Tuesday, July 12, 2005

sweet yummy goodness

some generous transplanted texan friends invited me over tonite to share in their precious supply of.....blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream. they have 2 family visitors up visiting from texas and they brought it packed in dry ice on the plane. it was most great. now if only we could figure out how to get sonic....

tonite was also fun because of youth group...it was water games night. we played water baseball. to bat, one stands in a small wading pool. from there on each base is also a small wading pool. to score a run one must slip and slide into a pool of water. lots of wetness and fun times.

sweet, salty, and chocolatey

so last week i made the trek up to eastern washington, practically all the way to idaho, for centrifuge youth camp. it was really a great week. there were some really funny things that happened, and funny skits and videos were plentiful. perhaps one of the best parts of the week was the snacks provided on the way up there. the pastor's family is from down South and thus quite familiar with long road trips. they provided a cooler full of drinks, even calling to ask my preference, and then brought 3 shoeboxes. one was the sweet box which had things like cookies and jolly ranchers, etc. the salty box had handi snacks, sour cream & onion pringles, and other such salty pleasures. then there was the chocolate box. at first one might think it could be combined with the sweet box but of course it cannot--chocolate is its own category. and it was full of chocolate, all sans peanuts, a most thoughtful thing.

other good things about camp were guitar jamming sessions, tubing behind the ski boat, watching a 450lb man blob someone, softball games, a glow in the dark frisbee, the cool weather, being "an adult", and the mega relays.

best sayings of the week:
"good gandhi!"
"oh my gross"

"knocketh knocketh knocketh. tappeth tappeth tappeth. rrrrrappeth rrrappeth rrrrapeth. i've come to ask your daughters hand in marriage."
"just her hand?"
"no, her whole body."
"oh. well, no."
"no no"
"no no?"
"no no no"
"no no no?"

Friday, July 01, 2005

i got the power

howdy doody. sorry for not posting in a whole week blaaah blaaah. would you believe its because i've been doing a missiony project? well its sorta true. i've been one busy chica. we've got a mission team head to brazil in august, and they want to take at least 10,000 power band bracelets with them. you know the ones that help you tell the plan of salvation with the little beads? so i have been making these like there's no tomorrow. and suckering everyone else into doing the same. on sunday i hung out with some friends, then that night we were watching a girly movie and made bracelets the whole time. then i took some youth to starbucks and.....made bracelets. every nite while relaxing in the evenings i'm .....making bracelets. so far my friends and i have made 400. i have one more bag of 100 to complete before sunday. then i'm going to pick up some more because on monday i'm headed to youth camp....7 hours away. i wonder how many we can make??? it pretty much rocks knowing that each one you make might help a brazilian come to know Christ. cuz if all brazilians are as cool as the brazilians i know, we want them all in heaven with us! and one cant type blog postings and make bracelets at the same time...