Thursday, April 28, 2005

"while preparing to leave the SCC, I looked outside and loudly commented on my disappointment with the fact that it was raining. Though I got many funny looks, to my surprise no one else showed any disappointment. I came to find out that this is because the sprinklers were on." -kara

from alias:
syd- what the heck are you thinking?
sloane- i'm sure you mean that in the most polite way.

"well and then you have a group of consumers that we group into the ID ten T problem. does anyone know what that is? no? perhaps if i draw it? ID10T." -norton

and THAT folks is my very last quote from my classes here at a&m because I'M FINISHED WITH CLASS. WHOOOOP!

so umm, i KNEW there was a reason that i spent so many hours shooting freethrows in my driveway in midland. this morning i went to my final basketball class and saw on the grade sheet

sharon josefy D 64

now, i'm taking this class pass/fail and it is required for my graduation, meaning that i need 6 more points in this class. never fear, if i can hit 5/10 freethrows, i shall get the 6 points i need. calmly, or perhaps not so calmly, i quietly nailed 9/10 to give me a 74. the following is the conversation with my coach that ensued...
coach: alrite, that puts you at 74.
sharon: sweet. thats passing right?
coach: haha, yeah. barely.
sharon: thats how i like to operate
coach: just enough to get by?
sharon: o yeah. everything else is wasted points.
coach: well in that case, it seems you could've slept in one more day (each absence is minus 3 points)
sharon: i know! what a bum deal!

see, he understand me very well.

now, NO NEED to be freaked out for me here. i SO was never in any danger of failing that class and not graduating. i still could have done dribbling exercises, more shooting, or extra credit assignments. there was 20 pts of credit that i never even attempted, which makes my 74 actually very impressive. but i just needed a little drama in my life to see if i could hit the big shots under pressure.

SO, with that out of the way, i'm all cleared for graduation!! only 3 tests stand in my way. and i have a whole week before they hit, so lets get this partay started!!

i'm so afraid of being alone
i cant feel your arms around me
i'm holding on tighter
to the things i can touch
clutching my dreams and desires
trying to embrace
you and myself
and it doesnt work
forsaking one i cling
to the other
gazing at you
this is where i want
to be forever

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it is not surprising at all to me that the internet at my apartment complex just happens to be down these couple days when i need to use it extensively while writing 2 research papers. thus i have contributed even more hours to the info lab this week, rather than writing from the comforts of my own home.

so last thursday i accidentally slept through my afternoon class. and by accidentally, i really do mean accidentally, as i fully intended to go. however, i was so tired from having been awake so long that i NEVER heard my alarm. the same alarm that wakes me up every morning. and 2 phone calls. i was dead to the world. thus my perfect attendance streak ended at 5 days, or 2 1/2 weeks. however i am attending all classes today and thursday, and so probably will only have missed 1 class all of april, which is pretty outstanding for me.

in other news, i had a good weekend that included dinner with m&r&l, lots of sleep, island party and all-nite party with triple chunks & friends, church, wedding shower, chapel, and writing a 15 page paper! i dont think i've been to sleep before 2am and usually an average of about 4am for the past 11 days...trying to soak in the college lifestyle while i can, but honestly, i'm totally backwards on my sleep/awake times and can't seem to fix it!!

i am looking forward with great anticipation to thursday, at which point all that will be standing between me and graduation will be 3 measly tests. all the work of the past 2 weeks will be shoved into distant memory.

last night while at the computer lab, i was chillin with team awesome and we were sorta laughing at some younger students complaining about a class project they were working on for a class we'd taken previously. at the time, we too thought the class was difficult. now we laugh at it. it was so much easier than the classes we've been faced with since. we could do the project in like.....5 seconds. and so it dawned on me, that yes, maybe i have actually learned a thing or two here at a&m. while i wont bore you with computer geekdom, here are just a few general things i've learned while at a&m.

being a senior, now i know.....

1. attending every class is not only an unrealistic goal, it is also an unnecessary goal.
2. how to direct freshman, visitors, and otherwise lost individuals on campus.
3. the backroads of bryan/college station.
4. daily schedules and bedtimes are overrated, just go with the flow.
5. too many nights with too little sleep will make you sick. literally.
6. your worth does not consist of what organizations you are a part of.
7. you might as well just ask, the worst thing they could say is no.
8. how to appropriately proffer a soft howdy and smile when people walk by
9. the peak and nonpeak hours at the rec center
10. how to pay bills
11. you dont have to pay to take the buses
12. the sonic on harvey is much faster than the one at rock praire, even if the harvey location is further away
13. instant messenger is your friend, but also your enemy
14. stuff is expensive!
15. putting God first, above everything else, is the way to go...

quote of the day comes from an intense like whoa episode of 24 last nite:
edgar: i asked him if i could go instead of you, and he said, no, you were the best analyst we have......and he's right, chloe, you are the best analyst we have.
chloe: (sighs and rolls eyes) i know.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

well, its over. sorta. my senior info project is completed and submitted. the presentation looms next week, along with 2 papers of substantial length that will consume this weekend and the beginning of next week. on wednesday morning i met team awesome up at the info lab at about 10:30am. about 24 hours later, i came home. team awesome had some serious crunch time coding and documenting but the end result = high quality. team awesome has been....awesome.

i spent some serious time sleeping on thursday and today. after i sleep tonite, i think i may start to feel a little better and a lot less like i might fall over and die at any moment from being tired and sick. and hopefully i can get sorta caught up on my life that does not consist of spending lengthy amounts of time in a computer lab.

today of course i spent with little L and as we usually do, we had a little CMT going on in the background as we played with toys that laugh at you. i'm not sure why they make toys for kids that laugh at them. anyway, there was this one song by i forget who and it was called "dont ask me how i know" and thus i've compiled my own list.

"dont ask me how i know"

1. you dont ever want to have a 'hello kitty' backpack
2. putting masking tape on hotel room doors does not ensure students have not left their hotel rooms
3. GAP perfume doe NOT taste good. in fact, it will make you gag. it is hard to get the taste out of your mouth.
4. skittles can be used as an assault weapon
5. metal pots should not be microwaved
6. rubber things should not be put in the dryer
7. the plastic part of the shower curtain goes inside the bath tub
8. sometimes you should check the oil level in your car
9. you should never set your slip n slide up to where it goes across a sidewalk
10. there's always somebody watching

"spin" --by lifehouse

i'd rather chase your shadow all my life
than be afraid of my own
i'd rather be with you
i'd rather not know
where i'll be than be alone and convinced that i know

everything i know has let me down
so i will just let go
let you turn me inside out
cause i know i'm not sure
about anything but you wouldnt have it any other way

and the world keeps spinning round
my worlds upside down and i wouldnt change a thing
i've got nothing else to lose
i lost it all when i found you
and i wouldnt change a thing

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

well we got clobbered in our championship basketball game. when your 6'8" guy is your dominating hero, and the other team shows up with a 6'8" hero of their own, things apparently go downhill. combine that with our guys hitting zero shots and their guys hitting 100% of their shots, and you get the ugly defeat that was my final intramural game at a&m. get this though, my company has intramural sports. when i learned this, i knew that this is where i had to work.

in other news, our project continues. we have been living in a different dimension than most of the world this week. on sunday afternoon, i coded from 2-5:30pm and then from 9:30pm-4am. yesterday i coded from 2-5:30pm and from 10pm-3am. AND still got up for my 8am class. yes, that is dedication. no, that is certainly not like me to be so dedicated to class. but i'm hardcore about my april class commitments, as i said i would be. one more today, and then just 3 more days of classes!!

last nite after our game i picked up a large vanilla coke from sonic to serve as my caffeine boost that would propel me late into the night. i was dismayed to discover i'd been handed a straw that was too short for my drink. i was then embarassed to discover that it didnt matter, because i had several extra long straws from sonic in my car, because thats how many times i've been to sonic recently. in fact, i started looking at all the sonic peppermints i have, and i really wish that you could redeem them for sonic cokes. like 20 peppermints, one free coke. i would like that.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

a good weekend? yeah! seriously, a bit much time spent coding on the computer, but overall, a fine weekend.

+ friday with little L
+ dinner with m&r&l = NICE...or medium well, however you want to look at it
- info lab working on project from 7.30pm to 2am on fri nite= UNCOOL LOSER
- info lab working on project from 10am to 2pm saturday= UNCOOL LOSER
+ looking on the internet for an apartment
+ leading worship for youth nite in caldwell = WAY TIGHT, this evening rocked
+ watching matt & ryan freestyle rap
+ watching aladdin with friends...old school
+ church
+ lunch with evelyn
- info lab working on project from 2pm to 5:3pm on sunday afternoon = UNCOOL LOSER
- working in info lab when i should have been taking sunday afternoon nap
- majorly sick with allergies = disgusting
+ chapel!
- its the last chapel for me :(
+ championship intramural basketball game tomorrow nite
+ being on a project team with team awesome
- knowing that this weekend alone i've eaten more meals at the info lab than at my house
- dreaming about writing code for our project while trying to sleep
-way more info project to be completed = SICK

---psalm 63:2-8---
"i have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. because your love is better than life my lips will glorify you. i will praise you as long as i live, and in your name i will lift up my hands. my soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you. on my bed i remember you; i think of you through the watches of the night. because you are my help, i sing in the shadow of your wings. my soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me."

Thursday, April 14, 2005

if i was going to get to interview someone that was applying for any job anywhere, NO LIE, this is how the interview would go.

umm hey hows it goin. this is going to be a "situational interview". i'm going to give you a scenario and you basically just tell me how you would react ok?

1. you are driving with your windows down, singing happily and perhaps rather loudly. in short, you are groovin. when you stop at a red light you notice the person next to you also has their windows down, and are of course looking at you.

2. you drop a string of "your mom" jokes on someone, only to find out a few minutes later that their mother actually died a few months ago in a tragic accident.

3. you: oh my gosh, i looooove [insert something you loooooove here]
other person you are trying to impress: sick. i hate [thing that you stated you
you: ????

4. your roommate's clothes are in the dryer. you need to put your clothes in the dryer. your roommate is not home.

5. you have taken a test and your score is a 76, however the teacher made a mistake and you should really have an 84.

6. you have taken a test and your score is a 104, however the teacher made a mistake and you should really have a 110.

7. you have taken a test and your score is a 94, however the teacher made a mistake and you should really have a 85.

8. you are at a fancy shmancy social event with recruiters and while trying to balance the glass & plate and shake hands with these uber important people, you drop you glass, spilling beverage everywhere

9. you are sitting outside eating at a restaurant. suddenly, a few tables over, a girl's chair breaks and she falls down to where she is essentially sitting on her bum on the ground, amidst the broken pieces of her chair.

10. you are playing basketball and someone blatantly trips you. the ref calls a foul... n YOU.

thank you for your time.

well today marked 2 weeks of perfect attendance at classes. if i attend all classes on tuesday, this will eclipse my record for this semester (set the first 2 weeks of school) for certain and i believe for this entire year.

one of my profs almost said something funny today, but i didnt have a pen. who goes to class without a pen?

--2 Corinithians 1:20-22--
"For no matter how many promises God has made, they are "Yes" in Christ. And so through him the the 'Amen' is spoken to us by the glory of God. Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

in exactly one month i will be graduating from THE finest university.

but WOW does a lot need to be accomplished before that point. most of that in the next 2 weeks. yeah my life's pace definitely picks up a bit at the end of the semester, particularly for the past 2 semesters. being in senior level classes is rather different than the lower level classes i have discovered to my chagrin. the horrors of spending essentially an entire week in the computer lab finishing a website had slowly faded from my mind. a semester is just long enough to forget the pain of finals and team projects. i find myself remembering some of the fun we did manage to have and wonder if it really was that bad? and now that time is upon me again. and i clearly remember, YES, it WAS that bad. it is tempered by the fact that this is the LAST time to endure this semester ending frenzy as an info major. also helpful in this process is the finest team ever to spend the next two weeks with. the times spent with team awesome, coding, yet also laughing, eating, throwing things, and generally just being awesome will constitute some of the finest memories of my college career.

but i'll still be glad when its april 28th. it is certainly more fun to look back on these times than to be in the middle of them.

april class attendance: still perfect! only 5 more days to go!....too bad they dont say any good quotes these days. they are killing my blog here.
hours spent working on projects yesterday alone: 8 hours
hours spent writing today: 3 hours so far, and the night is young...

whatever You ask of me
i know my answer will be yes, Lord...yes, Lord
whatever You desire, I won't say no
whatever You ask of me
i know my answer will be yes, Lord...yes, Lord
wherever You call me, I'll gladly go

--ross king

-psalm 94:19-
"in the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul..."

Sunday, April 10, 2005

ok here's another one of these deals, b/c everyone really liked the other one apparently...

10 things i enjoy...
1. playing basketball
2. taking a nap
3. deep conversations
4. playing the guitar
5. seeing God change people
6. figuring something out on the computer
7. learning new stuff
8. helping other people out
9. being right
10. making other people laugh

9 music groups/artists that rock my face off...
1. Lifehouse
2. Jeremy Camp
3. Third Day
4. Jennifer Knapp
5. Chris Tomlin
6. Ross King
7. Switchfoot
8. Caedmons Call
9. old school FFH

8 places i like to eat...
1. Rosas
2. Olive Garden
3. Wendys
4. Outback
5. Wings N More
6. Double Daves
7. Subway
8. Pappadeaux (sp?)

7 characteristics i look for in a guy...
1. sense of humor
2. athleticism
3. blue eyes
4. hottness
5. a heart that's pursuing God
6. outgoing-ness
7. leadership-ness

6 names i've been called...
1. sharone
2. sharone full of bologna
3. matt's little sister
4. shevron
5. eat here
6. the First Sister (while matt was mr. president)

5 dumb things i do all too frequently...
1. make the hot sauce packet squirt everywhere
2. mix up my words (poor little boys i babysat during the summers named monty and rusty sure got really tired of me calling them ronty and musty)
3. drop my drink (in the words of Will, "o its ok, no one will notice...until they slip and fall on their face")
4. trip on the uneven parts of the sidewalk (if you've been to a&m at some point, you are probably familiar)
5. get a little confused while driving (if you want to know a secret way out of the dfw airport so you dont have to pay, just let me know and i'll help ya out)

4 cleaning things i need to do more often...
1. make my bed (sorry mom & dad)
2. clean the dust off my ceiling fan (where's bree when ya need her??)
3. are you for real supposed to clean baseboards or whatever?
4. mop the kitchen

3 people i'd really like to meet...
1. Joshua, from the Bible
2. the apostle Paul
3. some guy who wants to marry me someday....haha jk.

2 ways i release stress...
1. throw darts
2. play the guitar

1 thing i want to be remembered as...
1. verrry nice!
quotes from greg matte, speaking at breakaway

"so basically we were just putting the fun in dysfunctional"

"and my grandfather told me, just remember, us gray haired folks probably have shoes that are older than you are"

"just remember that when you're around someone older, they are wiser. they may not be as cool as you are, but there's a wisdom there."

5 signs that spring is in the air:

you wake up from a nap and its 7pm yet still light outside

your car becomes stifling hot, making it difficult to breathe when you first sit down inside

you want to wear a sweatshirt in the morning but in the afternoon you are burning hot

school seems to have been going on forever and all you want to do is be outside, not inside at class

things melt if you leave them in the car. on friday my deodorant melted because i left it in the car with my change of clothes while i gave a presentation. this is not cool, if you were wondering, and unfortunately beyond repair. i'm not sure what this says about my brand of deodorant. i mean, thats what they advertise you know, the hotter i am, the more it should work right? apparently, at some temperature level it simply just melts into one big mess. but you dont hear them advertising that now do ya? i think they should put a warning on the package.

5 random things said to me this week:

"so were one of your parents in the military? you seem very disciplined..." (we were playing mafia, and i'm like the narrator...i dont get any more relaxed. so this really caught me off guard)

"i didnt know you liked country music" (its the guitar, really, what can i say)

"so are your parents prolific(??) protestants or devout catholics to have so many kids?" (excuse me?)

"aren't you going to have a bunch of kids some day?" (in a word, no. but thanks for playing)

"in my 10years at a&m, that was the best project i've ever seen, and that was just perfect. what a way to go out!" --my professor who is leaving after the semester is over (i think there was a few tears in his eyes....niiice)

in case you were curious, an update:
this week i attended EVERY class of mine, thats right perfecto attendance.
also this weekend, i wrote roughly 20% of one paper, and 40% of the other paper.
and, two days this week we worked on our project.

unfortunately, all that classing yielded zero quotes. i'm not sure if i'm just so bored that nothing is funny to me anymore or if the classes were just not that funny.

countdown to graduation: 34 days
number of days left to go to class: 6 days
remaining assignments/tests in undergraduate degree: 16

Friday, April 08, 2005

Nothing Else I Need

when i think of all i've seen nothing
compares to what you give
and to drink of what you bring you quench
the thirst for me to live
i am satisfied by what tenderness you've
shown to me and i empty all that i am

and you fill my life you're everything to me
there's nothing else i need anymore
and i know you are everything to me and
there's nothing else i need anymore

i have tasted and i know this fire birthed
inside will only grow and i've sought all that
this world tried to offer me and it led me
to your feet and i empty all that i am

and you fill my life you're everything to me
there's nothing else i need anymore
and i know you are everything to me and
there's nothing else i need anymore

i will lay down all my needs and you will
come and make them new
to make you my only desire my desire
and you fill my life you're everything to me

and you fill my life you're everything to me
there's nothing else i need anymore
and i know you are everything to me and
there's nothing else i need anymore

there's nothing else i need.....

--jeremy camp

Thursday, April 07, 2005

"I hope each of you is getting straight up krunk about presenting at the CMIS board meeting."--Will, in his email to team awesome

intramural basketball playoff victory last nite...yay! thanks to will and markum for coming out and getting krunk.

link to some quotes from simon, of american idol judging fame, courtesy of cynthia
simon's quotes

apparently with my "things i heart about my time at a&m" lists in 2 previous posts, i have convinced the skeptics that 3yrs actually IS a satisfactory length of time to enjoy college (as opposed to 4), and that i have actually managed to enjoy college personally in my 3 yrs. so i am cleared for graduation on all fronts it seems.

when you've just gotten home for the evening at 11pm, having been gone since around 9am, and your friends call and want to play cards, and its a wednesday evening, and you have class at 8am in the morning, YOU would probably decline to go hang out. i lack this ability. and it seems several of my friends do too because suddenly there was 8 of us up at the MSC trash talking while playing taboo and generally just hanging out. this, my friends, is what college is about. o, and getting an education, etc.

i'm constantly hearing in lectures/speeches/conferences/etc that flexibility is key..."you just need to be flexible". and i want to say, hey, I'M flexible here, it seems its YOU that aren't flexible. i PLANNED to go to bed last nite, but when friends called, i was FLEXIBLE to change my plans. often i PLAN to go to class, but in the morning i'm FLEXIBLE to change those plans. i PLAN to study ahead of time for tests to avoid cramming the night before and i'm FLEXIBLE....ok just kidding on that one, i dont even bother planning that. but anyway, i guess my point is, i agree, we all should be VERY flexible. it will make you enjoy your day...or at least make you really tired during class!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

apparently an approaching graduation will make you sentimental.

more things i heart about my time at a&m, in no particular order:

1. pancake breakfasts at the hoovers...the chef's hat just puts it over the top. or that its at 6am.

2. info awesome: dominating the info dept. since 2003

3. peer mentorship award banquet.....awww thanks guys

4. tutoring elementary students....that did not wish to have a tutor

5. coordinating disciple nows at the BSM

6. leading worship for youth night in caldwell

7. star of bethlehem presentation

8. being witnessed to (by my brothers best friend's girlfriend) while, ironically, having my quiet time on the academic plaza

9. ice skating & cheesecake factory trip to houston

10. moving into my first apartment

11. that one night during finals week, that matt, bree, megan, and i laughed really hard, and i had that sticky gooey hand....we were sleep deprived.

12. trying to change megan's car battery and finally giving up and asking for help from tall matt, who did it in what 15 minutes?

13. walking all the way home from a football game and finding $20 on the ground

14. selling back books

15. appealing a parking ticket and getting it waived

16. teaching at Impact conferences over spring breaks

17. third day concert at reed arena

18. coaching my upward team

19. making a forbidden yet o so sweet trip to the roof of the msc

20. playing with nerf guns and giant frisbees in the middle of the night at wehner

21. getting lost on my way to history of american seapower the first week of class my freshmen year

22. accounting tutoring sessions at subway with julie

23. finance cramming sessions with bree

24. working out with bree

25. spending some evenings reading at barnes & noble

26. derek webb concert at rudder

27. mitte society planning with lindsay

28. monday night upstream leaders prayer meetings

29. learning that you can bike from northside to west campus in about 3 minutes if there's no train

30. doing that community survey with of the most difficult things i've done

31. getting letters in the mail from my mom

32. lolly's volleyball tournaments that brought her to a&m or at least to sam houston for a saturday

33. chick-fil-a outbound meals....beautiful

34. coffee station study times with lauren

35. jason's deli weekly lunches with megan

36. BSM summer missions banquet

37. hearing the SBP election results at sul ross

38. FBC Bryan youth choir musicals

39. FBC Bryan Christmas musical with matt & bree

40. thanksgiving at m&r's

41. Beth Moore Bible study on Sunday nights

42. running the multimedia screens at FBC Bryan

43. whataburger study nights.....ohhh the fun times had at whataburger in that corner booth

44. sunday lunches at matt's apt

45. getting a job offer

46. getting my aggie ring

47. "running" that 5K on a saturday at 8am with bree that one time

48. watching the presidential election results and eating rootbeer floats at matt's place

49. our commissioning deal to send evelyn off to brazil

50. having the freedom to skip classes

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

so last night at the Bible study i'm in at BSM, we took this profile deal, and it kinda matches your 'personality type' with your spiritual gifts, blah blah blaaaaaah, it is kind of interesting stuff. this includes the DISC model of human behavior that reveals i'm passive/reserved. hmmm what a shocker. if you would like more insight into supposedly understanding and working with me, read on, otherwise....i'm not exactly sure why you're reading my blog. unless you're looking for funny quotes, which is a valid point, but you should come back another day.

apparently, according to this, i am generally passive/people oriented, characterized as steady, stable, shy, security-oriented, servant, submissive, specialist. thats right, a specialist. WHAT the heck i'm a specialist in they did NOT say.

however in stressful situations it appears my passive/task oriented side comes into play, making me more cautious, competent, calculating, compliant, careful, contemplative.

i'm not sure but i'd say my older brother is a blend of the other 2 letters, the active/outgoing ones. D (active/task) being dominating, directing, driving, demanding, determined, decisive, doing. and I (active/people) being inspiring, influencing, inducing, impressing, interactive, interested in people.

how can 2 people that came from the same 2 people be sooooo different??

my spiritual gifts, according to this = knowledge & wisdom

so then this is supposedly how they work together with my personality....

"Sweet, soft, and sensitive type believers who seem to have an unusual amount of information about so many things often have the gift of knowledge. They are slow to share, but when asked, have an answer for just about everything. They are more shy, than outgoing. They usually dont volunteer their knowledge, but are ready once asked. S type personalities with the gift of knowledge are faithful and loyal. They dont like hurting others and want to always help others with their knowledge."

"Passive/people oriented Christians with the unusual ability to make wise decisions often have S type personalities with the gift of wisdom. They are not hard and strong about most things, but do have unique insights when it comes to right and wrong. They are often sought out by others, because of their loyal and faithful way of dealing with problems. They are more quiet than most people, but when they do share their wisdom, people are often amazed.

They tend to be humble and need to speak out more. But they often demonstrate wisdom that few people ever imagine."

and apparently i should be more assertive. oddly enough, that is about the 4th time i've heard that....this week. so watch out or i might....assert you.

i'm not too sure on these spiritual gifts deals...i'm never quite sure i've got the right ones marked down. i think on this one i took in the ninth grade i somehow scored NEGATIVE on showing mercy, which is like impossible and i think it means like you're not saved or something, but hey, what can i say.

and i'm not entirely sure that i'm convinced that i actually have a personality.

but these things are supposed to help us understand each other, so......understand me ok?

if you send me your spiritual gifts and your personality, i will tell you what my cool book says about you.
10 things that made today cool:

-waking up BEFORE my alarm went off at 7 (there is something to this theory about going to bed early)
-today was the last info 477 lecture, yesssss (now if only there wasn't that hideous project looming so largely)
-lunch at dalins deli on northgate with the info guys and peter
-chatting with M online rolls! (get excited.)
-guest speaker in info439 (read: get out of class early, no hw)
-telephone convo with cy
-no one being in the workout room when i went down there to work out (its always nicer that way)
-racking up the very nice points by helping a friend with their excel formulas (because honestly i'd rather help with your hw then do my own, so hit me up. you never can tell what i'll agree to do)
-breakaway (and getting soaked in the torrential downpour following breakaway)
-even more very nice points for helping the roomy with computer stuff

quote for today:
"apparently sugarless gum may kill dogs. and its proven that after they die their breath starts to stink again. its lose-lose."

Sunday, April 03, 2005

some things i heart about my time at a&m, in no particular order

1. fightin texas aggie football games--my faves being the ou game my freshman yr, and the ou game this yr, etc.

2. fightin texas aggie baseball, basketball, volleyball, SOCCER, tennis, etc.

3. my kinesiology & basketball

4. upstream triple chunk group 14....spring retreat was the most amazing weekend i've ever been a part of, and fall retreat and the whole yr were pretty stinkin tight too

5. shaving cream fight on the academic plaza with the terrible twos

6. the night of the tech game my freshman yr, even if none of us got to sit together at sweet home alabama

7. leading worship, eating ice cream, philosophizing, and laughing in houston with chris hoover and co.

8. leading dnows on several weekends my freshman yr

9. mktg with conant, java with mrs. p, and mgmt with dr. welch

10. spending way too many hours computerizing with team awesome (code red! the rash is getting worse..........)

11. playing and watching intramural basketball

12. soccer, sand volleyball, and tennis with triple chunksters

13. tennis, sonic, and nite church at grace with a good friend

14. fbc bryan sunday school class

15. chapel

16. breakaway

17. j-jo's spring break in c.s.

18. matt's campaign

19. muster

20. family times at m&r's in bryan

21. double daves, wings n more, freebirds, and koppe bridge

22. business honors trip to the astros game

23. weslee and me going to houston for the rockets game and shopping

24. megan, magan, and i going to houston for a rockin jeremy camp concert (stop! i think the road is gone?!?!?)

25. wedding dress shopping with bree

26. the weekends my sisters stayed at my apt.

27. when megan, john, byron, and i went tubing on the guadalupe

28. my spring break trip to london

29. the night we stayed up till 5 playing daniel's card game

30. late nights playing spades and eating cookies

31. the times m&r came to dinner at my place

32. the time m&r made my dad play charades

33. fridays with luke

34. the day i substitute taught a 3rd grade class

35. sittin around playing guitars and worshipping together

36. the trip to san antonio to interview with USAA

37. kelly coe and me camping with a bunch of craaazy terrible twos guys who tried to set the lake on fire

38. pulling all nighters....often just for the fun of it, sometimes for studying purposes

39. afternoon naps

40. the times i cooked dinner with travis and ryan

41. the rowing machines at the rec

42. quiet times in all faiths chapel on rainy afternoons

43. partays and general good times at chateaux cheval or whatever the heck it is

44. playing poker and swinging and going down slides in the middle of the night with upstream leaders

45. driving meals on wheels with nancy on thursdays

46. the time matt made me get dressed up and go to a formal with sbisa, sitting across from the food services director.

47. late night IM chats

48. visits from my grandmothers, shelby, emily m, weslee, etc

49. walking at bee creek park and sonic runs with megan

50. missions discovery weekend in arlington

in doing 2 very innocent things, i find myself with 2 brand new time wasters to enjoy. at this point you are probably thinking that i, of all people, do not need MORE things to waste my time on. but you are probably just jealous of my mad time management skills that enable me to appear to do absolutely nothing at all.

new time waster #1
while innocently trying to communicate with my brother & sister in law, they discovered, in a word, skype. skype is incredibly cool. it uses voice over IP technology and voila your computer=telephone. and if both parties are on their computer=absolutely free. to anywhere in the world. you can also, from you computer for roughly 3 cents a minute, call any landline or cell phone. amaaazing. this is particularly handy if you have a brother & sister in law living in london. you should download it yourself and call me!

new time waster #2
while innocently just trying to help a friend edit an audio file, i downloaded a free audio editing program called wave pad. its fun to play with.

time waster #1 + time waster #2
in order to use skype, you need to have a microphone. and so yesterday i ventured out to old wally world for the first time in literally many months and bought an uber cool "skype certified" internet chat headset with microphone. it even has interchangeable color plates. this is pretty tight stuff. BUT this also leads to infinitely more fun with wave pad, when you can record your own audio files!

so if your looking for something to do:
1. download skype and call your friends/family/random strangers
2. buy a tight microphone headset and....have fun
3. practice editing songs

if that doesnt sound like fun to you, then geeze. i dont know what does.

i did tear myself away from my new toys long enough to go to 5 innings of fightin texas aggie baseball "batting practice" until the chill air and my flip flops just couldnt stand each other any more.

attention: 8 more days of classes EVER for me in my undergraduate career. can i just say whoop?
countdown to graduation: 40 days.

Friday, April 01, 2005

to be fair, i've included an easter quote from myself, recorded by bekah

"I eat things that make me thin...wheat thins, thin mints - thats my diet!"
-the OnE & OnLy, ShArOnE-

so basically senioritis or spring fever or whatever it is, THAT is kickin my boo-tay right now. if the first 3 weeks of march seemed like a mere 3 days, the last 9 days of march felt like nine stinkin years. we've finally made it to april, and in just over 3 weeks, i will have completed a semester project (with team awesome!), and written two papers, of 15 pages each. hmmm. april toils bring may diplomas?

so here's my resolutions for school in april:
1. resolved. to go to all my remaining classes. i.e. no more skipping. i.e. stop laughing. i.e. i'm serious.
2. resolved. to begin my papers BEFORE the week they're do.
3. resolved. to use the project workdays in the syllabus to actually work on the project.


haha just kidding, those really are my resolutions. i know that you are still laughing at my resolutions, but you just watch. i really can do things i want to do. i'm gonna suck it up and finish strong here. ok, now i'm laughing. i'm really tired of info classes. hopefully may will come soon!!

april fools day doesnt carry quite the same charm it did in elementary school. what kind of person are you when april 1st no longer makes you gleefully think APRIL FOOLS DAY, YES!!! and instead you think, dang it april 1st, my rent is due and i dont have any more checks.

-psalm 70:4-
"Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; And let those who love Your salvation say continually, 'Let God be magnified!'"

the light i was following
suddenly seems quite dim
or maybe its just my eyes
clouding up on the earthly prize
doubt wrecked the confidence
that was driving my heart
and the plans you've laid
have never seemed a larger maze
as i sift through every desire
my head's barely above the mire
but as i'm struggling all alone
i think i can hear a heartbeat
and its not my own...