Saturday, May 24, 2008

well that's settled

in 2 weeks when school is out, i will have a 3 day weekend and then i am going to start my next job as a systems analyst at applied research laboratories. this is actually the same place where ross works, though my job is a support position, not in one of the 5 actual research labs in the building, making it far less secretive/exciting position as the one ross has. in short, i will be working on web sites/applications.

i'm a little bit sad to walk out on teaching, but the thought of starting over for next year seems unbearable at this point. also, i've really missed the computer work i did and am looking forward to the mental challenges it provides. i do plan to return to teaching at some point. hopefully with this additional web development experience i can get a position teaching computers at a high school or junior college at some point.

at any rate, i am glad the days of scouring through craigslist and monster, and interviewing at schools and businesses are over! ross and i are looking forward to huge savings on gas from me not driving 80miles round trip every day, and also the ability to carpool. and i do hope he will take me to lunch sometimes!

one of the things i'm excited about is that i can wear jeans and flipflops to work if i so desire...welcome back college dresscode! i've missed you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

go spurs go!

while slightly less devoted to watching every single game, ross and i still feel ties to the s.a. spurs even though we have moved away from s.a. therefore it was particularly disturbing for us to watch them fall behind 0-2 in their 2nd round playoff series with the new orleans hornets. i got an urgent email at work from ross, declaring our need to go down to s.a. to support the spurs in their game 3. so, we celebrated ross' birthday a couple weeks early with a trip down to s.a. on thursday night. mike came along for the journey and we all had a blast. we expected traffic on the way down and we were not disappointed. we had awesome seats at the game and it was a close, exciting contest that the spurs ended up winning. the arena was really hyped up and it was really nice time. the only downer of the evening was I35 being shut down for construction on the way home, and we thus found ourselves in a major traffic jam at 1.30am. friday was a long day at school for me!

other than that trip, i have just been counting down the days until school is over (17 more school days). ross has been playing a new video game and working like a madman around the house. he took a tip from my uncle and fixed our shower (thanks RJ!!!) that was put together incorrectly by the person who installed it and was leaking on the floor. he's been tackling other small things around the house and yard that are making our house even more awesome! and now he has another project because a friend brought over an inflatable pool yesterday that we are going to set up in the backyard to enjoy this summer. i will keep you posted on the progress of that.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

teacher appreciation day

so today is teacher appreciation day. you should appreciate me! i thought i would help you by posting on my blog, since i have neglected to do so. everyone appreciates it when someone posts to their blog and provides new reading material.

area chipotle restaurants were providing free meals to teachers and faculty members, which qualifies both ross and me to receive free dinner. we drove over when we got home about 6.45pm. we were both starving (in the relative sense of the word) and thus greatly dismayed to see every teacher in the area in line for free food with their families. the line swirled all the way through the restaurant and out the door. we refused to stand in this line, even for free food.

but we were so hungry and now the timeframe for preparing dinner was long past, not to mention we were somewhat disappointed. so we went to the nearby quiznos and picked up some toasty sandwiches. we came home, ross walked the dog, we chatted and checked emails, i went to the gym. but we could not pass up this free food!! so about 9pm (they are open till 10) we went back to chipotle. now there was no line. and so we got free dinner. the only trouble is we have already eaten dinner so here we are. but at least we got free food!

this weekend was super relaxing. it was BH's bday and so we met up with a group of her friends at a house on the guadalupe river, that had a huge porch and large glass windows. aaaand a shower with 6 shower heads!!!! shower heads on the opposite walls of the stall, AND 4 jet heads spraying streams from the side of the shower. it was pretty amazing. we all went tubing but it was an overcast day and thus FREEZING. two guys had decided to kayak instead of tube and we were grateful, as we all linked up and had them tow us to speed up the otherwise slow pace of the float. i had monday off in celebration of cinco de mayo and used it to get caught up with some errands and housework. i had such a good time that i convinced myself that staying home from work over the summer might not be so bad after all!