Monday, March 29, 2004

So here's some new quotes from the end of last week and a special treat: quotes from the group 14 triple chunk Upstream retreat this weekend. We had an incredible incredible time together here in College Station. We hit up an Aggie baseball game, had worship& Bible study & game time & rootbeer float time at my apartment on Friday night. On Saturday we had a cookout at a park and hung out all afternoon playing basketball and kickball and playing on the playground equipment. Too bad ya missed out! But here's some quotes from it at least.

"I has a refrigerator at my house. I even has a microwave oven." --mrs. p

"A little bit of him goes a long way." --duwald

"So simple its almost insulting." --duwald

"You pay a surgeon $3800 an hr for no oops! You're paying for the other 900 surgeries he has done." --duwald

"I got touched. Don't worry, its not that bad." --daniel L.

"I have a dry scalp so I have a legitimate itch." --garrett

"Why are you winking at me Travis?" --aaron

"Cuz I liiiike you." --travis

"I call everyone babe. Because you're all babes." --travis

"You're a babe if I've ever seen a babe. And ohhh...I've seen a few." --travis

"Welcome to the slow track!" --corey

"Sharon, you just need a little head rub." --travis

"Ahhh!! You and your....brilliantness!" --daniel t. to evelyn
"Gosh Travis, take it off. Taking horrible pictures of people all the time..." --amanda

"Do you want me to physically cut you out? This is where Amanda WAS." --travis

"O my gosh, I talked to a frog." --daniel L.

"I don't know whether to put my socks on or not. " --garrett

"Daniel's face is very clean." --kim

"Hey I don't have bad feet." --garrett

"Your gummy bears are like hard." --matt

"I'm not sick. Do I LOOK sick?" --matt

"They wear short skirts every day? That's a lot of shaving." --jessica

"Do you have problems?" --amanda to sharon

"I actually heard your voice when I was in the bathroom." --kim

"It's like when I eat at Stone Willys, my stomach gets so mad at my mouth." --kara

"I can't believe I look like Michael Jackson!" --kara

"I refer to Travis as 'that.' 'That' scares me." --alicia

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Here's some quotes from the profs from this week:

"This is one of those times where a picture is worth a million words, or a thousand or something like that." --mrs. p

"Please note an abstract class is interesting." --mrs. p (consider it noted)

"I'm a little confused personally." --mrs. p

"It will have to be a lot harder than last time because the grades are....I'm just kidding." --mrs. p, knowing very well the grades from last time are terrible

"A circle is a point with an attitude or something. And some radius. A cylinder is really a circle with attitude. Look at it! Cooool." --mrs. p (hmm, and all this time i thought a circle was a set of points all equidistant from a center point or whatever they say. now, i know the REAL definition)

"Do ya'll know what slurpees and icees are?" --mrs.p, before sharing a story about how her husband used to be none other than the icee bear

"Asterisks are cool." --mrs. p

"That'd be like grandpa, me, and my kid. He's a Phinney, she's a Phinney, he's a Phinney." --mrs. p (gotta love phinneys)

"This will sound a little strange at first. In fact, you will hate it." --j fenn (indeed, i did hate it)

"Isn't the premise of wearing deodorant that we dont want to smell people's armpits?" --duwald (yeah, something like that)

"Let's see. To me, this is a hi-liter." --dr. welch

"No one says you know what, dont worry about the pay. I just want to give myself freely to this organization. We'd call and get you some help." --dr. welch

"Any time there's cake I like it. In fact, why not bring cookies and chips too?" --dr. welch

"I dont care if people call me Ben, Mr. Ben, Dr. Ben, or Dr. Welch. Just dont call me late to eat." --dr. welch

hope ya enjoy these quotes from the early part of this week. hopefully some more will come outta classes tomorrow and friday. this has been an up and down week for me, ranging from carefree sand volleyball and awesome conversations to tests and frustrating homework assignments and feeling slightly overwhelmed. leave me some lovin.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

well i'm back safely in college station. it was good to be in midland. it is good to be in college station too i guess. i drove back on friday so i could be here to eat dinner w/ my grandmother, who was in town. it was good. and yesterday bree and i got donuts for breakfast. at 11. maybe it was lunch i guess. i watched a lot of ncaa tourney and movies and read a book and we cleaned the apartment and then weslee and her roomy spent the nite here, while they were doing prison ministry.

i suppose a lot of people will be driving back this afternoon. i should do all my homework, but probably i will sleep. since i'm not sleeping now. it wasnt working for me, so i got up to see weslee and co. off. and so here we are, waiting for church. which is odd, because church is usually waiting for me.

tomorrow school starts back up bright and early. hopefully mrs. p will have some nice quotes, since quotes have been lacking lately. my grandmother had some good quotes, but alas, i had no pencil.

I'll give ya a few quotes from the pastor at FBC Bryan, Tim Owens.

"Do I want to waste my life in order to be popular?"

"If I care more about what someone else thinks than what God thinks, then that someone has become an idol to me."

"You will never rise above the level of your closest friends."

"Focus on becoming the right person to marry."

"You attract what you are."

As you can tell, these come from a hardcore sermon on relationships, back in February. I think for me, one thing i'm working on, is communication. they say thats the make or break factor. for me its more about the vulnerability aspect of it. i was reminded just how much i stink at it right before i left midland when i believe i hurt an eight yr old's feelings b/c i reacted out of hurt feelings. i wont pretend thats the only time i screwed up while i was home either. i had a lot to think about on the way back to here. and a long time to think about it. but my conclusions on all that i thought, i'll keep to myself. :)

but i do know this: "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness."
-Lamentations 3:22-23

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

my hobby has become quite addicting to me. now whenever i'm having conversations or watching movies, i think ohh that would be a good quote! but unlike class, i do not usually have pen and paper, nor do i take the time to write any of them down. much funniness is lost, sadly.

so i'm spring breakin in midland, tx. and its been about as exciting as, well, as exciting as midland gets during spring break. its been good to see the family and friends and such. haven't really done much of anything exciting. hung out with weslee some. nathan came into town and he and schneed went to the movies w/ weslee and i....we saw starsky and hutch. it was humorous but not virtuous. save your money. and your mind. ate lotsa rosas. gotta love the place. ate lunch w/ robert and jamie. played basketball with cynthia several times.

tonite i went over to the hopkins and laughed while cy and a.l. wrote a skit for ladies retreat. i cant remember the last time i laughed so hard. well actually i remember the exact time. it was the morning when i had breakfast with those 2 crazies. haha just kiddin. well, really, it was either on bree's birthday, reading this very blog w/ bree the first time, or that time during finals last semester when i stayed up all nite with megan and matt and bree and i had that stupid gooey stickey hand thingy and was turning the pages of my book with it. anyway, in the morning i'm leading worship at chapel for faith christian and then headed to lunch with j-fer and jessica and playing bball in the afternoon i think.

i did accept the summer missions position in gresham, oregon for 10 weeks this summer. i'll be doing vbs, music camp, sports camp, and teaching childrens Sunday school classes. sounds like fun times and i'm excited about it.

i decided its much harder to be disciplined and productive when you are out of your routine and living out of a suitcase and sleeping on the living room couch thingy....any of you who have been to my house know what i refer to and its no ordinary couch thingy, its way cool. but anyway, my point is this week has been rough on my disciplinedness. and that makes it really easy for my heart to wander apart from the heart of God. it amazes me how quickly my desires can stray. but it seems every time i get pumped up about something that is not what He has in mind, soon enough it comes crashing down. yeah, something just came crashing down. thats why i said all that. it was a minor crash though, not really a big deal. I'm still waiting for one other thing to crash down, but its taking forever. its at such times that i wonder, is it supposed to crash at all then? is it really going to pan out? is it really in His plan after all? maybe. but i dont think so. i think i'm just being selfish and holding on to personal wishes. i wish they would go away. forever.

but enough about me. you people read this for the good quotes. not ramblings. i'm trying to remember a quote from this week.....and its not coming to me. so i'll share one from will m, in database class last week....

"like, i cant touch that. its like purple and stuff." --will

quotes from

Friday, March whatever, right before spring break

"What is polymorphism? That's cool." --mrs. p

"Lets push before we pop." --mrs. p (yes, lets.)

"My daughter, the one who talks back to me all the time, is going with a church group. So thats good, she'll get some churchin and she won't be able to talk back to me for a few days." --mrs. p

"Aggies don't cheat, steal, .....look at the top." --mrs. p (nor tolerate those who do)

"Never, never, never, never." --mrs. p (never?)

"An employee is a person. Well, most of the time." --mrs. p (except when they, you know, aren't)

"They are empty. They have no bodies." --mrs. p (that's gotta be strange)

"I aint a shape. But I has a shape. Get it?" --mrs. p (uhh, no.)

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

So on Sunday night, I stayed up till 3am writing a program for mrs. p's class....i am not blaming her, it was my fault...i put it off till the last minute. BUT when I go to a monday morning class at 9am, working on about 5hrs of sleep, to a class that is notoriously hilarious, I was expecting at least ONE funny comment from mrs. p. but there was none. i was disappointed.

today in mktg we had guest speakers. they were all these guys in a&m's mba program. all they did funny was make jokes about beer. i missed conant. but on thurs we have a test in there, meaning, wow i should really get on studying for it, but secondly that conant will take a break. well, i will take a break too, spring break that is. then when i come back duwald will try his hand at making funny quotes.

all that to say, i'm rather embarassed but i dont really have any quotes to post. rest assured there will be plenty more after spring break, maybe even some from spring break.

i did go to chapel sunday nite and heard asfhin zirifat speak. it was very powerful. he said a few things i think are worth posting:

"Dont memorize Scripture if you dont want God to speak to you."

"You cant separate your being saved from your being sent." (to tell others about the Lord)

"The early church had to be told NOT to speak about Jesus."

and my favorite....

"That's radical followship." (yeah it is)

ok thats all. hopefully phinney will return in style tomorrow morning. for now, i gotta write SQL queries. fun times.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

So yesterday my internet wasnt working so great. so here's some quotes from mrs. p yesterday and then some conant stuff from today. both of them were subdued during their lectures, not yielding as many quotes as usual. i think its the blah weather.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 3, 2004 (Bree's 23rd birthday. Happy birthday Bree!!!)

todays class was actually rather hilarious because of 2 stories. one was when she was convinced we were on the 2nd page and began counting out all the pages for us, when indeed our packets were on page 3 while hers was on page 2. it was really funny if you were there, not so funny if you werent. so sorry you missed out. the other one being the story about mrs. p having to go with her daughter on a tour of the a&m campus this friday, even though mrs. p has been teaching here for 30 something years. about which she said,

"Do I want a tour of A&M's campus? ohhh yes!! I've only walked around this campus for 30 years. And here's where the corps of cadets resides. ohhhh really?!?! (slaps face) I'm going to be good, really. I'm going to be good."


"Pray for me or whatever you do that on Friday I wont embarass my 16 yr old." (well, pray for sure, thats what i do)

other random quotes from the class period included:

"Is everybody with me? Is anyone with me?" --mrs. p

"This is not going well." --mrs. p

"I cant even talk. That's hard to believe." --mrs.p (very difficult to believe)

"It would really help a lot if you weren't a blank slate."--mrs. p (true that)

"I'm a self-dillusionary type of woman."--mrs.p


"Dont think. Just react."--conant (or maybe the reverse of that would generally be better, because that just sounds dangerous)

"Wiggle. Jiggle. Wiggle AND jiggle."--conant (relax, he was talking about jell-o)

"There were many days I had to drag those things out of their clammy little hands and say for [goodness'] sake get outside and get some exercise."--conant, expressing frustration at his 2 sons' obsession with pokemon

"Let the creativity flourish. Just let it percolate."--conant (excellent word usage. it sounds exciting and fun. sorta.)

"Concept testing is where you test the concept."--conant (it is?)

"A truck that can morph into a convertible. Innovative."--conant (and geeky)

"The first question is the word who. w-h-o. The next question is when. w-h-e-n. The last question is how. h-o-w."--conant (just in case any of the college juniors or seniors in the room weren't exactly sure how to spell those w-o-r-d-s.)

And J Fenn made it on the board today with this one:

"Here we have functional music without the function." -j fenn (now how did we let that happen!?!)

Thats really all from yesterday and today. But the best mrs. p quote from wednesday is that there is NO class on Friday!! So basically this means I have a 3day weekend starting in the morning. Or now really, since I'm through with class. WHOOP!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Dr. Conant was on FIRE with funny sayings today, so there's quite a few but even these have been narrowed down.

"My wife currently has the cordless drill."--conant, explaining why he was using a drill with a cord in the class illustration

"When a man or woman buys a cosmetic product such as hair gel or cologne, what are they really buying? Hope. Hope that they will be more attractive, sexier, more popular. Cosmetics. Hope."--conant (and all this time i thought i was just buying cosmetics)

"When I buy an A&W rootbeer today, I'm not just buying rootbeer. I'm buying nostalgia." --conant, referring to his childhood memories

"Her opinion was that sports is taking over to the detriment of culture. We could have an interesting discussion about that, no doubt."--conant (yes, but lets not)

"Clarity and consistency. Claaaarity and consistency."--conant

"Lets focus on this chapter fully, yet exclusively."--conant (huh?)

"Qtips is a very unusual, odd sort of letters to put together. Q.....Tips"--conant

"My son eats [squirt cheese] straight. He comes home from practice and guzzles it for protein kicks. I have to leave the room"--conant (yeah, me too. leave the room that is)

"No one ever says hand me a soft facial tissue."--conant (thats right, and no one should say it ....its just weird)

"Bless you! This is a sneeze free zone. Sneeze when you need to. Its not good to hold it in."--conant (comforting to know)

"The visual nature of the product is mesermizing"--conant, in reference to a rainstick he bought for himself while Christmas shopping, while turning it and watching the beads fall.

"You dont like to see your kids fighting in public because you have to do and say things that make people think you are a terrible parent."--conant, referring to his 2 boys fighting over who would carry the bigfoot pizza out of little caesars, while he was carrying the pizza box around the classroom

"Cleanliness is an attribute of clothing you are seeking."--conant (indeed it is)

Well thats a few of the hi-lites from today. As you can read, we had a most interesting lecture in marketing. Indeed I've had a most interesting time the past 48hrs even outside of classes and I'd like to leave ya with a quote from my greatest Prof, who I'm striving to be a learner of and thats this....

"For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. Therefore He says: 'Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.' See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is." --Ephesians 5:12-17

Monday, March 01, 2004

So here's a sampling of the quotes.


"Until you're married, you're not married." -CONANT (ohh. right.)

"I hadn't even paid for the car I was driving. Which was quite nice of them. Obviously. " - CONANT (naturally)

"The testosterone level surges in 17 & 18 yr old boys trying to get out of the parking lot, which is unpredictable as far as car behavior, making for an interesting experience." - CONANT, referencing the intricacies of exiting a high school parking lot
(quite interesting, though true, i must say.)

FRIDAY FEB 27, 2004

"There are no stupid questions. But I have an addendum to that. If she asks a question, and he asks the same question 5 min later and then you try to ask it 1 min later, then THAT is a stupid question." --mrs. p (oops!)

"What a stupid question!"--mrs. p, about 20min later (THANK YOU!!!! we all always wanted to say that to him)

"Did you draw a box? DRAW A BOX!!"--mrs. p, directed to poor markum (or marcus, as some would say)

"O my gosh. Yesterday I got liquid paper stuck in the drawer of my desk. I finally got it. But then I got home and the pizza pan would not come out. It was bad." --mrs. p (hmm)

"If you didn't, you should have." --mrs. p (good advice , huh?)

"Wait a minute. Am I losing my mind?" --mrs. p (maybe so)

"Now binary search. Cool, Cool, Cool, Cool search." --mrs. p (so is it a pretty cool search then?)

"I'm gonna kill myself before the semester is over." --mrs. p (this is not good)

"If you have to draw pictures and arrows and little boxes, then do so. I do." --mrs. p ( you are quite an interesting character!)

"Mrs. Phinney, what is your problem? I dont know, I'm asking you!"--mrs. p (though this appears to be a dialouge between at least 2 people, all of this was indeed spoken by mrs. p herself)

"Ladies and gentlemen, do try these at home please. Nothing should catch fire." --mrs. p (lets hope not!!)

" You can? You canNOT!!"--mrs. p (well, fine then)

AND thats it folks. You are now caught up on my new hobby. Let me know which ones are your faves. Look for some more conant quotes tomorrow hopefully. I'm off to work on my 3 pages of my groups 10pg mgmt midterm....

i have created this to share with you, my friends, my newfound and highly entertaining hobby of writing down quotes from my classes here at texas a&m. because my aim profile just doesnt have enough room. let me introduce you to my fine aggie profs:

These mornings we have our main major classes.
First is INFO 322 (JAVA programming)with mrs. p, a personal fave. she's a little crazy and says TONS of wacky stuff, but i must say she knows her java!
Next we have INFO 328 (Database mgmt) with mrs. barry. a crazy funny class, but usually not a good source of quotes. lets just say you just need to be there to understand.

These days we start off with MGMT 363 with Dr. Welch. an awesome Christian prof and funny man, sometimes a good source for quotes.
I then have MKTG 321, which, interestingly enough, is co-taught by Duwald and Conant. Both are stellar profs and know their stuff. Right now it is Conant's section of teaching and he has a wealth of good quotes. Duwald will return after spring break.
Then I have MUSC324 (music of world cultures), arguably the easiest visual and performing arts credit out there, but not a source of good quotes. props to j fenn though, for being a cool prof.