Thursday, September 30, 2004

i was fully convinced that today was thursday. imagine my surprise when i discovered it was indeed wednesday.

i have a few quotes, but they aren't the best. be patient, i'm getting back in the habit of listening for them.

"basically, the zebra personality sucks." -bryant

"if you suffer from bad diseases your bones will tell the tale" -bryant

"what is mutation? its when you make 1000 xerox copies and 1 of them comes out a little fuzzy" - bryant

"well, thanks, it wasn't really my idea. Dr Welch was telling us how to teach, and he said do this, because otherwise you could totally suck at teaching and not even know it. at least if you do this you know you suck." - c reutzel, regarding our midterm teacher evaluations

"we're gonna start off with putting this round circle in the middle...well i guess thats what a circle is, round." - d whitcomb

"i dropped my electric razor in the toilet" - marcus, yeah, you'll have to ask him about it

only when you're in college do you...
1. go to bed at 2 and still get 8 hrs of sleep
2. pay $400 for books you dont want to read
3. take naps in the afternoons
4. get irritated if class lasts 1 min longer than it should, after you got there 5min late
5. become extremely confused as to what they are asking for when they say 'your address'

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

so i'm back in texas. i had an incredible, incredible summer in oregon. seriously, there are no words to describe all that the Lord taught me and that He did this summer. and the people there, rock my face off. hi quality people. i miss them.

here i am back at texas a&m, enjoying my senior (?!?!?!?!?!) yr. yes, the current plan is to indeed go ahead and graduate in may i suppose. i was hoping to give quotes from my classes again this yr, but they are just not as conducive. I will make an attempt though.

So let me introduce you to my profs:
i have mrs. della whitcomb for 2 classes, oddly enough, both Complex Business Application design in VB.NET and Systems Analysis and Design. she is the nicest nicest lady i have met at texas a&m. she says cool things sometimes.

i have a phD student chris reutzel for Strategic Mgmt, also a nice fellow, but pretty cut and dry.

also i have mr mike hnatt, of info 210 fame. i am taking web development class with him. he is hilarious and an awesome guy. today he described his thyroid problem to us, after which he said, 'why you tell 50 people you dont know that story, i'll never know..." i dont know either but those things he does randomly share w/ us, will probably make up the majority of these postings.

i also, for anthropology 205, have mr. bryant. dr. bryant? i'm not sure. we had a guest lecture for the first few weeks till the first test. this is the boringest class ever. hopefully bryant will have some funny things to say.

anyway, thats a look at my 15 hours. this past weekend i went w/ a group from the church down to houston to lead worship. chris hoover, our music minister over at FBC Bryan, is the world's funniest man, i think. i was laughing pretty much the entire way there and back. 2 quotes from him to close out this post:

"yeah, yeah, omnipresence is Him being everywhere at once, omniscient is where He is all knowing, omnipotent is where He is all powerful, and omish is where you make wooden furniture."

"i'm convinced that dolphins are really aliens ready to take over the world, they're just waiting to get it all figured out. in fact, they simply lack arms. once they figure that out, i think they'll take over."

other random catching up type things,

on thursday i got my fightin texas aggie class ring....whoop! my roommate megan then surprised me w/ a ring dunking party on sunday. whoop again!

somebody stole my license plate off my car on friday nite while i was gone in houston and it was parked in the ghetto of Bryan--the FBC Bryan parking lot. seriously, it stinks. i did some investigating and apparently I can get a new one for $6.50. so yeah, just go to the Dept. Of Transportation (texas, not ptts) website and go to FAQ's and you'll find it and the number and all that. there, now ya know what to do if someone steals your stinkin license plate.