Thursday, November 25, 2004

well hello there everyone ....happy thanksgiving!! hope all is going well.

so team awesome finished our totally krunk website. how krunk you say? well just check it out for yourself at yes, this is what i've been doing for the entirety of last week. but i must say we did manage to have some solid good times. things i will remember about our project include, but are not limited to these top 5:
1. nerf guns
2. THE frisbee
3. the mouse
4. sonic
5. and of course, THAT GUY

seriously that took up most of my life last week. i also managed to participate in a mission project in north bryan, doing manual labor with a bunch of sorority girls. i must say, i was impressed. and we had a good time. we also had our youth rally near caldwell on saturday nite and it rocked the house.

i am in graham being thankful with my family. there were many funny things said today, but in order to maintain the privacy of our home, i will not reveal thim on this blog unfortunately for you.

so i had another road trip experience with matt and bree on the way to graham. we capitalized on 99cent sandwiches from arbys and happy hour at sonic. beautiful. in order that they could 'study' for the upcoming CPA exams, i drove. shortly, i was the only one in the car awake, happily listening to country music as we drove across the great state of texas. its a good feeling. soon everyone was awake, but sadly, it was too dark for studying, naturally. we took a detour, i.e. went the wrong road due to a logic error, and wound up at just the right brookshire's we were looking for in order for bree to purchase items for "ham pickle rollups." these are pretty good things to eat, though odd sounding.

oh yes, i do have a job for when i graduate. yay. i'm going to take the summer off to do some missions stuff and then start working in september. get excited! i'm excited but a little scared....

in store for tomorrow: sleeping in, naturally. eating leftovers, naturally. and watchin the fightin texas aggie football team btho t.u., naturally. WHOOP!

Friday, November 19, 2004

so its been craaazy times. yesterday megan and i were havin a little chat in my room whenever, after i'd say at least a good 30minutes, she says, "wow, your fan's leaking." sure enough, there was water dripping from my fan. in fact, water had been dripping there all day long, the entire bottom half of my bed was drenched and there was a water spot on the ceiling. it'd been raining all day long, by the way, thats where the water was coming from. maintenance actually came very quickly, and i quote, "clogged the hole". and emptied out the water from my fan. they came back today and supposedly all is better. now i just need to work on my observance skills i guess....odd, because i'm usually a most observant person. anyway, that was fun.

what else is fun? well, i have a brand new baby cousin here in town. yaaay! fun times.

i've been up at good ol' wehner and the wcl every nite this week for several hours minimum working alongside team awesome to build one heck of a website. thankfully this project is due on monday and we wont have to work on it anymore, regardless. sadly, we have another significant project in another class due the following monday.

but whats good? i have a job offer. this makes grades on these projects seem highly insignificant. if you want to hear about my offer, IM me or call or whatever and i'll give you the dl.

quote: "can money buy you love?.....umm, thats beyond the scope of this class." --reutzel

quote" are you IN this class?" --hnatt, to ME. me, of all people. who has attended faithfully his class mostly every time (weird, i know.) the following class period he tried to redeem himself by joking about his mistake, but it only made me feel worse. did this hurt my feelings? no not really. it ticked me off that i've been attending class since apparently he has no idea that i have been. note: this is not a large class. we're talking maybe 25 people? eh, well. what can ya do.

i have spent much agonizing thought this week on what to do with my life and many significant decisions. um, this is not very fun. in case you were wondering. but it is a good feeling to know that a whole lot of folks are praying for you. this weekend will be full of our project and also a youth rally and a missions project on saturday.

well, sorry that this isnt the greatest post. but i'm in trouble for not updating in a week, so had to slap something up. its back to sleep for me. i mean work....

Thursday, November 11, 2004

here's some quotes from the ol profs.

"my, that is unattractive." --mrs. della whitcomb

"can you guys think??"--reutzel

"this is a problem the united states has been having for years...we're slowly getting heavier."--vaughn bryant (yeah, and fatter.)

"frankly, we should give a darn about this."--vaughn bryant

i just got back in town from doing an interview in san antonio. i had a really good time, it was a fun trip. we had a nice dinner overlooking the riverwalk, i enjoyed my personal suite at the hotel, and had a great time visiting the company. yay for will riding w/ me on the way down there and bringing totally awesome music along with him. also yay for san marcos outlet malls...

while i'm at it...
yay for mgmt project being completed...
yay for oregonians that rock my world :)
yay for mail-in rebates
yay for traveling expenses reimbursement checks
yay for the cool front that just blew in
yay yay yay for Someone who blows me away every day

i've been paralyzed with fear
immobilized by these doubts
i can think of nothing else
and somewhere i want nothing less
but the old part of me rises up
from where i'd crucified it
old dreams and hurts
unworthy of Your calling
trippin me up, freakin me out
i'm livin for less
where's the courage from knowing
the One who can do all?
if this is what tests my faith,
then maybe my faith is too small.....

Sunday, November 07, 2004

sometimes it hurts so bad
i cant overcome it.
i'm not even sure why its there,
or have a clue as to how
to get it to go away.

but i'm holding on,
clinging to You.
better things are on the way.
its a testing time right now
and so far i've failed.
lift me up so i can stand.

my heart longs for
days gone by
and days to come,
and loathes the days i'm in.
but this is a day You have made
and You have a plan for me here.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

so close. what a crazy fun krunk game. i've never heard anything so loud & crazy. my ears are still in pain. my throat is like ahh i hate you. and the aggies are 6-3. i was walking all the way home from the game b/c my car is broken and hmm there i was just walking when i spy $20 just chillin on the ground. so momentarily i am $20 richer, which turned out to be a real good thing, b/c my uncle fixed my car (good news!!! he rocks my world) but i'm a poorer person now. but $20 richer than i would have been. i felt really sad for whoever lost the bill, but am glad at my good fortune.

there's something about being at kyle field, that makes me become rather irrational. for some reason i truly believe that by simply yelling louder or waving a towel a little faster, i can somehow will the football players to make a good play. or perhaps if i will just jump up and down and act crazy then we just might win. eh well, its fun. i was watchin hi-lites on all the halftime shows and was feeling pretty proud. one poor stupid dude was trying to be nice to us i think but he clasped his hands and pointed up like a senior was going to whoop and then says 'gigem aggies'. no man, thats WHOOP. gig'em is thumbs up. geeze.

on thursday i began my career as a substitute teacher. i had a very luck class of third graders. we had a blast together, i was so nervous though. i got to do fun teacher things, like write on transparencies with the overhead projector, read books aloud and turn the book to show pictures, answer questions about tests, and give a spelling test. i also had recess duty. when i was a kid, i loved recess. it was good to experience recess again. i've heard horror stories of students in Bryan, but these kids were the sweetest and loved 'miss josefy'. they told me all sorts of fun stories and funny quotes. if you're interested, ask me about the girl whos pants were too tight, the boy who spits, the girl who cant stop hugging, our voting discussion, and the girl who's mama weighs 100 pounds. it really wore me out, but i hope to keep on doing once or twice a week.

well, vaughn bryant, my anthropology prof, took a step up in coolness this weekend, by allowing me to postpone taking his test in order to go to san antonio for an interview. not only did he allow this, he did it enthusiastically, encouragingly, and helpfully. encouragingly? hmm. anyway, i'm done. that game took it out of me.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the sharester network is calling it. i give W the W and JK the L.

election nite is fun times. its sorta like watching a sporting event. you can look on the computer in the morning and see who won but its just not the same as experiencing excruciating moment by excruciating moment. we sat around and ate rootbeer floats and made fun of news anchors and other buffoons they put on the networks on election nite. peter jennings was cracking me up:

"i apologize, the machine confused me." --peter jennings, trying to put votes up on the little map

"i have a lot of respect for you but i dont think you are correct" --peter jennings, SLAMMING some weirdo on his show, and jennings being the anchor, didnt even give the guy a chance to defend his point. haha. oh well.

i do enjoy college life where we can sit around all nite and laugh at psychos and eat ice cream and eagerly await the results. i've gotta actually go to bed though, i have substitute teaching orientation rather early tomorrow morning. should be exciting!

Monday, November 01, 2004

so i decided this semester is kind of a sad one.

top 5 things of interest from the last few days:
1. i had an interview w/ usaa on thursday. i should hear back about a 2nd round tomorrow.
2. i had my aunt&uncle over to dinner and my brother&his fiancee & a friend on saturday nite. it was fun times.
3. sat nite we lost to baylor. um. yeah.
4. we had a sunday school class cookout on fri nite that was way cool.
5. it finally feels like fall outside. yaaay.

quote of the day from classes today:

"well thats like when you spend a long time looking for your keys, and you finally find them and you're like, 'well that was stupid' but you are not mad at yourself, because you are just glad you have your keys." --mike hnatt, explaining looking for errors in a computer program

cool word: "fruitage" (see Isaiah 27:9 NIV)