Thursday, April 22, 2004

there has been a lack of quotes the past few days of class. conant was apparently funny today but i was in abstentia. or whatever. i wasnt there. on the way back to campus from having our upstream group in the mcdonalds parking lot (yeah, thats rite. triple chunk power) sara did say: "I find that people i'm always sarcastic with, when I try to be nice to them actually, its a little awkward." thats a paraphrase cuz i was driving not writing, but i find it to be a true, but slightly profound quote. i like it. and i like sara too. and all my lil 14ers. but we wont go there rite now. i shall add to my list of things i like, because i like making them. they are fun! it makes me happy to read a whole list of things i like. you should try it.

1. flipflops
2. historical fiction novels
3. Bengay
4. loooong naps
5. old jeans
6. new jeans
7. snowballs
8. pixar movies
9. Beth Moore Bible studies
10. Christmas eve candlelight services
11. my Peavey guitar
12. the Hondo guitar (ray's) that I learned to play on
13. long hot showers
14. big bubbly baths
15. cd-rw's
16. driving with the windows rolled down
17. new tennis shoes
18. lotion
19. dishwashers
20. late nite telephone chats
21. encouraging words
22. real mail
23. care packages
24. compliments
25. chapstick
26. vacations
27. sitting by the lake
28. picnics
29. acting craaazy
30. rootbeer floats
31. basketball handling drills
32. curling up in a blanket on the couch
33. africa
34. sweatpants
35. waking up in the night and realizing you still have several hours to sleep
36. being able to WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2004

so there were no funny quotes in class today. i hate it when that happens. there were some funny quotes from parents weekend but of course i didnt write them down. i always think, o i will remember, but of course i dont ever remember what was so funny. today i will share with you things that i like. in no particular order. this is not a fully yet exclusive list, but is a beginning.

1. rainy Sunday afternoons
2. Sunday afternoon naps
3. Sunday afternoon naps on rainy Sunday afternoons
4. upstream group 14
5. triple chunk brownies
6. blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream
7. my family :)
8. walking at the park with megan
9. seattle
10. kayaking
11. white water rafting
12. basketball
13. Houston Rockets
14. Philippians
15. Sonic cherry limeades
16. happy hour at Sonic
17. plain bagels
18. staying up late
19. Upward basketball
20. playing guitar
21. writing computer programs
22. driving in the rain
23. cancelled classes
24. sleeping in
25. weekends
26. capos
27. reminiscing about choir tours
28. little babies
29. leading worship
30. laughing
31. singing in the car
32. reading good books
33. teaching
34. throwing a frisbee
35. laying in the grass
36. Powerade
37. church
38. pondering
39. VBS
40. throwing darts
41. picking out Christmas presents
42. getting Christmas presents
43. hide and seek in the dark
44. Crestview's weight room
45. t-shirts
46. sitting on swings
47. March Madness
48. Rosas
49. riding in my dad's truck
50. playing one-on-one with Cynthia
51. pretty much doing anything with Cynthia
52. Crestview
53. my Sunday School class at FBC Bryan
54. going out to eat with friends
55. visiting friends
56. new socks!
57. studying the Bible
58. plain m&ms
59. playing cards
60. funny movies
61. playing with kids
62. stayin up late at nite laughing with j-fer
63. carbonated beverages
64. jumping on trampolines
65. Aggie football games
66. chocolate
67. macaroni and cheese
68. finding money in your pockets
69. listening to music
70. Pringles
71. talking on the phone
72. secretly liking someone
73. playing catch
74. having people over
75. looking at pictures
76. listening
77. candles that smell good
78. digital cameras
79. cell phones
80. missed calls and voice messages
81. blankets
82. my parents' couch
83. ping pong
84. deep, intimate conversations
85. hymns
86. sand volleyball
87. going to little league baseball games
88. being a college student
89. the occasional shopping spree
90. going to the grocery store
91. friendly banter. or trash talking. whatever
92. contacts
93. glasses
94. fires in the fireplace
95. people watching
96. anything that makes me laugh
97. slurpees
98. cookouts
99. riding bikes
100. the snooze button on my alarm clock

theres a 100 things i like, for those of you who doubted and thought i didnt like anything. what else?

Friday, April 16, 2004

so here's some quotes from mrs. p this morning (whoop for database being cancelled after that!!) and also a special treat: quotes from upstream group 14 triple chunksters last nite.

"Isn't this a 300 level class? You should be writing operating systems. If you were across the campus you would be. That's why you're not across the campus, right? 'I didn't want to design operating systems. I wanted to learn how to count beans'." --mrs. p (yeah, thanks. but why beans?)

"I wore a bright colorful shirt in case any parents came to class today." --mrs. p (bright pink, to be exact. it was a nice shirt. but no parents came. that would have been cool if they had though.)

"Are y'all typing to your mothers or writing this down?" --mrs. p

"But like in the '80s if you ever watch home movies the world was like in this red tint." --marcus

"Did you just say you're so surprised you have a boyfriend?" --sara to kara (whaa? kara has a boyfriend? haha GOTCHA AGAIN)

"Dude. Its a joke. Laugh. Blow snot out your nose." --sara

"Do you realize how much fun Barbies are to burn?" --garrett (thats sick.)

"A bird pooped on my head too! They're going crazy, huh?" --daniel t.

"It sounds as though there is a small animal in your purse." --garrett to amanda

"I look over and Sara is poofing out her gut." --garrett (its true, she was)

"There's babies inside they're just not fertile yet." --sara

"Your skin looks like its cannibal." --sara (ok, so she REALLY said tannable, but we all heard cannibal)

"See, I've heard this multiple times and I still think its funny. That's funny." --sara (and thus, funniness was defined)

"I understand your logic." --travis to sara, after she explained why she would walk around campus without having shaved her legs for 2 weeks if she got $50 for it.

And after I explained the title of my blog to her:

"Cool! I'm so gonna say that it was like a day from the '80s. Bad music. Funky hair. And my socks felt like they were pushed up all the way." --sara

Fo sho. That's all the quotes in the hizzouse for today. Weekend here we come!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

so conant is back in style. today during class we played the "telephone game", you know where you whisper in people's ears the sentence and see what it turns out to be at the end. yeah, all 500 of us played. or however many people are in wehner 159. the sentences at the end were sooo not how they started, it was pretty funny. several of today's quotes stem from that exercise. we also watched funny commercials. all in all, a fine class. and a fine day. and still upstream to come tonite. whoop! tomorrow the parentals are coming in for....parental weekend. looking forward to it. anyway, here's the quotes.

"You are not allowed to go closer than 3 inches to the person next to you because if you violate this airspace people start to giggle and lose their concentration. We wont go into details, but it happens." --conant

"I've had people get married from this class because of this exercise. 'He just whispered in my ear so nicely, I dont know what happened'." --conant

"See we've already had violations. If the ear police we're here they'd be selling tickets. There's a violation down front here and they haven't even got the message yet."

"For those of you not familiar, this is the giant, steriod-laden.....hershey kiss." --conant

"Now thats a serious kiss, right? And its solid. Which makes it all the better." --conant

"I had to sneak [the kiss] out under the cover of darkness." --conant

"You have to stay in the middle aisle. We cant have contamination. Remove that from your mind. Who has the Men in Black thing? Psssh." --conant

"Let's definitionally hi-lite it." --conant

"How can i backwind this thing. Does anyone know?" --conant, meaning rewind the dvd

"Please note these words both start with the letter 'i'. And they are dangerous words."

"Oh well, you'll be a parent someday. If you arent already. Thats terrible isnt it? Yeah."
--conant, after telling us he takes his boys to Sams Club sometimes for dinner

thats all for today. but quite a few considering that was a 75min time frame. i was impressed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

so, i havent updated in, well, in a long, long, long time. my apologies. here's a few quotes for ya.

"they are so cute together. and they complement each other's funniness." --evelyn

"we'll call that drop 'steve'." --dewald, referring to a drop of water in a pipeline

"i continue to be astounded by life." --dewald

"We've had soft drink and snack vending machines since they came across on the Mayflower." --dewald

"Dont call yourself stupid, just pressurized." --mrs. p

"This is something new for you: read the chapter in the book." --mrs. p

"Do y'all know ANYTHING?" --mrs. p

"That's a LIE" --mrs. p

"Have we gotten anything done yet? Why start now?" --mrs. p (now thats my line of thinking)

"This has been a flop of a day." --barry (mmmhmmm)

thats really all i suppose. if i'd taken notes when i went home for easter i could share TONS of funniness from the fam and friends, but sorry, i didnt. i apologize. but i did have an incredible Easter and finally went and saw the Passion, on Good Friday. I was glad I waited to see it then, it was the perfect day to remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross in such a vivid way. conant comes back to marketing tomorrow, so get excited. I'll try to do a better job. Hopefully I haven't alienated my readership.