Tuesday, September 02, 2008

laboring away

i am a firm believer in 4day work weeks. i think every weekend should be 3 days long. but for now i just take them as they come to me. friday nite i was exhausted from the 1st week of school and rising at 5am for vball tryouts. ross and i hung out at the house and watched prison break episodes.

saturday morning we drove over to c.s. for one super fun bday party for my parents. m&r put on quite the party and lots of family was in town so we had a blast. they brought in freebirds for lunch and then the kiddos all swam in their new pool before we played pin the patch on the beach ball! ross won 4th place and a big box of candy to go along with our party favor bags. gotta love it. at least i do. then we headed to the a&m football game, courtesy of my parentals. and we were stunned/devastated/annoyed at the game courtesy of the lame aggie players. after the game we headed back home.

sunday afternoon we got some much needed covers for our patio furniture, worked in the yard and around the house, and got brady a new "place" or crate. he loves it! he had quickly grown to large for the cat's carrier and so we now have a giant crate for him to enjoy and rest in while we were at work. when we first got him approx. 1 month ago he weighed just over 4 pounds. when ross took him to the vet today for shots, he weighed 13.5 pounds! we laugh and say that every time we put him in the crate its like a magic growing box as it seems he's grown more every time we come home from work. sunday afternoon ross and a buddy went and picked up our boat from the shop...yeah! it looked very nice with its new paint job.

sunday nite we went downtown with a friend and had a good (and late) evening out on the town. he spent the night with us and monday morning the guys played video games before we all went and had brunch at dennys. monday afternoon we took the sailboat out with mike and anchored in a cove and swam. it felt really nice and relaxing and we marveled at how different the boat looked with its paint job. mon nite i went grocery shopping and got ready for vball practice and this week of school. and today started week 2 of school, and things are going really well.

this fall is jam packed. ross started his grad school semester last week which takes up 2 evenings and i'm going to be leading a youth small group from church on wednesday evenings along with coaching. though its going to be busy we are looking forward to all thats in store. next week we will celebrate having known each other for 3 years (we both started working at usaa on 9/12/05)!