Monday, January 30, 2006

a concert, a frog, a visit, and a phonecall

so last week i went to my first rock concert. it was to be aerosmith & lenny kravitz, but lenny was sick. i wonder how sick one has to be to alienate all of san antonio by failing to appear. i was slightly annoyed at grown adults acting so crazy, but the music was decent. at one point a guitarist took of his shirt and began slinging it down on his guitar repeatedly, making 'music'. it was at this point that i thought to myself, yes, now i have heard music at its finest.

the other night i was doing a bit of cleaning, putting things away in my closet. my eye caught on a piece of fuzz near my shoes. what a strange shape for fuzz i thought. then i thought, wow, i hope thats not a big ol spider. i bent down for a closer look, but only briefly, because in about 1/2 of a second i realized that fuzz was frog shaped. and thus, the mystery was solved...thaddeaus was found....about as far away from his little home as he could have gotten while remaining inside my apartment. he never did smell, which i found to be strange, but he was most certainly dead and crusty. i was most grossed out. i expressed this by repeatedly saying ewwwwwww and shuddering. but i am glad to know there is no longer a killer frog on the loose in my apartment. so, lolly, you are free to come visit now!!

my nana paid me a visit this weekend and we had a grand time enjoying board games, shopping, laundry, eating out, and the botanical gardens in san antonio.

this morning i received a call from work because i was....oncall. i went off oncall at 7am. the call came about 6.30am, unfortunately for me. it was from someone on the east coast, having difficulties. my vpn was not working so i grudgingly realized i was going to have to go into work asap. i wondered if the lady's coworkers were having the same problem she was? she condescendingly explained to me that it was really early and of course no one else was at work yet. ah, really? if its that early on the east coast, why then are you bugging me in the central time zone? the solution to this problem is: go home. lay down on the bed for awhile. then come back to work at a decent hour. if the problem is still occurring, call whoever is oncall now. thanks and have a great day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

agenda for the evening

there are a few things i need to consider accomplishing this evening:

1. go to the grocery store. i actually alread accomplished this a few minutes ago. but i do belong to that personality type that i still write it down, just so i can cross it off. besides, i thought it was worth documenting my first trip to the grocery store of 2006.

2. wash the dishes. my starving stomach was not the reason i finally ventured to the store, but rather my need for diswasher soap. of course i totally forgot to buy this at the store. i suppose i'll have to wash the dishes with my hands. what?!?! who does that????

3. do some studying and work on the computer, and get some stuff ready to mail

4. finish a book. i have 3 of them going. make that 4. i'm trying to make up for all the lost time in college when you cant read books just for the heck of it because you are so busy reading other stuff.

5. visit the workout room downstairs, just to say hey

6. laundry and other assorted household chores

7. put away the christmas tree. stop judging. on second thought, maybe i'll leave it up until next christmas. actually i probably would except my nana coming to visit this weekend shall provide the motivation to take it down sometime before friday. maybe.

8. post something on my poor neglected blah blog............check!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You raise me up

When I am down, and oh my soul, so weary.
When troubles come, and my heart burdened be.
Then I am still and wait here in the silence.
Until You come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong when I am on your shoulders.
You raise me up to more than I can be.

--Brendon Joseph Graham, Rolf U. Loevland

Monday, January 16, 2006

boring, oregon and the fate of thaddeaus

well i've returned and survived one post-vacation day at work. i find it humorous there is in fact a town called boring, oregon. you may find it humorous that i chose to vacation there. each is entitled to their own opinion i suppose. at any rate, my vacation was quite nice and most relaxful. ross and i did manage to take in some sites, including the waterfalls along the historic columbia river highway, traipsing around in the snow on mt. hood, and checking out the oregon museum of science and industry...and taking a naval submarine tour, though we were quite disappointed to discover this meant a tour of the sub, not a tour in the sub. at any rate we had a blast. it was also awesome to see my boring, oregon friends and the gresham and troutdale ones too. we played scrabble, skip bo, and went to see glory road at the movies (most excellent). hung out at youth group and with friends. all in all, a most excellent and most needed vacation. props to my oregonian friends, miss all you guys.

o yeah. i neglected to mention the fate of thaddeaus. when i left to go to north texas for new years i bought an automatic fish feeder to feed the frog. when i came back the frog seemed fine. the next morning i got up and went to look at thaddeaus. and he was gone. i know what you're thinking, how could a frog get out? half the lid of the aquarium was off so the automatic fish feeder could be attached. still, you are probably still thinking, how could a frog get out? its a question i still have of my own. at any rate he was gone. evelyn was visiting and i think we both found it quite unnerving to know there was a frog somewhere in the apartment other than the aquarium. still, almost 2 weeks later, no sign of thaddeaus.....

Friday, January 06, 2006

blogging in the new year

well i was able to go to my parents house for the christmas weekend and have a grand time, along with m&b who were in from london. our family chose to show the christmas spirit by driving 9 people to weatherford to watch the chronicles of narnia in a 7 passenger suburban.

my dad shared 2 quotes with us to treasure
1. if i were to begin commenting on people's clothing, we'd be here for a long time.
2. you havent lived a complete life unless you've vomited up a brussel sprout.

after a nice visit with the H-crew, my first overnite guests, i made a return trip to north texas for the new years, this time i had company as ross came along. m&b had rented out a lake house and invited the families out on friday, then on saturday we were able to just hang out and play enough board games to last for the entire year of 2006.

this week eveyln has been in town, whoop! we had a blast hanging out (when i wasnt working) and playing games. sequence has become the new game of choice (thanks nana).

in a few hours ross and i are going to catch a plane to one of my most favoritest places ever...gresham, oregon to hang out with some of my most favoritest people in the world. its my first extended break from work, and i'm quite stoked about it. hope you guys all have a great week...i'm off to enjoy some actual winter weather. this 88 degrees on new years day just does not cut it for me.