Tuesday, August 22, 2006

august visitors

i'm still here in case you were wondering.

i have had privilege of 2 sets of visitors to SA this month. the first was m&r & little L. we had grand fun, and L stayed the nite with me. ross came over and we ate pizza, played video games, and....watched dora the explorer. it was fun times. the next days we all hung out together, swimming, eating out, and such...i think little L was a little perturbed at his parents leaving him with me, because though he behaved extremely well, he gave them quite a stern talking to upon their return.

my other visitor came all the way from london...my brother matt. he was making the texas round and made his way down to SA for an evening. we went to texas land & cattle, celebrated matts bday, visited usaa, ate freebirds, and then made the long drive up to graham to see the fam. we ate good food, hung out, and played tennis. fun times fun times.

so those were the hi-lites of the month so far. in my normal boring life, kickball ended and the end of sand volleyball draws close. we are occasionally victorious and always competitive in sand volleyball, but we were just miserable at kickball, never winning a game. starting in september i will be playing tennis, court volleyball, and flag football. o, and working. thats about it.

Friday, August 04, 2006

sport humor

so this week during a hard fought, back-and-forth sand volleyball game this guy on the other team dove backwards for a ball and we all heard this awful noise that sounded like something in his body had just been crushed. i quickly turned around and saw his...well his shorts were ripped wiiiide open. we were all quite glad to know he was okay and that none of his bones were cracked, but it was .....slightly awkward.

geek humor

so ross was trying to help his friend in germany download this dvd. so ross broke the dvd files up into little pieces for the guy. ross thought he would make 60MB files so there'd be about 70 files. only problem is he set them up for 60KB and then took me to the movie. when he got home, he had 69,334 files on his desktop. nice.