Monday, May 17, 2004

tonite my pastor and his wife, my friend and i solved all the worlds problems. it was fun. seriously, it was an incredible time of conversation that i was sad had to end...i love to hear about God's faithfulness and to be challenged by those who have walked so many years with the Lord. i guess for me it just kept coming down to praising the name of the Lord. He is so faithful to us and His greatness and knowledge are so much more than we can fathom. It makes me excited to be alive and to be His child. And to know that He has it all under His competent control just makes things so much less stressful.

if i could sum up one thing the Lord has taught me this year, He taught me about the body of Christ. He taught me how to build up, how to allow others to build me up, how to pass on His teachings, how to be there for others in times of need, how to encourage one another. Yes, I saw the body of Christ at work at my church, in our Upstream group, in my friendships. I know its real and I know it works and that makes me excited.

i finally lined up some things to do this week that should be fun...a little basketball, a little babysitting, a little eating with others, a little bit of baseball, a little hanging out with friends. let me know how you guys are doin, enjoyin the break and such...

Thursday, May 13, 2004

so i have completed my second year at texas a&m. i have conquered mrs. p's class...i was sorta sad as i handed in my final. it was a fine class. i finally met conant as i was leaving that final was a touching moment, to speak with a man who has provided so many laughs to so many people. not to mention, i learned a lot about marketing from him. i just saw that i made an A in his class, with only 4 points to spare. phew.

now i am chilling in midland after spending mon nite in graham with my dad. the fam heads to graham for good june 1. i have done absolutely nothing for the past 2 days. in fact, yesterday i never even went anywhere in my car. the only time i left the house was when i went for a walk in the afternoon. what can i say, i'm a bum. tonite i went and watched my little brother Jared, whom we affectionately refer to as JRod, play his baseball game. they lost, but i must say i do enjoy little league baseball games. on saturday i'm going with my parents to watch him play with his select team in a tourney in abilene. in a couple weeks the whole fam is going to watch him play in ruidoso and stay a couple nites....i will be at summer missions orientation in dallas, naturally. thanks fam. oh well. i'm pumped about oregon coming up.

i must say though that i'm a little sad as this will DEFINITELY be my last time in Midland where i shall live at 2602 Shandon. sad day. it has been my home since 1993. i shall share with you all some of my memories from this place:

1. one of the earliest memories was when matt and i got our last spankings. so far, anyway. i believe i was in 3rd grade and he in 5th. and we were fighting over.....a trapperkeeper. yes, a trapper keeper. remember those? we got a little loud in our yelling, and our dad got off work a little early that day. oops. it was his trapperkeeper, matts, but he SAID i could HAVE IT, he claims he said BORROW. i cant recall who actually kept the trapperkeeper.

2. it was this house that we played legos in my room on the floor every saturday morning for hours and hours. back then i had a hardwood floor, no carpet, which was perfect for legos. i miss those days.

3. it was one of those sat mornings playing legos that my parents came back there and told us that our Poppy had died. that was my mom's dad, a really awesome Christian man. that was a sad day that i still remember.

4. the front living room used to be our "school room" for the 2yrs we homeschooled. i remember doing many a math worksheet and a timed reading review in that room.

5. there was the christmas we got the ping pong table. and all the tournaments on it. its all folded away now. :(

6. my 7th grade year we had disciple now here for the 7th grade girls. many a things happened that weekend. they are not fit for this blog, haha. but oh do we remember them.

7. there was that Christmas matt and i got new bikes and dad hid them in the guest bathroom. haha, that was funny.

8. and the time we got the basketball goal. i have spent more time in our driveway playing on that bball goal than perhaps anywhere else. well maybe not, but i have spent a lot of time doing that.

9. wall ball against the shop wall with the millers and the ashlocks. ohhh man, were those the days.

10. we have had many sunday school parties and thanksgiving dinners and easter egg hunts here at 2602 shandon w/ really cool friends

11. haha, one time after we first moved here tiffany came with her dad who dropped by to welcome us to the church. we sat out in the sun room and were eating pecans and tiffany ate part of a shell and she really freaked out. it was hilarious.

12. it was here that i spent my first nite alone in the house, with the fam out of town. i was a little skeered, but i survived.

13. i spent many many a nite washing dishes in this kitchen. yeah, pretty much.

14. this is probably boring you. i'm bored myself. oh well. thats all for now.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004


whoop also for a 90 in database. 542 of 600 points. only 2 points of effort wasted in overachieving to receive an A.

i have a few more quotes to wrap up with from last week, hope you enjoy them. props to mrs. p for reading my lil site. now if only your final doesnt kill any of us....

"I used to show all this verbage and THEN the example." --mrs. p (verbage. excellent word usage.)

"That has always sounded so vile to me...I don't want to catch a thread death." --mrs. p (a little computer humor for ya there)

"There was an organization at that time called the Gray Panthers, which is a group of seniors that are fairly aggressive." --conant

"I was watching the Food Network the other night. One of my favorite networks. Some of you may enjoy it as well." --conant

"Mel Gibson's recent movie used the word 'passion' in its title." --conant (really? i must have missed that one)

"Let's back up the food chain." --conant

"None of us like to be stereotyped." --conant

"There's nothing more frustrating in the marketplace than encountering an employee who knows very little." --conant

"Lately I've been on this candy...phase. Although I'm not eating a lot of it, I'm looking at the industry." --conant (thats a good line)

"This is nitty gritty detective work." --conant (yeah it is)

And for my final quote of the semester:

"Everyone says be who you are. I say, that's crap! I say if you like him better than you like yourself, then be him. Be who you want to be." --travis, naturally

i hope you have enjoyed conant and mrs. p and the other contributors as much as i have. its been a great semester. looking forward to my summer and also the fall. keep checkin back i'm sure i'll find some interesting stuff to put up. better make it a favorites spot tho, cuz i'm probably signing off IM for a long while. so shoot me some emails, friends! and have a very nice summer.