Monday, January 14, 2008

look what my husband built

since our garage is converted to a den, we don't really have a place to store tools and bikes and lawn equipment. therefore, ross' first major project for the house was to build a shed in the backyard. we shopped around some, and decided the best deal was to purchase a pre-cut shed kit from lowes. it took about a weekend to level the ground, unpack the wood, and build the floor. then this weekend, ross and his cousin james (who unknowingly came up for a visit and was promptly put to work)put up the entire shed. it looks great, but we still need to shingle the roof and paint the shed. ross did an awesome and quick job on this project, and i'm glad he has a little (actually it turned out to be VERY large!) place to work with his tools (there's even a loft in there!) and now our bikes won't be in our closet!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

another blog

i'm certainly not abandoning this blog (at least i don't intend to), but if you'd like to read more about my teaching life, you can check out this blog of mine: its not because i'm MAD, but because i hope to Make A Difference as i'm teaching. i shall keep all of mine and ross' adventures and happenings on this blog, but most teaching stories can be found at this new one.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

two weeks: noticed

in about 12 hrs my little students will be greeting me at my classroom for semester 2 of this inaugural year of teaching. hopefully i will be there awake. i have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 week break. ross took the time off with me as well and we most enjoyed it. unfortunately for most of the time we've been up till 2 or 3am and slept in until 10 or 11am. so i will have to retrain myself to wake up at 6am.

we spent several days with my family over christmas, then came home and finished our move. we had set up shop but had left some books and other belongings at our previous residence and so we moved all that over and then cleaned up both houses. this took the better part of several days, and then it was new years day and we were joined by m&r and m&b. we all had a blast, and on the 2nd my parents and r drove down and we all went to a japanese steakhouse for lunch. m&b stayed one more night and we were so glad to get to hang out with them. ross and i then spent about 2 days working on our shed for the backyard. ross had been telling me that it would be nice to have a nail gun. after hearing him hammer for awhile, i went outside and nailed in one nail with the hammer. we then drove to lowes to buy a nail gun. so far we have studs and a floor. more on the shed to come soon.

construction halted for the weekend as ross went deep sea fishing at the coast with charles. i think this may be the first time he has gone out of town for a whole weekend with me staying at home since we got married, so i have been moping about the house unsure of what to do. on saturday a friend and i went and worked like good little teachers at my classroom to get ready for tomorrow. also, ross fixed my bike before he left so i did some exploring around the neighborhood this afternoon.

while i would enjoy even more time, i think these past 2 weeks were very needed and have been somewhat refreshing. now its back to the grind!