Monday, February 20, 2006

thoughts from the weekend

you know you're asking for trouble when you're in college station and dont go to wings 'n more. here's a hint: dont pick outback.

how many tom cruise movies can you name?

you know you're an alumni when you actually buy something other than a scantron at the MSC bookstore rather than CC Creations

it sure is good to hang out with old college friends

it sure is good to hang out with the fam.

the pink panther remake with steve martin is very very humorous. would you like to buy a hamburger?

you know you're at a good church when the pastor uses your oft used phrase big ol honkin in his sermon without cracking a smile.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy valentines day

if you are searching for a spark to make your valentines day happy, i've provided a few tips:

1. watch bob costas in HD. this is not for the faint of heart. but its funny. and the skiing and snowboarding look pretty tight.

2. reference my blog posting from last valentines day and recall elementary valentines day past. o the happiness.

3. plan a vacation

4. relax on the couch

5. eat chocolate

6. go to h-e-b and buy lots of little kids valentines and give them to your friends at work. share the love.

for valentines day 2006, i worked 9hrs rather than the 13 i posted yesterday. i came home and did #4. and by relax i do mean passed out for 2hrs. then i proceeded to contine to do #4 with a little #1 mixed in.

before i close, can i just say that curling is the funniest thing ever. it reminds me of mr. estes calculus class 2002 because we all talked about it so much, but i still get a kick out of it. more than that, i get a kick out of the poor guys that are the commentators for curling. umm yeah its going its going, they're sweeping, they're its in the circle yay.

i think thats all i've got for you dear blog reader. here's hoping your valentines day was quite splendid.

why customer service has gone the way of hymns in a church service

it has become increasingly clear to me as i deal with issues that one must deal with in 'the real world' that customer service is becoming rather non-existent in our culture.

case A:
last weekend when i traded in my 'normal' dvr for one that is 'HD ready'. first note that they did NOT deliver it, nor OFFER it to me, though it is standard service. once i uncovered this dirty little trick, that i was indeed paying for something that i was not currently enjoying, i drove over to pick up a new cable box. never mind that i had to wait in line for a long time, then drove home to realize they had not given me the correct box at all, but rather the same box i'd just 'traded in.' i called the customer service. let me clarify that i tried to call customer service from the very phone they bill me for and it could only get a busy signal. i got through on my cell phone and waited on hold for 45 min before being told...yeah we gave you the wrong box. with no apology. so again i DROVE back over and waited in line for 1 HOUR, and got the new box. i was alarmed that they were not in the least bit surprised they'd given me the wrong box. again, no apology. when i complained they offered me 10 dollars. i explained to them that they'd wasted over 3hrs of my time, and that i was accustomed to making more than $3.33 an hour. 'thats the best we can do.' yes....but are you SORRY?!

case B:
tonite i broke my rule of eating out for dinner during the week by ordering a pizza. it was valentines day after all, cut some slack. i went online to order, which they encourage you to do. then i proceeded to wait 30 min. then i got a call that my order had been placed at the wrong store. never mind that the internet chooses the store. also disregard that i've ordered from the same store in the past. not only does he not apologize that it will take 30 more minutes because the 'internet sometimes thinks one store is actually closer', it is going to cost more at this store. i cancelled that puppy. (that was for you, team awesome)

these are 2 minor cases of poor customer service that i've experienced this week and not really a big deal. but i am convinced this is an epidemic in our society. they teach that business is all about the consumer so the customer is always right. this is no longer practiced. i think it has to do with our self-service driven economy because of enabling technology and high cost of labor. i also think it has to do with, again, technology that makes it possible to say...dont like us? fine, go somewhere else. see if we care.

Friday, February 10, 2006

ah, soy excellent

a taste i'd been craving on some level since my childhood was finally satiated (is that a word? i think it is. i think it sounds good, so i'm gonna leave it there) yesterday evening. on one level i dont miss peanut butter at all because the mere thought of it brings up repulsive feelings. however, on some other level everyone needs that satisfaction that comes from eating a pbj every once in awhile. i had done some research for peanut butter alternatives...i.e. peanut butter without the peanuts. contrary to what it sounds like, this is not like going to sonic and ordering a cheeseburger, hold the cheese, as i can recall gleefully doing on occasions with childhood friends. for some reason it was funny. anyway, turns out they do, in fact, make peanut butter without the peanuts. after 2 strikes at my h-e-b, i stumbled across it at super target: soynut butter. yes, friends, thats right, soynut butter. it looks like peanut butter, but it is peanut free. it tastes like peanut butter...well, i wouldnt go thaaat far, but it wasnt bad at all. it did the trick, just a little pasty i guess. now, i chose the creamy kind, though i do remember enjoying crunchy peanut butter. but i couldnt help but ask myself, what are the chunks in chunky soynut butter? soynuts? what do soynuts taste like? dunno. but this is the 2nd time this month that soy has done me a favor...earlier this month i investigated soy milk, and am now able to enjoy drinking a glass of milk. so, if you can eat peanut butter, i say definitely stay away from soynut butter, but if its your only option, i'm saying its not bad. not bad at all.

thoughts from thesharester

  • living outside of one's passion is frustrating.
  • all the feelings in the world should not replace convictions. or dreams.
  • pepsi's new slogan 'brown and bubbly' is perhaps the worst slogan in marketing history.
  • love is....patient.
  • showers of blessing can sometimes be mistaken for torrents of despair.
  • soy milk is actually not so bad.

this twisted path
keeps turning the wrong way.
this sick rollercoaster
has too many valleys
and not enough peaks.
i'm holding on
but i'm not sure where i am.
in this choose your own adventure,
i picked the wrong option.
my only hope
is that it wasnt me
that chose this way.
and that somehow
you have a plan here too.

"Who is the man that fears the Lord? Him shall He teach in the way He
chooses. He himself shall dwell in prosperity, and his descendants shall
inherit the earth. The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and
He will show them His covenant. My eyes are ever toward the
Lord..." --psalms 25.12-15

Monday, February 06, 2006

i'm glad my life isn't on 24 because...

1. if chloe spoke like that to me, i think i'd cry
2. cant we all just love each other and be friends?
3. stress eats away at one's lifespan
4. i value sleep entirely too much
5. the pressure of knowing something awful would happen every hour a couple minutes before the hour, that would get to me.

also, honestly, 24 is a really great show, but can we say....predictable?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

mold, jalapenos, and resolutions

tonite i was making a fajita for dinner. let me qualify that by explaining i was warming up pre-cooked h-e-b fajita chicken and plopping it on a tortilla with cheese. it was at this point that i was mortified to notice a seemingly dark spot on my newly purchased cheese. was this mold i spotted?

now, i will be honest and humbly admit that i am no stranger to mold on things in my refrigerator. i think this gene comes from somewhere in my family or perhaps just the fact that i live alone and think putting leftovers in the fridge seems rational but never feel like eating them. my most interesting personal experience with this involved a fruit salad that was extremely fun to make and tasted awesome the first 3 or so times i had it. then it became the neglected salad. when i finally investigated it later, it seemed to be alive. or, as ross stated, something that God looked down at and said, what is that living creature? i certainly didn't create that.

anyway, as i was saying, i had just bought this h-e-b finely shredded mexican cheese so i was quite disturbed it would have black spots on it. i picked up the package and learned that this mexican cheese included jalapenos. despite the fact that i cant stand jalapenos, i figured this would be ok for my fajita, i simply poured a lot of salsa on the thing so i couldnt taste the cheese. however, sadly, my main purpose for the cheese was for a dish i was going to make tomorrow that would not appreciate the added cheese flavor. so frustrating. not to mention the stuff tastes nasty. thus, i lament the fact that i did not pay more attention to the cheese i was purchasing. also, it leads me to share some things i've resolved to do this year:

1. maintain the refrigerator so that it has current food/beverage and ONLY current food/beverage.
2. drink far fewer cokes.
3. get a car wash more than once every 6months
4. play my guitar a friend recently reminded me: a girl needs her guitar.
5. write down the stuff that i'm learning
6. visit somewhere i've never been before
7. stay more in tune with world events
8. sing freely while driving in the car, not caring that other drivers might laugh
9. go to the dentist of my own freewill, not my parents predetermination
10. write blog postings more frequently