Wednesday, February 27, 2008

extra hairspray

i was watching office re-runs on the DVR in an attempt to de-stress from the craziness of school today. a teaser for the nightly news included a story about a power outage due to a copper thief and the meteorologist declaring today a beautiful day, and he would let us know if this would last. my interest was piqued but i of course was not about to subject myself to local newscast. so i of course went to

if you haven't been to in awhile, it is really worth it. you may know about their travel, sports, and wedding forecasts, should you be participating in these sorts of activities and want to know the weather. however, they are also now (for how long i am absolutely unsure) offering what i will call "lifestyle tips". for instance, tomorrow night is going to be very windy: 20-30mph winds. therefore, under the forecast there is a friendly message: "wind alert! use extra hairspray." well okay then. warning noted.

other messages for this week include:
"put glass hurricanes around candles." i can just picture old ladies (no offense, and obviously not too too old as they are on saying O NO, i must put the hurricanes around the candles as it is going to be windy!


"have extra umbrellas for guests"

i would like to nominate for a caring award, for being (or attempting to be) so caught up in our daily lives. don't forget extra hairspray!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

can you keep your child away from me please?

as often as possible, i select to do my shopping at target as opposed to wal-mart. call me a snob if you must, but we try not to support wal-mart in our family when we can avoid it. so tonite i went to do my last minute valentines shopping for my Valentine, and for my target. super target. and i went to the huge valentines section...and it was empty. really? they run out of valentines candy? i mean there was some stuff, but for the most part it was bare shelves and annoyed people on cell phones jostling for position to get whatever was left.

really i guess i haven't bought valentines candy the night before valentines before. the only time i have bought valentines candy was when it was actually my parents buying it and my mom would take me and matt and we'd each pick out one box of valentines and then painstakingly take the class list and write one for each of our classmates, least favorite ones first, up to my very best friends last, making sure to give them the best valentine and maybe even an extra piece of candy (at least thats how i did it). also if we had leftover, matt and i might write one for each other, and certainly for ourselves. but i digress. back to 2008.

anyway, i got what i needed: some kisses for my class and some chocolate for my man. and some other stuff on my list. and i went to check out, and of course the lines were long. AND THEN. a large family came up and got in line behind me. they were talking so loudly (and in a different language), and one of the kids was screaming and crying. and they kept encroaching upon my space. i ignored them at first, then when their daughter kept running into me, trying to push me out of the way, i gave them a raised eyebrow glare but no one noticed. they just kept pushing towards the cash register, even though my items had not even been checked out yet. 10min later, i thought my head was going to explode and i was sure my ears were damaged by the one that was screaming.

i think ross and i shall not be having children. at any rate we shall never take them shopping at super target. you can all post your thank yous.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

i heart weekends

i'm always dismayed at the speed at which weekends pass, and the length of time that must pass before a weekend comes around again. already this semester is so much better than the fall because ross doesn't have class on saturday mornings. last weekend we shared with ross' parents who were in town for a visit. we hung out, and ross and fred built a worktable in ross' shed. also, we fit in a bike ride to a neighborhood park: so fun! and i snuck over to marble falls to say hey to my dad and uncles, pick up a cool gift from my mom, and eat lunch with my dad!

this weekend we had some friends over to dinner and then got out the DDR game...should that be embarrassing? i don't know, we had a good time. the weather has turned nice, after freezing some this week, so ross took a buddy out sailing yesterday, and another friend out sailing today. i got some yard work done, and we are about to watch the super bowl with our small group from church.

ross started attending class in san marcos on tuesday night. and i went along. we actually met up at a walmart on the southside of austin after work and picked up some dinner. we rode down to san marcos together and i found the bookstore and bought his textbook and then spent the remainder of the evening browsing the internet and grading papers in the library. i felt somewhat like an impostor, but it was most refreshing: it was so quiet! it made me miss college. :( it was nice being able to chat during the drive, and so i may start going with him occasionally to be good company :) and get a good working night in so i don't get so behind in my work.

i've decided to brush up on my programming and web design skills. so i picked up some books from half price bookstore and dug out the college textbooks. i have my environment all set up on the computer finally, and am enjoying getting back into it. so if you need a website for somethin....let me know!

i was somewhat saddened this morning when grading chapter tests from friday. some kids did really really well, but there were quite a few (in one class, half!) that are clearly lost. this is unfortunate as we are moving on, and complicates by job this week. oh well, i am off to savor the final hours of my weekend. hope yours is going good.