Saturday, November 29, 2008


well now that it is thanksgiving break, i finally have time to write a post. this fall has been one of the busiest times i have ever had! i have really been enjoying my new job. volleyball season has come and gone and basketball is underway. teaching is going well and i have made lots of new friends. its really been nice working at such a great school. on wednesday, our last day of school before our thanksgiving break, the PTA baked homemade pies for all the teachers. so nice! my basketball teams have both started off 2-0 with resounding wins, and december promises to be full of basketball with 2 tournaments coming up plus our weekly games. practices for basketball are before school, which i thought would be a nightmare but so far i have actually been liking it much better than after school practices.

ross has been super busy with another semester of grad school as he marches ever closer to his masters degree. he has also been working a lot at the lake test station. and enjoying our ps3. we went to several a&m football games with my family, and had a good time though the season was quite dismal. we just returned from having thanksgiving in college station, and it was most fun. however, the jo's seized their first victory in the annual turkey bowl football game. matt & bree being home and jared springing up to 6'2" proved to be too much for the no-joes, even with our fancy screen printed team shirts. ross and i got to hang around friday and spend some time with jennifer, matt, and bree, as well as go to my cousin's bday lunch at wings n more before heading back home to our puppies who were eagerly awaiting our return. i am thoroughly enjoying the 5 day break but wish it could be even longer!

definitely the biggest news of the fall is that ross and i are expecting a baby hytnen on june 3rd, which just so happens to be the last day of school. i am 13 1/2 weeks pregnant, and so far it has not been too bad at all. i definitely had a month or so in there where i was not feeling to great and i am still really tired alll the time, but so far things are going really well. we are fortunate to have already seen the baby 3 times via ultrasound and things look to be going just fine. i also strategically am seeing a doctor who is about 5minutes away from my school so i am able to schedule my visits during my conference period, with a little bit of help from some coach and teacher friends. i am going back on monday morning for another visit and hopefully another picture! we are definitely excited and spend a lot of our free time discussing baby names and what in the world i am going to do next year as far as work, etc goes. today we took another step when we were rearranging some furniture for some december company and early preparations for the room that will become our nursery. so. get ready world. here comes another hytnen.