Tuesday, February 13, 2007

new toys

wedding countdown:18days!

we took advantage of our 'wellness' dollars from work and invested in some mountain bikes from bike world. the past 2 weekends we've been able to go out for a few hours and test them out. 2 weeks ago we went up to austin with our friend todd and he took us on a 10mile expedition near town lake in downtown austin. this past weekend we went riding out at o.p. schnabel park here in san antonio. we've been having a blast with the bikes, and hope to continue making good use of them. if you want to come along, give us a shout!

also picture below is our other new toy that ross picked up in austin. it will be a nice addition to our new home. the other night i was watching tv, while he was playing video games...on the same tv. i find this to be very 'american', but also kinda cool!