Monday, July 24, 2006

new pet & a crazy evening

so last night i made one of those late night runs to walmart that are so prominent in college years and still fun to make even when in the working world. i decided i needed another frog to go with my water frog and betta. so the guy got one of them out for me and i noticed where one of its eyes should be was simply a gouged out socket. i asked for a different one. you may think i should have kept it and loved it, but i already have a frog with gimp arms so i opted for a healthy frog this time. the fun part is he is super tiny. he is about 1/8 the size of my current frog. i'm not sure i'm my frog has just grown that much....after all he is super fat now, or if this new guy is just ultra tiny. at any rate, there's a new frog in the hizzouse

tonite was the one night our kickball team should have won b/c we were playing the other worst team. oneproblem: not enough people bothered to show up for the game. most disappointing.

some friends came over after the game for burgers and swimming but in the meantime while they were on their way over from picking up their gear at their house, ross and i managed to catch my kitchen stove on fire and as i tried to open patio door to get smoke detectors to stop beeping a birds nest fell on my head because thats apparently how often i go out on my porch and then a wasp flew in my door and so i ran into the bathroom and hid while ross killed the thing like the man that he is.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

summer happenings

work is going pretty ok right now...for work. keeping busy and leading a project effort, so fun times. meanwhile, usaa intramurals and other happenings are keeping me entertained.

monday nites-- chuck norris is awesome kickball games. chuck norris may be awesome, and indeed he is, but his kickball team sucks.

tuesday nites -- sand volleyball games. slightly better than chuck norris kickball in the winning games effort but only slightly so. at any rate its fun to get out in the sun and get...sandy.

wednesday nites -- golf nite. current best on 9 holes is 49. workin on it.

thursday nites -- backup golf nite should i need to run media screens at church on wednesday nites. otherwise, hang out at the pool nite.

weekends -- media screens at church, hanging out at the pool, additional fun with friends and trips to the beach, etc. last weekend i had ross and some other friends from work over to participant in the apartment pool luau and a rousing game of CSI: the board game. this game is nice if you have a bazillion hours and no idea what true fun is. otherwise its slightly boring. similar to Clue, but not quite as cool. currently looking forward to some august visitors and maybe some road trips.
additionally, we have seen pirates of the caribbean and you, me & dupree, both of which left something to be desired.

i hope your summer is going well and that the national heat wave will end soon. that is all.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

the football incident: childhood revealed part 2

matt and i had a lot of fun playing outside when we were young. there was the time he fell out of the tree while my mom was gone and got in trouble for crying where the neighbors could hear. we had quite a few tournament basketball games, complete with brackets and championships. also there was our favorite imaginary baseball game, in which one person pitched and the other caught, and the rest was all in our heads. i think matt mostly won....always.

at any rate, when we were much younger i had a 'heavy coat' that i really enjoyed that was blue and pink. it had a detachable hood and a hidden pocket and was overall quite cool. matt and i were in the front yard in big spring enjoying a wonderful game of imaginary football when i went long for a pass and tripped and fell on my face in the grass near the curb. naturally, i feigned injury as this player was clearly going to need to come out of the game. it was rather cold outside so i had my hood on and so i just lay flat on my face staring at the ground. matt sauntered over to check on me, but meanwhile an older man drove by and felt compelled to stop. he saw matt leaning over me and me not budging and feared i'd been seriously injured. it took us nearly 5minutes to convince him that we really were just pretending and finally he drove off.

there was also that time matt and i picked milked weeds out of the backyard for several days for $2, a deal we'd made with our dad. i'm pretty sure matt complained because he'd gone out an extra time and picked for awhile and so he ended up getting $3.50. this of course made my $2 seem rather small so i was bitter. but thats a story for another day...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

sea world adventure

my parents and bekah, jared, and rachel came down for a san antonio visit this weekend. friday was rachel's 10th bday so we went out to eat at clear springs cafe and had birthday cake and stuff. saturday my parents and bekah went to austin for a wedding (after watching portugal defeat england) so it was up to ross and me to entertain jared and rachel. we hit up barnes & noble, baskin robbins, church, my swimming pool, and blockbuster, all just biding the time for sunday morning to hit so we could go to....sea world. for my 5th or 6th bday my family made a well remembered trip to sea world which i still remember, with the sea lion show (still playing the same show) being my favorite. second time around, it is still the favorite, of everyone that went i think. rachel was quite determined to ride 'the steel eel', a roller coaster with 3700 ft of track, with speeds of up to 65miles per hour with a g-force of 3.5, and an initial 150ft drop. i was unsure of her dedication (and my own) but she never wavered, even as we buckled in. it was on the initial ascent that she whispered to jared her first signs of fear, and i began to regret my decision the minute our descent started as she began to scream things like 'make it stop! make it stop!' and i began to fear what my parents might do to me, as you can see below. but, props to the kid on her 10th bday, she did it and had a great time. though we did sit out the great white shark roller coaster, which is inverted, and left the boys to their own on that one. 2nd favorite was feeding and petting the atlantic bottlenose dolphins at dolphin cove. we also went to see the new shamu show, and rachel thought she might like to sit close enough to be splasehd. so we marched right on down to the front row (which didnt lead to very good viewing) and laughed as the other side was playfully splashed by shamu. when it was our side's turn to be splashed, much to our surprise, 4 killer whales were sent out to heave i dunno about 500 gallons of water over our heads. lets just say we were slightly wet. thunderstorms prevented us from enjoying the water park portion, but we did see the dolphin & beluga whale show, the sea lion show, the clydesdale horses, the sharks & sting rays, penguins, etc, and we also rode the log ride. at any rate, it was a fun day. best part is, ross and i opted to get season passes...whoop!happy 10th year, rachel!