Sunday, January 04, 2009


its hard to believe we are already headed into the spring semester of school. its odd to anticipate the school year ending because it also means the arrival of our baby! overall, for me, being pregnant has not been too big of a hassle just yet. the beginning weeks i felt pretty nauseous but overall not too bad. waking up and going to bball practice in the mornings when i was feeling blah was probably the worst part of it. for a few weeks i had to allow 30min extra in the morning because i frequently had to sit down to keep from getting sick. i was fortunate not to be throwing up sick. however, i did unfortunately break my 6+ year no-vomit streak over the christmas holidays due to some belated morning sickness that did not mix well with a road trip.

besides feeling nauseous, the other symptoms i had were extreme tiredness and only desiring certain foods. i would come home from work and pass out asleep. sometimes ross would try to wake me up when he came home and other times he just let me be. during this time nothing sounded good to eat. i ate butter toast for breakfast, 2 pieces of bread and a slice of cheese for lunch, and sometimes would sleep through dinner. if not, i wanted whatever my current craving was. at first, it was cheese and pickles. this is not really too weird as i eat that as a snack often, even before. then i began to want chinese food. then i began to only want tacos from taco bell. gross! thank goodness that has passed...i normally can't stand taco bell! and then began a chipotle fixation. it also happened to be in the height of basketball season, and i couldn't resist stopping there on the way home after games. i think ross found it humorous, though much more tasty than the taco bell thing. now nothing is really on top of my list. i have more energy so i am back to cooking dinner (at least sometimes!) and trying to eat much more balanced meals. though i must say, my aunt & uncle gave me a deep fryer and the recipe for fried pickle chips for, this all might be in jeopardy i suppose.

i really couldn't have a better doctor. i selected him randomly from a google search and made sure he was on my insurance plan. the main reason i selected him is because his office is 5min from school. this makes it possible to plan appointments during my conference periods, with a little help from some friends to cover for me for a few minutes. so far things have worked out well, and i really like him. also, he has an ultrasound machine at his office so i get to see the baby every time i go! quite fun. he would like to deliver the baby at a new hospital that is only 6months old right now. its sort of far from our house, but is easily accessible via toll road so traffic wouldn't really be an issue.

as i near the halfway mark in about 1 1/2 weeks, we have already begun to make a few changes to get things ready. the first thing we did was move my computer desk into our bedroom and move the guest bedroom into what was my office. the other room is now mostly empty, ready to be transformed into a nursery as the time comes closer. we also took both dogs to obedience school to help get them into tip top shape for when the baby comes. we were pretty pleased with what they learned. this year many of our christmas gifts were small baby gifts and we started to get really excited! i felt ross needed to trade in his camaro for a car with a bigger backseat and also room to transport our dogs in such a way that they did not have access to the baby. ross reluctantly agreed and this weekend we picked out a blue chevy trailblazer for him to drive. we are both excited about it. also, tonight i bought some maternity pants. o dear, here we go!


rachel said...

what? your having a baby? haha just kidding! im really starting to get excited about being an AUNT!

Rob & Jen said...

Sharon I'm so excited for you guys! I love hearing how things are going too! Can't wait to meet the new baby in a few months!