Wednesday, June 22, 2005

sweet stuff oregon style

1. the news channels still talking about a 'huge' lightning storm...from 3 days ago. they get lots of rain but not lots of lightning, so they got a little excited.

2. attending my first violin recital on friday

3. playing knockout at sports camp

4. the party van being pretty much the hottest vehicle in town, everyone is riding in it every chance they get...even adults, including the pastor. i'm telling you, it is THAT sweet. dont be jealous.

5. slurpees (its finally warm enough to drink them...sorta)

6. driving around with the windows down

7. hangin out with junior-hi and hi-schoolers

8. seeing good friends again

9. chillin at Red Robin

10. hearing a little five year old boy tell you, "you sure tell good stories from the Bible, i like hearing them."

bigger or better...ish

tonight at youth group we played the infamous youth group game 'bigger or better'. its similar to a scavenger hunt type game i suppose. each group started out with a penny, then hit the neigborhood asking people to trade for something bigger or better. some folks are more helpful than others. its one of my goals in life to be one of the really nice fun people when random kids knock on your door. the nicest guy we met tonite gave us an old computer monitor. i noticed a texas a&m century club bumper stickers on both of his cars, and sure enough both he and his wife were aggies. everyone went on and on about how nice he was, so i tried to convince them it was because A. he was from texas and B. he was an aggie. but mostly people just kept saying. whatd did he just call you? an aggie? what does that mean? o boy.

the knights beat the titans today at sports camp, 18-17, in a close close game. i think tomorrow we're going to play two games, one before and one after snack time. today i told some of the kids that we had about 20ish minutes at which they busted out laughing and saying ish? 20 ISH? hahahaha one of the youth helpers and i just looked at each other, unsure of what exactly was so funny about ish. silly kids. i'd at least think they'd laugh at something funny, like the fact that every time i'm demonstrating something i brick the shot or otherwise mess up. but they don't seem to notice that at all. but any slip of the word y'all and apparently ish, they collapse into laughing fits.

Monday, June 20, 2005

the midnight rescue in the party van and other happenings

thursday night i was hangin out with some friends having a girl movie nite. this time the movie was less chick flicky than traveling pants, but it was just us girls and we were having fun. well about the time our partay was winding down, i got a call around 11.30pm that requested the assistance of the party van. it seems that a youth group that was headed down to a mission trip in california was staying the nite at our church, but their bus had broken down about an hour away. i made the trip in the party van along with a toyota sienna to rescue these poor youths in distress. naturally it was pouring down rain during our entire rescue effort. we got them back to the church safely, but even more sad for them, their towed bus was then broken into at the church and most of their stuff stolen. aaaand have a nice mission trip.

saturday morning i had the exciting experience of picking strawberries out at some friends strawberry patch. this was quite fun, though messy, as the temptation to chunk strawberries at each other proved too great to overcome. i just enjoyed a bowl of ice cream with fresh strawberries on it and it was quite delish. now, i know it would have been even better had it been blue bell, but hey, what can ya do.

speaking of southern rockingness, there are, as mentioned in a comment, NO SONICS HERE. AHHHHHH horribleness. at least there are slurpees. but the real heart wrencher is that they show sonic commercials on TV, even though THERE AREN'T ANY.
just about the time you have put sonic to the back of your mind, out of conscious thought, the 2 sonic dudes are bound to show up blabbing about how good it is.

sports camp started today, and we had a blast. i think it sounds weird when people say something 'makes them feel alive', but i think i know what they mean sorta, because coaching at sports camp has that effect for me. the kids had a great time playing basketball. i used my uber cool whistle mailed to me by my doubly uber cool mom, as i refereed our game the last part of camp. it was a close one, but the titans beat the knights, 18-16. we'll see who wins tomorrow...

i had a really good weekend. friday i chilled all day with some uber cool people, saturday the berry picking experience and one awesome Bible study class at church. then on sunday i hung out with some other way cool pals of mine. tonite i sat on the back porch, that overlooks mountains covered with fir trees and watched the sun set behind the trees, played the guitar and chilled for awhile. the air up here smells different, cleaner. i think its because of all the trees. the northwest rocks my face off. what do these people do to deserve such incredible weather?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

traveling pants & slurpees

lest you be afraid that i'm wasting away into an old fogey here in oregon, i thought i should make you aware of the fact that i attended, along with some high school girls from the youth group, a movie called the sisterhood of traveling pants on sunday night. this movie is a chick-flick to the EXTREME. based on an apparently popular book, it was not a waste of time to see, but i can think of no guy in the world who would enjoy the movie even one tiny bit.

there is a 7-11 right down the road from the church. i frequented it often last summer for slurpees. it is not uncommon to run into various staff members of the church at the 7-11 while making these slurpee runs. in fact, just today i saw the missions pastor buying a candy bar as i was picking up a big gulp coke. it is about 72 today, so there was a mad rush of oregonians in sleeveless tshirts and shorts and flipflops around the slurpee machine. i was too cold to drink a slurpee so i had to settle for the big gulp. having spent 3 years in college station, where, for some unkown reason to me there are NO 7-11's and thus NO slurpees, the 7-11 just down the road provides great happiness. a church office away from the church office, if you will.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the party van

perhaps you are aware that my transportation last summer while in portland was a bicycle 90% of the time. i even had one of those squeaky horns should any oblivious pedestrian choose to step out into my path. this summer i have upgraded from summer missionary to summer intern, if that is indeed an upgrade, and i have also upgraded from bicycle to mini-van, if that is indeed an upgrade. as many affectionately referred to my first car (the silver camry) as Murphy, we affectionately refer to this minivan as The Party Van. just because we can. of course everyone wants to ride with me. in The Party Van. who wouldn't? for one day i was chosen to drive a Cadillac, which i thought was to be my car for the summer. it was pretty tahiight. but then i was bumped back to The Party Van. and it appears i shall be driving The Party Van for the duration of the summer. i forget really what kind of van The Party Van is, i think its one of those plymouth ones, the old school squareish ones. is blue with brown wooden panelingish...ya with me? i confess i feel a little awkward while driving it around town, i'm not quite ready for the mini-van stage of life. perhaps adding to the awkwardness are the personalized license plates "Ceil", so as i'm sitting at red lights i cant help but miserably think that people are thinking, hmm, her name must be Ceil. when, in fact, that is not my name. or maybe they are thinking hmmm, i wish i could drive The Party Van.

perhaps also adding to my identity crisis would be this past friday night, my last night as a 20yr old so of course i was.......watching a Disney channel original movie with 2 kiddos. whats worse is the fact that they turned on the movie halfway through, so we watched that, then watched it again from the beginning, and continued watching it to the end again. as we were watching, i was perusing a book i'd picked up at the library earlier that day. meanwhile i was waiting for a phone call from a high-schooler to go pick her up from an activity at church, and drop one of her friends off as well. this was the hi-lite of my evening, picking up this young girl. on our way home, i was discussing with her my paranoia that this evening had indeed made me feel like a mom. and she said well at least you're not like a real mom to where you had to do like laundry and stuff. i would concede this point to her except for the fact that i had indeed just finished putting away the laundry i'd washed when she called for the ride.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

where everyone knows your name

well i'm in oregon for the summer these days. its a little chill and wet, i must say. and i love it. of the 3 summers i've spent away, this has been the easiest transition, due obviously to the fact that i've been here before. this makes the first day of work more like a joyous reunion rather than an intimidating initiation.

the number one thing i've learned this week is that, left to my own devices, i have the attention span of about a third grader. sitting in an office with a plethora of Bible studies to write, and registration forms to be collated, and resources to be organized...this is hard for me to sit still and concentrate. i suppose i should practice this summer, because come this fall, this shall be my life. today they brought in a brand new computer for me to set up for one of the staff members, and i was a little embarassed that that was the hilite of my day at the office. but seriously, who doesnt like new toys? at least this summer i have the hope of days filled with basketball drills, sound boards, and lighting, as opposed to papers, copies, writing, and preparing. here's to installing microsoft office tomorrow!