Sunday, January 28, 2007

the beans & rice idea

ross and i went out of town this weekend, down to kemah, tx where we are getting married. we met with our wedding lady and the baker and the florist and the candlestick maker. just kidding, we didnt meet with the candlestick maker. after our busy day friday, we at at ninfas mexican restaurant. i guess we were thinking about it because we ate out a lot this weekend, but it seems rather disgusting if you dwell on the amount of food wasted at restaurants. at mexican restaurants its seems there's the obligatory rice and beans on the side of the meal, not to mention the whole bucket of tortillas. this is not a bad idea except that your meal has so much other food that one could not possibly need also the rice, beans, and 4 extra tortillas! it seems sad that a large portion of the world actually lives on just the sides....rice & beans. therefore, i'd like to see what it'd look like for american restaurants to stop serving the sides. take that food saved and $1 per entree and give it to a distribution agency to get that food to africa or other places battling malnourishment. i haven't done any calculations, but just in texas alone, i'm thinking....thats a lot of rice & beans that are otherwise thrown away!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

what? a post?

haha my blogging skills have deteriorated to the point that i have no earthly idea how to spell deteriorated. i shall blame it on my job and falling in love....both of which have kept me quite busy lately. we're currently at t-minus 5weeks to our wedding and each and every one of those weekends is jam-packed full of adventures all over texas. so should be fun!

meanwhile, i've been contemplating the changes i will have to go through to adjust to married life. i'm sure there are many things that i haven't even begun to think of that will come up, but i have already identified some areas that i will have to make adjustments in, some of which are listed below for your perusal.

1. because ross and i will be living together, i'm going to let the lease run out on my apartment and move somewhere else. this inevitably means that at some point between now and the end of march i will have to take down my christmas tree. :( this is sad because i am still enjoying my christmas tree and wish i could leave it up longer. also, i am wondering if ross will oppose leaving up our christmas tree so long. this could be my last february to have my christmas tree up!

2. also i assuming that ross will not enjoy my current habit of having the alarm clock go off at 6:51am, 7:00am, 7:09am, 7:18am, 7:27am, 7:36am(sometimes i get up here), 7:45am(i usually get up here), 7:54am(non hair-washing days) and 8:03am(oops!). some would point out that i could actually get another full hour of sleep if i would just set the alarm for 7:36am, but i like to have a little bit of warning (namely, 45minutes) that my precious sleep is about to end. i'm sure ross will understand?

3. no one tell my parents but since i live alone i find it an entirely useless exercise to make my bed unless i have company in town. i mean seriously whats the point. its not that i dislike a made bed, but there are just a whole lot of other things that take priority and that chore never seems to make it to the top of the queue. maybe that will change. but as they say, what does not kill us, makes us stronger. but i do like my snooze button, no matter what they say.