Tuesday, May 23, 2006

and so it ends

stupid mavericks. the spurs season ended last night, but not without one huge battle. i think i will have a lot more free time in the evenings now because i will not be so busy watching the spurs. san antonio is really crazy like that, everyone is so intense about their spurs. it was kind of fun to get in the spirit though. went to several games and had fun at all of them. also enjoyed going out with friends to eat wings, play pool, and cheer with the crowd at hooligans, as well as watching the game at my place with friends too. basically spurs games are great excuses for way fun hang out times. summer is really a pretty lame time for sports.

also this week signals the very end of alias. saaaad day. and also the season finale of 24, and almost every other show i watch. i'm not entirely sure what to do with my evenings anymore. i AM still taking tennis lessons on monday nights which is, obviously, fun times.

i won a computer from work...occasionally they have PC giveaways from their inventory that they have upgraded from. last week i was delighted to see that i had indeed been selected a winner! this involved going to work to pick it up at 8am on saturday morning, so it was a mixed blessing, but we already had a great game of doubles tennis slated for 10am that same morning, so it worked out quite well. additionally, summertime at work means kickball league time. watch out, here comes one fun time of playing in a kickball league!

everyone is like graduating from high school or college, or going away for their summer plans, and i'm starting to get that 3 month itch. you know, the one where after one semester you get a month or 3 months off to revamp and try something different and probably live in a new place and enjoy a new schedule. then there's where i find myself now. where its just the same. my first summer without summer break. soooo sad. and so, just like the spurs and my tv shows, my love of the summertime has ended. no breaks, no oregonian fab-o times, just work. and its hot.

Friday, May 19, 2006

a spot of rain

earlier this month we had a couple big rain storms complete with hail, wind, and all that jazz. several car dealerships are trying to cut deals getting people to buy the hail damaged cars. the texaco station across the street from my apartment is painfully aware of the storm as you can see below. i dont feel particularly sorry for them because they were not customer friendly, nor did they ever seem to have any gas. what good is a gas station that runs out of gas?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

how dare they

so on thursday nite ross and i decided to celebrate the almost weekend with the wonderful invention that is the $1.50 movie theatre. i wanted him to see the pink panther so we loaded up with soda and greasy popcorn and walked down the sticky hallway to the theatre with the hard seats and ancient wooden cupholders that are too small for todays gynormous cups....but the tix were only 1.50!! at any rate it was at this point that we were accosted by....her. she was probably about 67 or so and had large glasses with my favorite: the flip up sunglass shades. and they were flipped straight up looking pretty dang fancy.

crazy woman: excuse me, do you all have children in yalls familys that would see curious george?
ross: no.
sharon: takes 2 steps backwards
crazy woman: breathes heavily . well i saw it and there's this one part where he is looking at the sun and saying i cant see i cant see and then he looks away, rubs his eyes and opens them and then yells yay i can see again i can see. but thats not true! in real life if you do that then you cant see again because your retina's been fried. now why would they teach kids to do that its just crazy.
ross: yeah thats not good.
sharon: makes mental notes of nearest exits/escape routes
crazy woman: i'm just so upset right now. i cant believe they would try to teach kids to do this. dont let anyone you know see it.

after she walked to the front of our theatre and sat on the 2nd row i debated discussing with her the damage this might cause her ears due to the large number of decibels, but instead stayed a safe distance away, including hiding in a bathroom stall when i heard her approaching after the movie. so, readers, be advised: avoid curious george like the plague. and dont you dare look at the sun and expect to ever see again.

best quote of the week, from the food network's special on 'deep fried treats':
"corndogs. the perfect marriage between haste and taste."

and from our expedition to double daves last nite for pizza and spurs game:

"the refs should call a foul on his hair...for being foul." --thesharester

"o my ugly" --dj

Monday, May 08, 2006

say what?

perhaps you didnt know (or have forgotten) that this blog, a day from the eighties, started out as an avenue for me to post quotes from my professors which i found humorous in their original context, or made them humorous by taking them absurdly out of context. i thought of returning to this line of posting, but it is much harder as i don't listen to professors lecture daily (those of you who know me well are probably thinking that i didn't listen to professors lecture daily in college either, but this is beside the point) and much of what is said at work is either A. not able to be repeated B. not funny to the general public without a lot of background information or C. incredibly nerdy. however i think its a worth a shot. i shall begin to retrain my mind to listen for excellent quotes that are blog worthy. so beware.

a small sampling:

slightly bald guy: ah wow if this works i will wash you guys feet with my hair
the brit: well that would take a long time

slightly bald guy: dont make me open up a can of chuck norris.
the brit: thats absurd. chuck norris cant be fit in a caaan.

hey listen, i've had a lot of time to think over the last 15yrs

ooo i wish i could help you but......... i dont want to.