just kidding. but do yall remember those things? most of you know that i'm also a little self conscious about my major. well, on monday i decided to indulge in a chic-fil-a sandwich rather than my usual brownbag lunch (and yes, i do indeed pack my lunch in a brown bag, naturally) and as i was walking through that building on west campus where the lunch place is located, i happened to notice a girl reading a book entitled 'pictoral anatomy of cats'. and suddenly i didnt feel so badly about my major after all.

"today is your final day before destiny....in other words, your test is on tuesday." -bryant

"we have a lot to go through, so we need to go like.....a hellican. haha." --bryant

"nevertheless, they all died." --bryant

"usually you buy your first wife. that gives you prestige. then you just steal the rest of them" --bryant

"imagine an alien from another planet who lands on earth after a nuclear holocaust has destroyed all life but has left undamaged terrestrial libraries and archives." --the opening statements of ch 4 of my anthropology textbook (what?!?! i refuse to imagine this situation because it is absurd)

"i meant to bring the 5 dollars i found in my pants." --bree

"i was prematurely exiting the function. i dont know what i was thinking." --will (a little info humor for ya)

"anyway, back to the point....i forgot what the point was. o yeah. the class doesnt speak much so i was comparing yall to mutes." --mike hnatt

"its kinda like what you were saying....what were you saying?"--reutzel

"sharon? i think if she said she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit people would believe her." --matt (uhh, yeah, thanks matt)

"yeah, any time we were in trouble we had to stand up and hold our instruments overhead, so of course the flutes were like eh, and the tubas were like ugggh." --bree, remembering old band days

"she tells me 'you're the best person i know'.....and thats pretty sad."

"alrite, alrite. i forget its the class that is mute." --hnatt

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

so i had the "bright" idea to change up the look and feel of my blog. in doing so, i managed to lose all the comments posted and also my little counter down at the bottom. i'm sad. from now on i will seek to satisfy my craving for change in other avenues, not this blog.

two things happened today. 1 being i went to class, the other being i wrote down a few quotes (!). so here they are:

"even today Roman numerals are viewed as sexy. try putting on them your wedding invitations and everyone will think, wow this person must be very important. they will have to go look it up in the dictionary to know what you are talking about." --bryant. (i dont think i'll pass this on to my brother and his fiancee, tempted as i am)

"he [leonardo pisano fibonacci] is best known today for his famous Fibonacci sequence (f1=f2=1, fn+1=fn+fn-1), he developed it to explain how rabbits multiply, but now it is most used to predict things in finance." --from bryant's power point slides (what kind of sickos make up junk like this?!?)

"you know the story, leave a couple rabbits, come back in a few years and you have a million of them. if you dont believe it, ask the Australians." --bryant

yep, so that was my exciting anthropology class today. in other news.....

i ordered new eyeglasses today.....
i applied to be a substitute teacher in Bryan ISD, haha "teacher sharon"...
anyone who's read 'The Great Divorce' by C.S. Lewis, shoot me an IM...
group projects are annoying. i'm stuck with 3 of them this semester...
a&m creeped into the polls. HA to you doubters...
i still havent gotten my stinkin new student ID card...
i did, however, get my new license plates...
note: if anyone ever rips your license plate off, just go by your county tax office, the same place you register your car at, take in your license plate that is hopefully left, fork over $6.30 and voila, you will receive new plates. do not however, think you can pay with a Visa or Mastercard check card b/c this is unacceptable. you will have to get cash out of the atm, and unless you bank with First American Bank, you will be charged $1.75. consider this a public service announcement
ezekiel 16 is a way cool chapter, you should check it out...
(v24---does God approve of nose rings?!?!! :-) )

You say You can do more than I imagine
and my dreams are pretty big
All I've ever hoped for
and everything I need
is found in losing me.
Its time to take the test and see
just where my faith is taking me.
I'll follow though I cant see with my eyes,
I know its Your hand thats leading me.

"Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you." --Psalm 19.10

Sunday, October 10, 2004

so i had another incredible weekend. eveyln and i participated in an outreach survey deal with the church on friday nite, and wow what a craazy deal. we met some interesting characters and dealt with some frustration, and overall things turned out alrite i think.

my family was here for yesterday and today and i had a blast with them. i hadnt seen them all semester, so thats quite a long time. my extended fam was in town to, we were having a baby shower for my aunt. a 6hr baby shower. yep, us josefys, we now how to throw a kickin party, let me just tell ya.

a song thats really been on my heart this weekend is 'o praise him' by david crowder. the first verse talks about:
turn your ear to heaven and hear
the noise inside
the sound of angels awe
the sound of angels songs
and all this for a King
we could join and sing
all to Christ the King

and the second verse talks about:
turn your gaze
to heaven and raise
a joyous noise
the sound of salvation come
the sound of rescued ones
and all this for a King
angels join to sing
all for Christ our King

and theres other parts, talking praising the Lord because He's holy.

turns out one of my friends from midland, her dad got killed in a car wreck yesterday. when i found out last nite, i was really crushed with just the pain she must be going through. and listening to my friend who was with her when it happened, just share the difficulty of walking through that with someone. its not something i understand, and hope that i never have to understand. but in the midst of that, and knowing the hope and peace that will prevail in their family because of Christ, i was struck with the thought that her dad is in heaven now. in one moment he was with us, longing to join in with the angels. and now he's there, singing with them, experiencing the presence of the Lord on a level we can only long for until the day that He takes us to Himself as well. and that is the sweet hope we have in Christ that makes it worth getting up tomorrow, and every day after that, striving to live a life that pleases Him, until we too join that massive multitude around the throne of God.

Revelation 7......
after this i looked up and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the the throne, and to the Lamb"....
these are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. therefore, they are before the throne of God and serve Him day and night in His temple; and he who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat. For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

a special treat: a sampling of quotes from days gone by. a top 10 of sorts.

10. "I cant believe I look like Michael Jackson." --kara

9. "Concept testing is where you test the concept."--conant

8. "Don't call yourself stupid, just pressurized." --mrs. p

7. "See, I've heard this multiple times, and I still think its funny. Thats funny." --sara

6. "Everyone says be who you are. I say thats crap! I say if you like him better than you like yourself, then be him. Be who you want to be." --travis e.

5. "wait, whats that white thing in the middle of the sand??"--evelyn, at the astros game
"huh? .......that's second base." -me
"i thought they would run all the way around near the wall."--evelyn
"thats really far"-me
"well they ARE professionals." -evelyn

4. "yeah, yeah, omnipresence is Him being everywhere at once, omniscient is where He is all knowing, omnipotence is where He is all powerful, and omish is where you make wooden furniture." --chris hoover

3. "Dude. Its a joke. Laugh. Blow snot out your nose. " --sara

2. "Lets focus on this chapter, fully, yet exclusively." --conant

1. "Have we gotten anything done yet? Why start now?" --mrs. p

mrs. p's quote wins b/c it sums up my ideology very well. what does ideology mean? i'm not sure, but it sounded right.

a random quote for you to end this evening:
'one of the hardest things in the world is to watch the one you love, love someone else.'

i thought that i understood that on a certain level. but sometimes, i wonder, if God feels that way about me. hmm.
an account of my evening:

5pm: fully intending to write computer program that was originally due today and is now due on wednesday, that i havent started on, up at the WCL beginning at 8pm

7:30pm: accepted invite to free dinner at JCody's with my bro and co. hope to go to WCL at about 9.

9:30pm: just getting back to my brothers apt. figure i will make it to the WCL about 10:30pm.

Midnite: yeah, i never made it to the WCL. o well.

hmm. yes, i heard a couple funny quotes tonite:

at JCodys, TONITE, bear in mind that today was monday.

Mark: i think i will go home and take a shower.
Matt: yeah, i had a great shower before we left.
Mark: yeah, i did too.....saturday nite.

a random comment: 'well her apology didnt change her personality"

coming soon....a "best of..." quote post.

Monday, October 04, 2004

so i had a really good weekend. friday night i went with the business honors association down to houston. we got a really cool tour of minute maid park and watched the astros game. fun game, and i'm glad they clinched a playoff spot today, even if i couldnt keep my eyes open past the 4th inning. but friday's game rocked and it was a fun trip down to houston, my fourth time down there since school started, believe it or not. once to help bree find her wedding dress, once for an awesome jeremy camp concert, once to lead worship, and then to the astros game. phew.

saturday i went to the a&m game, which was awesome time. we had incredible seats too, south 30yd line, row 4 on 2nd deck. beautifulness. i was so excited we won! my throat hurts really bad today though.

some interesting quotes:

(i dont have any quotes from class on friday because, well, i'll let you guess why.)

"wait, whats that white thing in the middle of the sand??"--evelyn, at the astros game
"huh? .......that's second base." -me
"i thought they would run all the way around near the wall."--evelyn
"thats really far"-me
"well they ARE professionals." -evelyn

"I studied by the pool today, it was awesome. Whenever I was about to fall asleep I just jumped up and went swimming." -evelyn

Evelyn totally rocks my world!! I've never met a brazilian i liked better. :)

--Paul, in Philippians 1:20-21
"I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed but now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain."

**The opposite of shame is honor. For most of us, if we feel shame, the opposite would be that we would feel honored.
**But Biblically, the opposite of feeling shame would not be that we would feel honored, but that Christ would be honored.
**What you love determines what you feel shame about.

--Christine Hoover, teaching on magnifying Christ through pain and death

"Perhaps your greatest problem is not that you don't know the will of God, but that you are unwilling to do it." --Pastor Tim Owens

Thursday, September 30, 2004

i was fully convinced that today was thursday. imagine my surprise when i discovered it was indeed wednesday.

i have a few quotes, but they aren't the best. be patient, i'm getting back in the habit of listening for them.

"basically, the zebra personality sucks." -bryant

"if you suffer from bad diseases your bones will tell the tale" -bryant

"what is mutation? its when you make 1000 xerox copies and 1 of them comes out a little fuzzy" - bryant

"well, thanks, it wasn't really my idea. Dr Welch was telling us how to teach, and he said do this, because otherwise you could totally suck at teaching and not even know it. at least if you do this you know you suck." - c reutzel, regarding our midterm teacher evaluations

"we're gonna start off with putting this round circle in the middle...well i guess thats what a circle is, round." - d whitcomb

"i dropped my electric razor in the toilet" - marcus, yeah, you'll have to ask him about it

only when you're in college do you...
1. go to bed at 2 and still get 8 hrs of sleep
2. pay $400 for books you dont want to read
3. take naps in the afternoons
4. get irritated if class lasts 1 min longer than it should, after you got there 5min late
5. become extremely confused as to what they are asking for when they say 'your address'

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

so i'm back in texas. i had an incredible, incredible summer in oregon. seriously, there are no words to describe all that the Lord taught me and that He did this summer. and the people there, rock my face off. hi quality people. i miss them.

here i am back at texas a&m, enjoying my senior (?!?!?!?!?!) yr. yes, the current plan is to indeed go ahead and graduate in may i suppose. i was hoping to give quotes from my classes again this yr, but they are just not as conducive. I will make an attempt though.

So let me introduce you to my profs:
i have mrs. della whitcomb for 2 classes, oddly enough, both Complex Business Application design in VB.NET and Systems Analysis and Design. she is the nicest nicest lady i have met at texas a&m. she says cool things sometimes.

i have a phD student chris reutzel for Strategic Mgmt, also a nice fellow, but pretty cut and dry.

also i have mr mike hnatt, of info 210 fame. i am taking web development class with him. he is hilarious and an awesome guy. today he described his thyroid problem to us, after which he said, 'why you tell 50 people you dont know that story, i'll never know..." i dont know either but those things he does randomly share w/ us, will probably make up the majority of these postings.

i also, for anthropology 205, have mr. bryant. dr. bryant? i'm not sure. we had a guest lecture for the first few weeks till the first test. this is the boringest class ever. hopefully bryant will have some funny things to say.

anyway, thats a look at my 15 hours. this past weekend i went w/ a group from the church down to houston to lead worship. chris hoover, our music minister over at FBC Bryan, is the world's funniest man, i think. i was laughing pretty much the entire way there and back. 2 quotes from him to close out this post:

"yeah, yeah, omnipresence is Him being everywhere at once, omniscient is where He is all knowing, omnipotent is where He is all powerful, and omish is where you make wooden furniture."

"i'm convinced that dolphins are really aliens ready to take over the world, they're just waiting to get it all figured out. in fact, they simply lack arms. once they figure that out, i think they'll take over."

other random catching up type things,

on thursday i got my fightin texas aggie class ring....whoop! my roommate megan then surprised me w/ a ring dunking party on sunday. whoop again!

somebody stole my license plate off my car on friday nite while i was gone in houston and it was parked in the ghetto of Bryan--the FBC Bryan parking lot. seriously, it stinks. i did some investigating and apparently I can get a new one for $6.50. so yeah, just go to the Dept. Of Transportation (texas, not ptts) website and go to FAQ's and you'll find it and the number and all that. there, now ya know what to do if someone steals your stinkin license plate.

Monday, May 17, 2004

tonite my pastor and his wife, my friend and i solved all the worlds problems. it was fun. seriously, it was an incredible time of conversation that i was sad had to end...i love to hear about God's faithfulness and to be challenged by those who have walked so many years with the Lord. i guess for me it just kept coming down to praising the name of the Lord. He is so faithful to us and His greatness and knowledge are so much more than we can fathom. It makes me excited to be alive and to be His child. And to know that He has it all under His competent control just makes things so much less stressful.

if i could sum up one thing the Lord has taught me this year, He taught me about the body of Christ. He taught me how to build up, how to allow others to build me up, how to pass on His teachings, how to be there for others in times of need, how to encourage one another. Yes, I saw the body of Christ at work at my church, in our Upstream group, in my friendships. I know its real and I know it works and that makes me excited.

i finally lined up some things to do this week that should be fun...a little basketball, a little babysitting, a little eating with others, a little bit of baseball, a little hanging out with friends. let me know how you guys are doin, enjoyin the break and such...

Thursday, May 13, 2004

so i have completed my second year at texas a&m. i have conquered mrs. p's class...i was sorta sad as i handed in my final. it was a fine class. i finally met conant as i was leaving that final exam...it was a touching moment, to speak with a man who has provided so many laughs to so many people. not to mention, i learned a lot about marketing from him. i just saw that i made an A in his class, with only 4 points to spare. phew.

now i am chilling in midland after spending mon nite in graham with my dad. the fam heads to graham for good june 1. i have done absolutely nothing for the past 2 days. in fact, yesterday i never even went anywhere in my car. the only time i left the house was when i went for a walk in the afternoon. what can i say, i'm a bum. tonite i went and watched my little brother Jared, whom we affectionately refer to as JRod, play his baseball game. they lost, but i must say i do enjoy little league baseball games. on saturday i'm going with my parents to watch him play with his select team in a tourney in abilene. in a couple weeks the whole fam is going to watch him play in ruidoso and stay a couple nites....i will be at summer missions orientation in dallas, naturally. thanks fam. oh well. i'm pumped about oregon coming up.

i must say though that i'm a little sad as this will DEFINITELY be my last time in Midland where i shall live at 2602 Shandon. sad day. it has been my home since 1993. i shall share with you all some of my memories from this place:

1. one of the earliest memories was when matt and i got our last spankings. so far, anyway. i believe i was in 3rd grade and he in 5th. and we were fighting over.....a trapperkeeper. yes, a trapper keeper. remember those? we got a little loud in our yelling, and our dad got off work a little early that day. oops. it was his trapperkeeper, matts, but he SAID i could HAVE IT, he claims he said BORROW. i cant recall who actually kept the trapperkeeper.

2. it was this house that we played legos in my room on the floor every saturday morning for hours and hours. back then i had a hardwood floor, no carpet, which was perfect for legos. i miss those days.

3. it was one of those sat mornings playing legos that my parents came back there and told us that our Poppy had died. that was my mom's dad, a really awesome Christian man. that was a sad day that i still remember.

4. the front living room used to be our "school room" for the 2yrs we homeschooled. i remember doing many a math worksheet and a timed reading review in that room.

5. there was the christmas we got the ping pong table. and all the tournaments on it. its all folded away now. :(

6. my 7th grade year we had disciple now here for the 7th grade girls. many a things happened that weekend. they are not fit for this blog, haha. but oh do we remember them.

7. there was that Christmas matt and i got new bikes and dad hid them in the guest bathroom. haha, that was funny.

8. and the time we got the basketball goal. i have spent more time in our driveway playing on that bball goal than perhaps anywhere else. well maybe not, but i have spent a lot of time doing that.

9. wall ball against the shop wall with the millers and the ashlocks. ohhh man, were those the days.

10. we have had many sunday school parties and thanksgiving dinners and easter egg hunts here at 2602 shandon w/ really cool friends

11. haha, one time after we first moved here tiffany came with her dad who dropped by to welcome us to the church. we sat out in the sun room and were eating pecans and tiffany ate part of a shell and she really freaked out. it was hilarious.

12. it was here that i spent my first nite alone in the house, with the fam out of town. i was a little skeered, but i survived.

13. i spent many many a nite washing dishes in this kitchen. yeah, pretty much.

14. this is probably boring you. i'm bored myself. oh well. thats all for now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


whoop also for a 90 in database. 542 of 600 points. only 2 points of effort wasted in overachieving to receive an A.

i have a few more quotes to wrap up with from last week, hope you enjoy them. props to mrs. p for reading my lil site. now if only your final doesnt kill any of us....

"I used to show all this verbage and THEN the example." --mrs. p (verbage. excellent word usage.)

"That has always sounded so vile to me...I don't want to catch a thread death." --mrs. p (a little computer humor for ya there)

"There was an organization at that time called the Gray Panthers, which is a group of seniors that are fairly aggressive." --conant

"I was watching the Food Network the other night. One of my favorite networks. Some of you may enjoy it as well." --conant

"Mel Gibson's recent movie used the word 'passion' in its title." --conant (really? i must have missed that one)

"Let's back up the food chain." --conant

"None of us like to be stereotyped." --conant

"There's nothing more frustrating in the marketplace than encountering an employee who knows very little." --conant

"Lately I've been on this candy...phase. Although I'm not eating a lot of it, I'm looking at the industry." --conant (thats a good line)

"This is nitty gritty detective work." --conant (yeah it is)

And for my final quote of the semester:

"Everyone says be who you are. I say, that's crap! I say if you like him better than you like yourself, then be him. Be who you want to be." --travis, naturally

i hope you have enjoyed conant and mrs. p and the other contributors as much as i have. its been a great semester. looking forward to my summer and also the fall. keep checkin back i'm sure i'll find some interesting stuff to put up. better make it a favorites spot tho, cuz i'm probably signing off IM for a long while. so shoot me some emails, friends! and have a very nice summer.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

there has been a lack of quotes the past few days of class. conant was apparently funny today but i was in abstentia. or whatever. i wasnt there. on the way back to campus from having our upstream group in the mcdonalds parking lot (yeah, thats rite. triple chunk power) sara did say: "I find that people i'm always sarcastic with, when I try to be nice to them actually, its a little awkward." thats a paraphrase cuz i was driving not writing, but i find it to be a true, but slightly profound quote. i like it. and i like sara too. and all my lil 14ers. but we wont go there rite now. i shall add to my list of things i like, because i like making them. they are fun! it makes me happy to read a whole list of things i like. you should try it.

1. flipflops
2. historical fiction novels
3. Bengay
4. loooong naps
5. old jeans
6. new jeans
7. snowballs
8. pixar movies
9. Beth Moore Bible studies
10. Christmas eve candlelight services
11. my Peavey guitar
12. the Hondo guitar (ray's) that I learned to play on
13. long hot showers
14. big bubbly baths
15. cd-rw's
16. driving with the windows rolled down
17. new tennis shoes
18. lotion
19. dishwashers
20. late nite telephone chats
21. encouraging words
22. real mail
23. care packages
24. compliments
25. chapstick
26. vacations
27. sitting by the lake
28. picnics
29. acting craaazy
30. rootbeer floats
31. basketball handling drills
32. curling up in a blanket on the couch
33. africa
34. sweatpants
35. waking up in the night and realizing you still have several hours to sleep
36. being able to WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2004

so there were no funny quotes in class today. i hate it when that happens. there were some funny quotes from parents weekend but of course i didnt write them down. i always think, o i will remember, but of course i dont ever remember what was so funny. today i will share with you things that i like. in no particular order. this is not a fully yet exclusive list, but is a beginning.

1. rainy Sunday afternoons
2. Sunday afternoon naps
3. Sunday afternoon naps on rainy Sunday afternoons
4. upstream group 14
5. triple chunk brownies
6. blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream
7. my family :)
8. walking at the park with megan
9. seattle
10. kayaking
11. white water rafting
12. basketball
13. Houston Rockets
14. Philippians
15. Sonic cherry limeades
16. happy hour at Sonic
17. plain bagels
18. staying up late
19. Upward basketball
20. playing guitar
21. writing computer programs
22. driving in the rain
23. cancelled classes
24. sleeping in
25. weekends
26. capos
27. reminiscing about choir tours
28. little babies
29. leading worship
30. laughing
31. singing in the car
32. reading good books
33. teaching
34. throwing a frisbee
35. laying in the grass
36. Powerade
37. church
38. pondering
39. VBS
40. throwing darts
41. picking out Christmas presents
42. getting Christmas presents
43. hide and seek in the dark
44. Crestview's weight room
45. t-shirts
46. sitting on swings
47. March Madness
48. Rosas
49. riding in my dad's truck
50. playing one-on-one with Cynthia
51. pretty much doing anything with Cynthia
52. Crestview
53. my Sunday School class at FBC Bryan
54. going out to eat with friends
55. visiting friends
56. new socks!
57. studying the Bible
58. plain m&ms
59. playing cards
60. funny movies
61. playing with kids
62. stayin up late at nite laughing with j-fer
63. carbonated beverages
64. jumping on trampolines
65. Aggie football games
66. chocolate
67. macaroni and cheese
68. finding money in your pockets
69. listening to music
70. Pringles
71. talking on the phone
72. secretly liking someone
73. playing catch
74. having people over
75. looking at pictures
76. listening
77. candles that smell good
78. digital cameras
79. cell phones
80. missed calls and voice messages
81. blankets
82. my parents' couch
83. ping pong
84. deep, intimate conversations
85. hymns
86. sand volleyball
87. going to little league baseball games
88. being a college student
89. the occasional shopping spree
90. going to the grocery store
91. friendly banter. or trash talking. whatever
92. contacts
93. glasses
94. fires in the fireplace
95. people watching
96. anything that makes me laugh
97. slurpees
98. cookouts
99. riding bikes
100. the snooze button on my alarm clock

theres a 100 things i like, for those of you who doubted and thought i didnt like anything. what else?

Friday, April 16, 2004

so here's some quotes from mrs. p this morning (whoop for database being cancelled after that!!) and also a special treat: quotes from upstream group 14 triple chunksters last nite.

"Isn't this a 300 level class? You should be writing operating systems. If you were across the campus you would be. That's why you're not across the campus, right? 'I didn't want to design operating systems. I wanted to learn how to count beans'." --mrs. p (yeah, thanks. but why beans?)

"I wore a bright colorful shirt in case any parents came to class today." --mrs. p (bright pink, to be exact. it was a nice shirt. but no parents came. that would have been cool if they had though.)

"Are y'all typing to your mothers or writing this down?" --mrs. p

"But like in the '80s if you ever watch home movies the world was like in this red tint." --marcus

"Did you just say you're so surprised you have a boyfriend?" --sara to kara (whaa? kara has a boyfriend? haha GOTCHA AGAIN)

"Dude. Its a joke. Laugh. Blow snot out your nose." --sara

"Do you realize how much fun Barbies are to burn?" --garrett (thats sick.)

"A bird pooped on my head too! They're going crazy, huh?" --daniel t.

"It sounds as though there is a small animal in your purse." --garrett to amanda

"I look over and Sara is poofing out her gut." --garrett (its true, she was)

"There's babies inside they're just not fertile yet." --sara

"Your skin looks like its cannibal." --sara (ok, so she REALLY said tannable, but we all heard cannibal)

"See, I've heard this multiple times and I still think its funny. That's funny." --sara (and thus, funniness was defined)

"I understand your logic." --travis to sara, after she explained why she would walk around campus without having shaved her legs for 2 weeks if she got $50 for it.

And after I explained the title of my blog to her:

"Cool! I'm so gonna say that it was like a day from the '80s. Bad music. Funky hair. And my socks felt like they were pushed up all the way." --sara

Fo sho. That's all the quotes in the hizzouse for today. Weekend here we come!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

so conant is back in style. today during class we played the "telephone game", you know where you whisper in people's ears the sentence and see what it turns out to be at the end. yeah, all 500 of us played. or however many people are in wehner 159. the sentences at the end were sooo not how they started, it was pretty funny. several of today's quotes stem from that exercise. we also watched funny commercials. all in all, a fine class. and a fine day. and still upstream to come tonite. whoop! tomorrow the parentals are coming in for....parental weekend. looking forward to it. anyway, here's the quotes.

"You are not allowed to go closer than 3 inches to the person next to you because if you violate this airspace people start to giggle and lose their concentration. We wont go into details, but it happens." --conant

"I've had people get married from this class because of this exercise. 'He just whispered in my ear so nicely, I dont know what happened'." --conant

"See we've already had violations. If the ear police we're here they'd be selling tickets. There's a violation down front here and they haven't even got the message yet."

"For those of you not familiar, this is the giant, steriod-laden.....hershey kiss." --conant

"Now thats a serious kiss, right? And its solid. Which makes it all the better." --conant

"I had to sneak [the kiss] out under the cover of darkness." --conant

"You have to stay in the middle aisle. We cant have contamination. Remove that from your mind. Who has the Men in Black thing? Psssh." --conant

"Let's definitionally hi-lite it." --conant

"How can i backwind this thing. Does anyone know?" --conant, meaning rewind the dvd

"Please note these words both start with the letter 'i'. And they are dangerous words."

"Oh well, you'll be a parent someday. If you arent already. Thats terrible isnt it? Yeah."
--conant, after telling us he takes his boys to Sams Club sometimes for dinner

thats all for today. but quite a few considering that was a 75min time frame. i was impressed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

so, i havent updated in, well, in a long, long, long time. my apologies. here's a few quotes for ya.

"they are so cute together. and they complement each other's funniness." --evelyn

"we'll call that drop 'steve'." --dewald, referring to a drop of water in a pipeline

"i continue to be astounded by life." --dewald

"We've had soft drink and snack vending machines since they came across on the Mayflower." --dewald

"Dont call yourself stupid, just pressurized." --mrs. p

"This is something new for you: read the chapter in the book." --mrs. p

"Do y'all know ANYTHING?" --mrs. p

"That's a LIE" --mrs. p

"Have we gotten anything done yet? Why start now?" --mrs. p (now thats my line of thinking)

"This has been a flop of a day." --barry (mmmhmmm)

thats really all i suppose. if i'd taken notes when i went home for easter i could share TONS of funniness from the fam and friends, but sorry, i didnt. i apologize. but i did have an incredible Easter and finally went and saw the Passion, on Good Friday. I was glad I waited to see it then, it was the perfect day to remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross in such a vivid way. conant comes back to marketing tomorrow, so get excited. I'll try to do a better job. Hopefully I haven't alienated my readership.

Monday, March 29, 2004

So here's some new quotes from the end of last week and a special treat: quotes from the group 14 triple chunk Upstream retreat this weekend. We had an incredible incredible time together here in College Station. We hit up an Aggie baseball game, had worship& Bible study & game time & rootbeer float time at my apartment on Friday night. On Saturday we had a cookout at a park and hung out all afternoon playing basketball and kickball and playing on the playground equipment. Too bad ya missed out! But here's some quotes from it at least.

"I has a refrigerator at my house. I even has a microwave oven." --mrs. p

"A little bit of him goes a long way." --duwald

"So simple its almost insulting." --duwald

"You pay a surgeon $3800 an hr for no oops! You're paying for the other 900 surgeries he has done." --duwald

"I got touched. Don't worry, its not that bad." --daniel L.

"I have a dry scalp so I have a legitimate itch." --garrett

"Why are you winking at me Travis?" --aaron

"Cuz I liiiike you." --travis

"I call everyone babe. Because you're all babes." --travis

"You're a babe if I've ever seen a babe. And ohhh...I've seen a few." --travis

"Welcome to the slow track!" --corey

"Sharon, you just need a little head rub." --travis

"Ahhh!! You and your....brilliantness!" --daniel t. to evelyn
"Gosh Travis, take it off. Taking horrible pictures of people all the time..." --amanda

"Do you want me to physically cut you out? This is where Amanda WAS." --travis

"O my gosh, I talked to a frog." --daniel L.

"I don't know whether to put my socks on or not. " --garrett

"Daniel's face is very clean." --kim

"Hey I don't have bad feet." --garrett

"Your gummy bears are like hard." --matt

"I'm not sick. Do I LOOK sick?" --matt

"They wear short skirts every day? That's a lot of shaving." --jessica

"Do you have problems?" --amanda to sharon

"I actually heard your voice when I was in the bathroom." --kim

"It's like when I eat at Stone Willys, my stomach gets so mad at my mouth." --kara

"I can't believe I look like Michael Jackson!" --kara

"I refer to Travis as 'that.' 'That' scares me." --alicia

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Here's some quotes from the profs from this week:

"This is one of those times where a picture is worth a million words, or a thousand or something like that." --mrs. p

"Please note an abstract class is interesting." --mrs. p (consider it noted)

"I'm a little confused personally." --mrs. p

"It will have to be a lot harder than last time because the grades are....I'm just kidding." --mrs. p, knowing very well the grades from last time are terrible

"A circle is a point with an attitude or something. And some radius. A cylinder is really a circle with attitude. Look at it! Cooool." --mrs. p (hmm, and all this time i thought a circle was a set of points all equidistant from a center point or whatever they say. now, i know the REAL definition)

"Do ya'll know what slurpees and icees are?" --mrs.p, before sharing a story about how her husband used to be none other than the icee bear

"Asterisks are cool." --mrs. p

"That'd be like grandpa, me, and my kid. He's a Phinney, she's a Phinney, he's a Phinney." --mrs. p (gotta love phinneys)

"This will sound a little strange at first. In fact, you will hate it." --j fenn (indeed, i did hate it)

"Isn't the premise of wearing deodorant that we dont want to smell people's armpits?" --duwald (yeah, something like that)

"Let's see. To me, this is a hi-liter." --dr. welch

"No one says you know what, dont worry about the pay. I just want to give myself freely to this organization. We'd call and get you some help." --dr. welch

"Any time there's cake I like it. In fact, why not bring cookies and chips too?" --dr. welch

"I dont care if people call me Ben, Mr. Ben, Dr. Ben, or Dr. Welch. Just dont call me late to eat." --dr. welch

hope ya enjoy these quotes from the early part of this week. hopefully some more will come outta classes tomorrow and friday. this has been an up and down week for me, ranging from carefree sand volleyball and awesome conversations to tests and frustrating homework assignments and feeling slightly overwhelmed. leave me some lovin.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

well i'm back safely in college station. it was good to be in midland. it is good to be in college station too i guess. i drove back on friday so i could be here to eat dinner w/ my grandmother, who was in town. it was good. and yesterday bree and i got donuts for breakfast. at 11. maybe it was lunch i guess. i watched a lot of ncaa tourney and movies and read a book and we cleaned the apartment and then weslee and her roomy spent the nite here, while they were doing prison ministry.

i suppose a lot of people will be driving back this afternoon. i should do all my homework, but probably i will sleep. since i'm not sleeping now. it wasnt working for me, so i got up to see weslee and co. off. and so here we are, waiting for church. which is odd, because church is usually waiting for me.

tomorrow school starts back up bright and early. hopefully mrs. p will have some nice quotes, since quotes have been lacking lately. my grandmother had some good quotes, but alas, i had no pencil.

I'll give ya a few quotes from the pastor at FBC Bryan, Tim Owens.

"Do I want to waste my life in order to be popular?"

"If I care more about what someone else thinks than what God thinks, then that someone has become an idol to me."

"You will never rise above the level of your closest friends."

"Focus on becoming the right person to marry."

"You attract what you are."

As you can tell, these come from a hardcore sermon on relationships, back in February. I think for me, one thing i'm working on, is communication. they say thats the make or break factor. for me its more about the vulnerability aspect of it. i was reminded just how much i stink at it right before i left midland when i believe i hurt an eight yr old's feelings b/c i reacted out of hurt feelings. i wont pretend thats the only time i screwed up while i was home either. i had a lot to think about on the way back to here. and a long time to think about it. but my conclusions on all that i thought, i'll keep to myself. :)

but i do know this: "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness."
-Lamentations 3:22-23

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

my hobby has become quite addicting to me. now whenever i'm having conversations or watching movies, i think ohh that would be a good quote! but unlike class, i do not usually have pen and paper, nor do i take the time to write any of them down. much funniness is lost, sadly.

so i'm spring breakin in midland, tx. and its been about as exciting as, well, as exciting as midland gets during spring break. its been good to see the family and friends and such. haven't really done much of anything exciting. hung out with weslee some. nathan came into town and he and schneed went to the movies w/ weslee and i....we saw starsky and hutch. it was humorous but not virtuous. save your money. and your mind. ate lotsa rosas. gotta love the place. ate lunch w/ robert and jamie. played basketball with cynthia several times.

tonite i went over to the hopkins and laughed while cy and a.l. wrote a skit for ladies retreat. i cant remember the last time i laughed so hard. well actually i remember the exact time. it was the morning when i had breakfast with those 2 crazies. haha just kiddin. well, really, it was either on bree's birthday, reading this very blog w/ bree the first time, or that time during finals last semester when i stayed up all nite with megan and matt and bree and i had that stupid gooey stickey hand thingy and was turning the pages of my book with it. anyway, in the morning i'm leading worship at chapel for faith christian and then headed to lunch with j-fer and jessica and playing bball in the afternoon i think.

i did accept the summer missions position in gresham, oregon for 10 weeks this summer. i'll be doing vbs, music camp, sports camp, and teaching childrens Sunday school classes. sounds like fun times and i'm excited about it.

i decided its much harder to be disciplined and productive when you are out of your routine and living out of a suitcase and sleeping on the living room couch thingy....any of you who have been to my house know what i refer to and its no ordinary couch thingy, its way cool. but anyway, my point is this week has been rough on my disciplinedness. and that makes it really easy for my heart to wander apart from the heart of God. it amazes me how quickly my desires can stray. but it seems every time i get pumped up about something that is not what He has in mind, soon enough it comes crashing down. yeah, something just came crashing down. thats why i said all that. it was a minor crash though, not really a big deal. I'm still waiting for one other thing to crash down, but its taking forever. its at such times that i wonder, is it supposed to crash at all then? is it really going to pan out? is it really in His plan after all? maybe. but i dont think so. i think i'm just being selfish and holding on to personal wishes. i wish they would go away. forever.

but enough about me. you people read this for the good quotes. not ramblings. i'm trying to remember a quote from this week.....and its not coming to me. so i'll share one from will m, in database class last week....

"like, i cant touch that. its like purple and stuff." --will

quotes from

Friday, March whatever, right before spring break

"What is polymorphism? That's cool." --mrs. p

"Lets push before we pop." --mrs. p (yes, lets.)

"My daughter, the one who talks back to me all the time, is going with a church group. So thats good, she'll get some churchin and she won't be able to talk back to me for a few days." --mrs. p

"Aggies don't cheat, steal, .....look at the top." --mrs. p (nor tolerate those who do)

"Never, never, never, never." --mrs. p (never?)

"An employee is a person. Well, most of the time." --mrs. p (except when they, you know, aren't)

"They are empty. They have no bodies." --mrs. p (that's gotta be strange)

"I aint a shape. But I has a shape. Get it?" --mrs. p (uhh, no.)

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

So on Sunday night, I stayed up till 3am writing a program for mrs. p's class....i am not blaming her, it was my fault...i put it off till the last minute. BUT when I go to a monday morning class at 9am, working on about 5hrs of sleep, to a class that is notoriously hilarious, I was expecting at least ONE funny comment from mrs. p. but there was none. i was disappointed.

today in mktg we had guest speakers. they were all these guys in a&m's mba program. all they did funny was make jokes about beer. i missed conant. but on thurs we have a test in there, meaning, wow i should really get on studying for it, but secondly that conant will take a break. well, i will take a break too, spring break that is. then when i come back duwald will try his hand at making funny quotes.

all that to say, i'm rather embarassed but i dont really have any quotes to post. rest assured there will be plenty more after spring break, maybe even some from spring break.

i did go to chapel sunday nite and heard asfhin zirifat speak. it was very powerful. he said a few things i think are worth posting:

"Dont memorize Scripture if you dont want God to speak to you."

"You cant separate your being saved from your being sent." (to tell others about the Lord)

"The early church had to be told NOT to speak about Jesus."

and my favorite....

"That's radical followship." (yeah it is)

ok thats all. hopefully phinney will return in style tomorrow morning. for now, i gotta write SQL queries. fun times.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

So yesterday my internet wasnt working so great. so here's some quotes from mrs. p yesterday and then some conant stuff from today. both of them were subdued during their lectures, not yielding as many quotes as usual. i think its the blah weather.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 3, 2004 (Bree's 23rd birthday. Happy birthday Bree!!!)

todays class was actually rather hilarious because of 2 stories. one was when she was convinced we were on the 2nd page and began counting out all the pages for us, when indeed our packets were on page 3 while hers was on page 2. it was really funny if you were there, not so funny if you werent. so sorry you missed out. the other one being the story about mrs. p having to go with her daughter on a tour of the a&m campus this friday, even though mrs. p has been teaching here for 30 something years. about which she said,

"Do I want a tour of A&M's campus? ohhh yes!! I've only walked around this campus for 30 years. And here's where the corps of cadets resides. ohhhh really?!?! (slaps face) I'm going to be good, really. I'm going to be good."


"Pray for me or whatever you do that on Friday I wont embarass my 16 yr old." (well, pray for sure, thats what i do)

other random quotes from the class period included:

"Is everybody with me? Is anyone with me?" --mrs. p

"This is not going well." --mrs. p

"I cant even talk. That's hard to believe." --mrs.p (very difficult to believe)

"It would really help a lot if you weren't a blank slate."--mrs. p (true that)

"I'm a self-dillusionary type of woman."--mrs.p


"Dont think. Just react."--conant (or maybe the reverse of that would generally be better, because that just sounds dangerous)

"Wiggle. Jiggle. Wiggle AND jiggle."--conant (relax, he was talking about jell-o)

"There were many days I had to drag those things out of their clammy little hands and say for [goodness'] sake get outside and get some exercise."--conant, expressing frustration at his 2 sons' obsession with pokemon

"Let the creativity flourish. Just let it percolate."--conant (excellent word usage. it sounds exciting and fun. sorta.)

"Concept testing is where you test the concept."--conant (it is?)

"A truck that can morph into a convertible. Innovative."--conant (and geeky)

"The first question is the word who. w-h-o. The next question is when. w-h-e-n. The last question is how. h-o-w."--conant (just in case any of the college juniors or seniors in the room weren't exactly sure how to spell those w-o-r-d-s.)

And J Fenn made it on the board today with this one:

"Here we have functional music without the function." -j fenn (now how did we let that happen!?!)

Thats really all from yesterday and today. But the best mrs. p quote from wednesday is that there is NO class on Friday!! So basically this means I have a 3day weekend starting in the morning. Or now really, since I'm through with class. WHOOP!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Dr. Conant was on FIRE with funny sayings today, so there's quite a few but even these have been narrowed down.

"My wife currently has the cordless drill."--conant, explaining why he was using a drill with a cord in the class illustration

"When a man or woman buys a cosmetic product such as hair gel or cologne, what are they really buying? Hope. Hope that they will be more attractive, sexier, more popular. Cosmetics. Hope."--conant (and all this time i thought i was just buying cosmetics)

"When I buy an A&W rootbeer today, I'm not just buying rootbeer. I'm buying nostalgia." --conant, referring to his childhood memories

"Her opinion was that sports is taking over to the detriment of culture. We could have an interesting discussion about that, no doubt."--conant (yes, but lets not)

"Clarity and consistency. Claaaarity and consistency."--conant

"Lets focus on this chapter fully, yet exclusively."--conant (huh?)

"Qtips is a very unusual, odd sort of letters to put together. Q.....Tips"--conant

"My son eats [squirt cheese] straight. He comes home from practice and guzzles it for protein kicks. I have to leave the room"--conant (yeah, me too. leave the room that is)

"No one ever says hand me a soft facial tissue."--conant (thats right, and no one should say it ....its just weird)

"Bless you! This is a sneeze free zone. Sneeze when you need to. Its not good to hold it in."--conant (comforting to know)

"The visual nature of the product is mesermizing"--conant, in reference to a rainstick he bought for himself while Christmas shopping, while turning it and watching the beads fall.

"You dont like to see your kids fighting in public because you have to do and say things that make people think you are a terrible parent."--conant, referring to his 2 boys fighting over who would carry the bigfoot pizza out of little caesars, while he was carrying the pizza box around the classroom

"Cleanliness is an attribute of clothing you are seeking."--conant (indeed it is)

Well thats a few of the hi-lites from today. As you can read, we had a most interesting lecture in marketing. Indeed I've had a most interesting time the past 48hrs even outside of classes and I'd like to leave ya with a quote from my greatest Prof, who I'm striving to be a learner of and thats this....

"For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. Therefore He says: 'Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.' See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is." --Ephesians 5:12-17

Monday, March 01, 2004

So here's a sampling of the quotes.


"Until you're married, you're not married." -CONANT (ohh. right.)

"I hadn't even paid for the car I was driving. Which was quite nice of them. Obviously. " - CONANT (naturally)

"The testosterone level surges in 17 & 18 yr old boys trying to get out of the parking lot, which is unpredictable as far as car behavior, making for an interesting experience." - CONANT, referencing the intricacies of exiting a high school parking lot
(quite interesting, though true, i must say.)

FRIDAY FEB 27, 2004

"There are no stupid questions. But I have an addendum to that. If she asks a question, and he asks the same question 5 min later and then you try to ask it 1 min later, then THAT is a stupid question." --mrs. p (oops!)

"What a stupid question!"--mrs. p, about 20min later (THANK YOU!!!! we all always wanted to say that to him)

"Did you draw a box? DRAW A BOX!!"--mrs. p, directed to poor markum (or marcus, as some would say)

"O my gosh. Yesterday I got liquid paper stuck in the drawer of my desk. I finally got it. But then I got home and the pizza pan would not come out. It was bad." --mrs. p (hmm)

"If you didn't, you should have." --mrs. p (good advice , huh?)

"Wait a minute. Am I losing my mind?" --mrs. p (maybe so)

"Now binary search. Cool, Cool, Cool, Cool search." --mrs. p (so is it a pretty cool search then?)

"I'm gonna kill myself before the semester is over." --mrs. p (this is not good)

"If you have to draw pictures and arrows and little boxes, then do so. I do." --mrs. p ( you are quite an interesting character!)

"Mrs. Phinney, what is your problem? I dont know, I'm asking you!"--mrs. p (though this appears to be a dialouge between at least 2 people, all of this was indeed spoken by mrs. p herself)

"Ladies and gentlemen, do try these at home please. Nothing should catch fire." --mrs. p (lets hope not!!)

" You can? You canNOT!!"--mrs. p (well, fine then)

AND thats it folks. You are now caught up on my new hobby. Let me know which ones are your faves. Look for some more conant quotes tomorrow hopefully. I'm off to work on my 3 pages of my groups 10pg mgmt midterm....

i have created this to share with you, my friends, my newfound and highly entertaining hobby of writing down quotes from my classes here at texas a&m. because my aim profile just doesnt have enough room. let me introduce you to my fine aggie profs:

These mornings we have our main major classes.
First is INFO 322 (JAVA programming)with mrs. p, a personal fave. she's a little crazy and says TONS of wacky stuff, but i must say she knows her java!
Next we have INFO 328 (Database mgmt) with mrs. barry. a crazy funny class, but usually not a good source of quotes. lets just say you just need to be there to understand.

These days we start off with MGMT 363 with Dr. Welch. an awesome Christian prof and funny man, sometimes a good source for quotes.
I then have MKTG 321, which, interestingly enough, is co-taught by Duwald and Conant. Both are stellar profs and know their stuff. Right now it is Conant's section of teaching and he has a wealth of good quotes. Duwald will return after spring break.
Then I have MUSC324 (music of world cultures), arguably the easiest visual and performing arts credit out there, but not a source of good quotes. props to j fenn though, for being a cool prof.