Tuesday, January 27, 2009

doing just fine in 2009

the last two weekends have been so much fun for me! two weekends ago, we had a teacher workday/planning day to mark the end of the 1st semester and the beginning of the 2nd semester on friday. we got a surprising amount of work done and it was a great way to enter a 3 day weekend (yay mlk day!). ross' cousin james came up to visit for the weekend and we all had a great time. friday night b&b came over and we played scattergories and just hung out. saturday morning ross and i went over to a really nice spa that ross had bought me a gift certificate to. it was so awesome! we both got a massage and then i got a pedicure while ross enjoyed the steam room and sauna. we had a really great time spending the morning together. then we went out to lunch with james, then i took a nap, and then we went to play glow in the dark putt-putt golf. it was an incredible day! on sunday we drove over to pedernales falls with the dogs and hiked around all afternoon. another awesome day! on monday, ross and i both had the day off. i relaxed and did some things around the house while ross hung out with his friend mike. it was a really fun and really restful weekend.

i then went to work for 3 days before taking friday off. i did some housework and then drove up to graham. my mom and i drove down to see rachel's bball game...so much fun! then saturday morning my mom and bekah and i got up super early and drove to midland for a double baby shower. we also got to see my cousins play in their basketball game. then we took a nap at our hotel, ate dinner at outback, looked at baby stuff at target, and went to an engagement party before coming back to the hotel and looking at baby stuff online. we had so much fun and saw a lot of old friends. sunday morning we drove back to graham and then i drove back to austin. i really enjoyed getting to hang out with my mom and bekah. :)

i'm not sure how my future weekends can keep up with the previous two, but here's hoping.... :)


kathy said...

fun times, fun times

bekah said...

again, again!