Saturday, February 26, 2005

if you were a crayon what color would you be?

white. so everyone would leave me alone.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


i think my parents like it when i say...."i want to wear shaaaaooorts."

yesterday marked one month's worth of rowing pretty much every nite at the rec. gotta hang in there 2 more weeks then i get a break because i'll be in london. can i just say WHOOP to that.

there's just nothing like a long-sleeved t-shirt.

"i only run if someone is chasing me or if i have to go to the bathroom..." --funny the things people say

over the course of my life there have been exactly 5 guys that i have "liked."

at Bible study this week i was reminded how fortunate i am to have a godly family. i enjoy these times and look forward to even better ones with them...can you imagine all of us grown up and having a partay? crazy times, i know.

i'm convinced that 2 of the best cd's ever are lifehouse's no name face and jeremy camp's restored.

4 songs i find myself playing over and over on the guitar are Holy is the Lord, If You Say Go, He Is Exalted, and You Are God Alone, because they are awesome.

i think if i could live anywhere the top 5 places i'd want to live would be seattle, africa, somewhere on the east coast, china, or colorado.

if you asked me my favorite subject in grade school i probably would have mentioned recess and maybe math. if you asked me today my favorite class i'd say basketball class. sometimes things dont change much.

if you asked me in junior high what i wanted to be when i grew up i might have mentioned the wbna or a basketball coach/math teacher. today you couldnt pay me to play in the wbna. i guess some things do change. i'd still do the coach/math deal though maybe sometime.

flipflops are incredible. but they seem to have very poor traction. its a little scary to try to walk in them when its raining.

i was thinking today that my days of jeans & flipflops are numbered. and i was saddened.

"asleep cuz 8am's inhale as if through a straw" --daniel's away message. haha, made me laugh

when i look at the awesome turnarounds coach gary blair and coach billy gillepsie have made to the a&m teams in such a short time, i'm quite impressed. i think, wow, i would like to be like you. until you have a losing season.

i think if i had to decide what my favorite food was, i'd be in trouble, but suffice it to say i'm a major fan of grilled cheese sandwiches. and enchiladas and fajitas. and light blue gatorade or the blue powerade. i think if you threw in plain bagels, i could live on those foods and beverages for a long time.

i think you will find the authors of the Bible usually talk about their joy being made complete when they see their "children" walking with the Lord or coming to know the Lord. i think sometimes we lose out on some complete joy because we focus too much on ourselves and neglect to invest in others around us. maybe.

who decided that shampoos and conditioners should smell like fruit?

guest lecturer = no deutsch quotes

my family is coming down for the weekend!! guess i should clean the place up.......

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

couple quotes from deutsch's class:

"if your heartbeat gets down to zero, this is not good and someone should know about it." --deutsch

"what are your options here? well, you could hire a hit man for your boss, but unfortunately there's no local Mafia representative in College Station...we're not very well connected."--deutsch

"that's useful for keeping things in budget and on schedule, and, parenthetically, keep you from getting fired." --deutsch

"what more could you want??....well, probably a lot more, but thats all we're going to get in this class."--deutsch

today's sign that team awesome is back together:

"hey my armpits smell really bad...but i'm not positive." --lisa

today's worst case of name dropping i've heard in a long while:

"i was like, hmm, Pita Pit. i hadn't been there in forever, but yesterday when we were driving through Hollywood i saw one...." --lisa

todays sign that info 477 just might be the death of us all:

class is so boring that you look over and markum has drawn the logo for the tv show was quite impressive.

seriously, 477 is the worst class ever. i thought that there'd be no way some certain classes could be beat, but i think its done it already, and we're still in the early part of the semester. sad times.

bad things about today:

-info 477
-the milk for my cereal smelled not so great, even though the date on it was today. so i poured it out. then i thought, hmm, since i've already poured the cereal, how bad could orange juice taste on cereal. i dont know about your cereal, but DO NOT EVER attempt this with honey bunches of oats with peaches. it was the grossest thing i've ever tasted. needless to say, i didnt have cereal this morning.
-did i mention info 477 was terrible??

good things about today:

-watching the aggie mens bball team crush iowa state....HA
-eatin fajitas and chillin with M & R & L .....FUN times
-i went to ALL my classes....i'm not sure which list to put this under bad/good?
-my nap this afternoon :-)
-my intramural basketball team winning on a buzzer beater runner in the lane.....beautiful!!
-getting an email from one cool friend :-)
10 random things you will NEVER be able to quote me as saying:

lets do something a little less competitive (i mean, someone's gotta win, right?)

i just dont think michael vartan is that hot (c'mon, he's like the definition of hotness)

nah, i dont really feel like taking a nap (sleep is beautiful)

hmm i guess i overdressed for this occasion (unless somehow jeans & flipflops were too dressy)

i never missed class this semester (uh yeah right)

please pass the mayonnaise (sick)

sure, i'll take some V8 juice (sicker)

the rainy weather makes me so depressed (its my absolute fave weather)

a&m is overrated (please.)

well i guess i've got everything figured out (uhh, yeah right)

sorry i dont have any quotes for classes were cancelled on thursday (except for one, i had a test in it) so that all the girls could attend a conference entitled, creatively, Women in Information Technology. since they cancelled class so i could attend, i did of course.......not attend.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

today i ate lunch at jasons deli with a pal of mine. we ordered, incidentally, identical sandwiches. i happened to order mine first. she happened to receive hers first. and then we waited. and waited. and waited. finally, i dragged (drug?? i always forget) myself over to the counter and pronounced that 'i've been here a long time and never got my sandwich.' i should have gone over a lot sooner, because i knew it was an abnormally long time to wait for my sandwich, but i was really tired. they had failed to make my sandwich. the sandwich-maker-people were ordered to make one 'on the fly'. i was offered a salad while i waited, which i declined, because then i would be too full to eat my sandwich. perhaps it was because i declined the salad, or perhaps it was because i looked so forlorn, but shortly thereafter the manager came over and gave me a business card on which he had scrawled 'good for dinner for 2 anytime'. i thought this rather waiting an extra i dunno 15 minutes? and they give me a card worth potentially near $15-$20. but hey, i'll take it.

quote of the day:
Remember: "A good friend will come bail you out of
jail....But a true friend will be sitting next to
you saying "...WE screwed up! BUT WASN'T IT FUN!!!

i'm afraid i have too many true friends and not enough good friends. good thing i dont plan on going to jail...

Monday, February 14, 2005

today is valentines day. happy valentines day.

i miss valentines day parties from elementary school. i remember deliberating over what type of valentines i would get each year. then we got to go the store and pick them out. we'd bring them home, and open them all up. then i'd take the class list with everyone's name on it. and i'd take my best friends and choose my favorite valentines for them, and write their names on those. then i'd split up the ones left, making sure no boy got one that was too girly. and one by one, i'd fill them all out, until only the least favorite ones were left over. Then i'd write the left over people's names on those, and if there was still some left, i might write my brothers and sisters names on them, haha. of course, if you have really good valentines (i.e. include candy), you make one for yourself as well.

when the big day finally arrived, there was very little school work done. a lot of coloring in red, i remember. and everyone had a sack at the back of the room with their name on it. when your turn came, you were allowed to go to the back of the room and distribute your valentines in each of the sacks. of course, this was done as slowly as possible, because you had to peek in each sack and eye other people's valentines, seeing how yours compared to this. the most peeking was done into your own sack, trying to see how many valentines you had received. then that afternoon was the big party, with the room moms having brought all sorts of cookies and chocolate, and everyone getting to open their valentines sacks. sigh. i miss such valentines parties...

i have managed to be disgustingly productive today so far, despite my head feeling as though it weighs around 10pounds. and yes, parentals, i have taken medicine today, actually. too bad one can only take claritin once every 12 hours, because this morning seems like such a long time ago to have taken relief. now, back to my productive self. or maybe a nap...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

quotes from class....

"the demand a few years ago skyrocketed...if you could spell I.T. they would hire you." --norton (I.T. as in information technology)

"that first game we underestimated you and we got took." --guy from my basketball class (muwahhahaha...thursday mornings are fun)

and some random quotes from the christmas break .....

sister 1: sharon, i like your shirt. its like retro.
sharon: thanks. but its not retro. its just...normal.
sister1: no, its so retro. dont you think??
sister2: yeah, its retro. ......actually i dont even know what retro means.

small brother: yeah, sharon, have you like ever even been on a, ya know, date? (geeze, is it that bad?? YES, I have, thank you...)
small brother: oh. i didnt remember you ever going on one.

sharon at sonic-
car hop person: that will be $1.61
sharon hands car hop $2 and one penny, in order to get back 40cents, not 39.
car hop person: did you want the change from that?
sharon glares. am i not obviously thinking about the change i will receive if i just handed you a penny? 40 cents goes a long way towards buying my next drink...
sharon: no.
car hop person: thanks! have a great day.
sharon glares, but at least i wasnt cheapskate.

boy in senior level class before semester break: i seriously need to go home and clean my apartment.
other boy: are you graduating or something?
first boy: no...
other boy: so you're coming back to the same apartment?
first boy: yeah
other boy: then whats the point of cleaning it?

sharon at bree's apartment, wearing some clothes of bree's that didnt make the london cut.
bree: "ohh look....its mini-Bree."

sharon selling back a textbook, talking to friend keith about the final we'd just taken.
wait in line--25min.
keith sells his book back, receives $90.
book lady: ohh, haha, you'll get $90 too.
book lady rings it up.
book lady: ohh, umm, actually we just met our quota. would you take $35 for it?
sharon leaves to go stand in line at another bookstore, off campus. receives $60 for textbook. annoyed.

sibling: what brand of strings do you put on your guitar?
sharon: i used to use Martin, but this past year or so i've been using Elixir.
sibling: Elixir?? i thought that was like....diarrhea medicine.

for those of you concerned, i did finally get my room clean and all my christmas presents put away. i had to throw a super bowl party to motivate me though...knowing all those people were coming over got the job done.

i really do like the idea of a 'combo meal' at food establishments. besides the implied cost savings, whether they actually exist or not, i detest ordering. i dont know why, i just hate it. so the ability to simply say....i'll take a number 14....with chicken...mmm rosas. i digress. or any number, i'll take a 5. a 3. much easier, than ordering the actual food you want. but i always feel bad for the person taking my order, because there are so many questions they must ask, particularly at like say fazolis. would you like meat sauce or marinara sauce? garden or caesar salad? and what would like to drink? anything else? i know they must get sick of asking these same questions. so i embarked on a campaign to save them this trouble by saying things like this: i'll take a number 3, with meat sauce, ceasar salad and a coke. then the say, your total is blah blah blah and please drive forward. excellent! but then i have situations like these...

sharon at sonic: yeah can i get a number 3 with mustard and no onions. with tater tots and a coke.
speaker person: ok i have a number 5 with no lettuce or tomato. what would you like to drink?

sharon at taco c: can i get a taco combo, with two soft tacos with chicken, and a coke?
speaker person: ok i have a taco combo, beef or chicken with those?
sharon: umm, chicken
speaker person: and to drink
sharon. sigh. coke.
speaker person: your total is blah blah blah. please drive forward.

so i gave that up. and just let them ask their stupid questions. after all, maybe they enjoy asking those questions? my next plan is to simply avoid the combo meal altogether. i dont really care for french fries anyway. on second thought, maybe i'll just eat at my house.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

10 Random Things About Me
1 I definitely love new socks
2 I cant breathe if i were to eat....or smell....peanuts
3 I went white water rafting on the Nile River....and thought I was going to die...and loved every minute of it.
4 I usually wait till the last minute to study or do projects....and it seems to work out ok
5 I am guilty of being a class-skipper.
6 One of the favorite things I've ever done is lead Upstream freshman Bible study group 14: the triple chunks...whoop!
7 I root for sports teams based on the hotness of their players.
8 I never saw Titanic. oops.
9 I know how to keep a secret. And I enjoy keeping them. From you.
10 I really like to throw darts.

9 Places I've Visited
1 Uganda
2 Seattle, WA....i love this place
3 Portland, OR
4 Gresham, OR ....Whoop!
5 Louisville, KY ....o the memories
6 Germany...yeah i definitely lived there when i was a kid
7 Arrowhead Springs, California...actually i'm technically a Californian, its true.
8 San I come!
9 London this spring break!!

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1 go white water rafting in the grand canyon
2 fly an airplane
3 help with a church start
4 get married
5 memorize the New Testament
6 write a book
7 see the Aggies win a national championship
8 go back overseas

7 Ways to Win My Heart ....yeah good luck with that :-) just kiddin.
1 kick my tail in basketball
2 write me a letter
3 know the Bible like crazy
4 sing me a song....that you wrote.
5 be a servant to other people
6 smile
7 love the Lord with all you've got

6 Things I believe
1 Jesus Christ wants to have a personal relationship with you. And He will rock your face off.
2 God is who He says He is
3 God can do what He says He can do
4 I am who God says that I am
5 I can do all things through Christ
6 God's Word is alive and active in me

5 Things I'm afraid of
1 oversleeping
2 joining the workforce
3 somehow failing a class and not graduating
4 forgetting to pay a bill
5 doing something stupid

4 of my Favorite Things in my House
1 my guitar
2 my books
3 my pictures
4 my pillow.....yay sleep!

3 things I Do Everyday
1 brush the teeth
2 say 'i dont know'
3 read

2 Things I am Trying Not to Do Right Now
1 waste time...............hahahahahahaha
2 look ahead and forget to enjoy these times right now

1 Person I Want to See Right Now
1 WESLEE...we're about to go to breakaway right now...look for some class quotes later.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

if they offered an award for like the Most Unmotivated Person, i think i could probably win it....if i felt like it.

i can just see the interview--

interviewer: so, tell us why you would like to be named the MUP

me: mmm, i dunno. it'd be alrite i guess.

interviewer: can you describe your class participation last semester?

me: minimal, at best. if it was raining, i def wasnt there. if it was on tues or thurs, i probably wasnt there because i just had one class, and i mean, thats a lot of work for just one class. if it was friday, i for sure wasnt there, because, seriously, it was friday. if it was a mon or wed, give me a 50% chance, unless it was my 8am, and then i dunno, i'd say i'll see ya there if i see ya there. i did generally go if there was like a test or something though.

interviewer: well, can you tell us how you applied yourself over the christmas break?

me: well, mostly i'd get up around 11:30, because i liked to be up when my dad came home for lunch. after lunch i might take a shower, or a nap, depending on which was more pressing. i read lots of books, took lots of walks, and made a slideshow.

interviewer: i see. and how quickly did you unpack upon your return to your apartment after this month long sabbatical?

me: um, well, i'm still working on that. but yesterday i DID finally put my suitcase away in the closet.

interviewer: yes, and could you explain how you keep yourself organized?

me: well i really like to-do lists. i try to make them for every month on outlook and every day on my dayplanner. and on random little pieces of paper and in my notebook where i keep my class notes. if i dont do something, i just keep transferring it to the next day's to do list until finally i eventually do it. typically i will write something down about 10 times, then do it. then i gleefully cross it off on all 10 to do lists. its rewarding, really.

interviewer: have you worked a lot in the past?

me: no, i wouldnt really say so. once i was an intramural official, but i got tired of having to go to the rec at nites and get yelled at, so i started giving my shifts to people that like really wanted lots of hours for some reason. i'm on the substitute teaching list, but i rarely go because its so much, you know, work. but i do babysit on fridays. my client and i agree on whats most important: sleeping. and its only once a week. and he's cute. and there's free food. and they have alias on dvd. what could be better?

interviewer: do you attend a lot of meetings?

me: well, if i feel like getting out and going. which i usually dont, particularly if its rainy or cold. but sometimes if they're having a free dinner, thats a pull for me. sometimes i go, eat the dinner, and leave before the actual meeting, to prevent boredom, of course.

interviewer: could you describe how you tend to spend your free time?

me: well, often i have some down time in the afternoons. i really enjoy a good nap, checking away messages occasionally even though i could not care less what they actually say, or compulsively checking my email over and over and then wondering if its broken if i dont get any, or just sitting at my computer listening to music. lots of music. oh, and sometimes i play my guitar or go through old Bible study notes or sit around and type up dumb blog postings.

interviewer: could you explain how you go about completing a task?

me: ok hmmm. lets take something i'm working on right now, like cleaning up my room for example. thats what i'm doing right now.

interviewer: it is?

me: well, yeah, kinda. so about 2 weeks ago i put as a task on my outlook : unpack/clean room. then i realized (from my project mgmt knowledge) that this was too broad and needed to be normalized (haha bad attempt at database humor. gosh, that was a horrid class. but i digress). anyway, so i put unpack as a task. and clean room as a task. then i've been writing it on my to-do lists faithfully every day. yesterday it said "clean up the stinkin place". (it doesnt really stink, i just like that adjective). anyway, so then i, you know, pick up a few things. then i get kind of tired so i sit down in my office chair and kinda look at all what needs to be put away. then i might turn on some music, to kinda motivate me, but then i just sit here for like two hours, listening to music and compulsively checking my email. so thats how it usually goes down, and my gantt chart shows that this should finish in a few more weeks. but we'll see. you know how projects go.

interviewer: why do you think you're so unmotivated?

me: yeah, i'm not sure. maybe its because my classes bore me. or because i already have a job and dont have to renew scholarships so my previous drive for academic excellence has less pull, or maybe its because i'm a senior and you know how seniors are, or maybe its because i'm a rebel and i dont like doing what people want/expect me to do, or maybe its because i just do what i feel like doin...which typically isnt that much.

interviewer: uhh yeah. so, is there anything else you want us to consider?

me: nah, i should probably get back to my cleaning.

interviewer: seriously?

me: no, not really. i have to go take a nap now...
well, my perfect attendance didnt make it too far into the semester. i only made it to 50% of my classes today, due to the rain and not feeling so hot when i woke up this AM. oh well, it lasted 2 weeks. a total of 4 class days. anyway, i do believe that i have a maximum total of 24 days left of going to school, for, perhaps, ever. weird!!

i'm sure you will be excited to hear that i did make it to deutsch's class, so here are some quotes from him:

"i will now pass out the package of goodies" (this merely refers to the new notes packet)

"i guess i manufactured something that michael said that he really did not."

"to keep ourselves oriented, here is the course model."

"throwing information at a customer is not what we aspire to do."

"all of this is not particularly rocket science."

"let's use this as a menu."

"that conveys a level of placidity on your part."

"i'd say if you're talking too much you'll see some signs...customer looking out the window, customer falling asleep..." (student looking out window, student falling asleep...)

"another counter example--i'm full of failed customer interactions."

"you have to find some way of pollenating the atmosphere and getting that allergic reaction." (um, yeah)

here's some words to a song we sang in church the other day that i thought was pretty cool:

Father, let me dedicate
all this life to Thee
In whatever worldly state
Thou would have me be

Not from sorrow, pain or care
freedom dare I claim
This alone shall be my prayer
glorify Thy name

Can a child presume to choose
where or how to live?
Can a Father's love refuse
all the best to give?

Let my glad heart, while
it sings, Thee in all proclaim
And whate'er the future brings
Glorify Thy name

i sat down to write this post because i was feeling witty and full of stories to pass on, but now that i'm sitting here i can't think of anything that i had wanted to write about. so, yeah, thats all i guess.