Monday, December 22, 2008

vacation: day 2

this day was just for hanging out. we went to a matinee showing of seven pounds, a movie that is out right now starring will smith. it was pretty interesting but mildly depressing. to me. we each took a nap and then played on the ps3 together. we had bought a new game the night before to play with our friends. its a buzz in trivia game that was surprisingly really fun. we played on line against other people and convinced ourselves that we must certainly be the most intelligent people in the world,except perhaps in regard to music. i cooked dinner for us and we watched tv. ross helped me rescue my music, photos, and files off my laptop that will no longer boot up. i am most grateful. he probably should have timed it better because i now have lots of music that i want to listen to (including christmas music :)) all the way to my parents. not to mention all the way to his missouri.

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